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Oct.8, 1836, Mathews Co., Va., Elizabeth (X) Armistead of said county, age 84, declares that she is widow of Richard Armistead who entered service, in 1778, under Capt. Josiah Foster as a militia man and served until the end of the war, mostly as a guard. He lived in Kingston Parish, Gloucester Co. his entire life. He was m. to Elizabeth Jarvis in 1770 by Parson Fields, and he died in 1824.

Sept. 21, 1836, Mathews Co., Va., William (X) Diggs, age 76, and Isaac Smith, age 75, declare that they knew Richard Armistead before he m. Elizabeth Jarvis in 1770. He entered service as a private under Capt. Josiah Foster in 1776 and served in 1776 at New Point one month. In 1777 at the same place two months, in 1778 two tours of one month each, in 1779 two tours totaling two and one-half months, in 1780 at New Point for two months, in 1781 at New Point where there was a constant guard kept during the war for about three months. They marched to Gloucester Towne in 1781 while Armistead remained at New Point.

March 13, 1837, Mathews Co., Va., Mathias (X) Gayle and John Christian declare they served with Richard Armistead at New Point on different tours.

March 15, 1837, Mathews Co., Va., Josiah Pugh and Isaac Smith declare they were born and raised in Kingston Parish, Gloucester (now Mathews) County and knew Richard Armistead from boyhood, until his death. They made a declaration of his tours of service similar to that of Diggs and Smith and stated they were with him at New Point.

August 18, 1837, Mathews Co., Va., Robert Hudgins proved in court that Elizabeth Armistead, widow of Richard Armistead d. Dec. 23, 1836, leaving children: Elizabeth Tumberlin, Susan Armistead and Isaac Armistead.

Jan., 31, 1838, Mathews Co., Va., Elizabeth (X) Tumberlin daughter of Richard and Elizabeth Armistead declares she was b. Aug. 22, 1773.

Elizabeth Armistead, widow of Richard Armistead who d. in 1824, of Mathews Co., Va., private in company of Capt. Josiah Foster in Virginia Line for eight months, was placed on the Richmond, Va., pension roll at $26.66 per annum under Act of 1836. Certif. 2133 was issued Sept. 26, 1838 to her heirs. Pen. W. 20633.

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