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George Brooks entered service in 1776 under Capt. Josiah Foster in a militia company and served to the end of the war. His wife, Barsheba, stated, Oct. 10, 1836, Mathews Co., Va., that she had heard him speak of firing on the British while on duty at New Point. He lived in Kingston Parish, Gloucester Co., Va., all his life. She was married in 1779 by Parson Reed, and George Brooks died in 1791.

Mathews Co., Va., Sept. 21, 1836, William Morgan, age 75 and Richard (X) Hurst, age 75, declared that they knew George Brooks and Barsheba Diggs before and after their married in 1779. He d. in 1791. He entered service in 1776 under Capt. Josiah Foster and served at New Point one month. In 1777 he was called out under the same officer at the same place and served tours of half a month and two months. In 1778 he was called out under Capt. Richard Billups and served tours at New Point of two and one-half months. In 1779 he served at the same place under the same officer for a half month and two months. In 1780 he was called out under Capt. Peter Barnet and served at New Point one month and two months. In 1781 he was called into service under Capt. Peter Barnet when all the militia of Gloucester Co. was called out and marched to Gloucester C.H., then to Hubbard's Old field, Ware Church and Seawell's Old Field where he remained sometime. He was marched to Gloucester Towne where a battle was fought. He served three months. He was in several skirmishes while on duty at New Point. He was b. in Kingston Parish, Gloucester Co.

Mathews Co., Va., March 13, 1837, Isaac Smith and William Morgan made a statement similar to that of Hurst and Morgan. There were b. in Kingston Parish, now Mathews Co., and knew George Brooks from boyhood until his death ca. 1791. He was born and lived in the same county. George Brooks and Barsheba Diggs were married in 1779 and had children.

Mathews Co., Va., May 5, 1837, George Callis, b. in Kingston Parish, Gloucester, Co. knew George Brooks until his death in 1791. He gives a similar statement of Brooks' service.

Mathews Co., Va., Oct.10, 1837, Averilla Owens of said county age 79, declares she was present at the birth of Mary, daughter of George and Barsheba Brooks, in the latter part of 1779. They were married in the early part of 1779.

Mathews Co., Va. Feb. 7, 1838, Mary Hudgins declares she was b. Aug. 19, 1781 and is the oldest child of George and Barsheba Brooks.

Mathews Co., Va., Sept. 18, 1837, Baily Diggs declares George Brooks m. his sister Barsheba in 1779. Barsheba Brooks, of Mathews Co., Va., widow of George Brooks who died in 1791, private in the company of Capt. Foster in the Virginia Line for eight months, was placed on the Virginia pension roll at $26.66 per annum under Act of 1832. Pen. W. 18665 was issued March 23, 1838.

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