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Thomas Hogg, (in Cluverius file) affidavit given in Gloucester, Nov. 1, 1850, age "90 the 22nd of Jan. last," stated:

that.... the applicant, the said Thomas Hogg served a considerable time in said war, in the militia under the said Gibson Cluverus (Cluverius) as his captain and that the said Cluverus had Thomas Powell as the 1st Lieutenant of his company.

The said Gibson Cluverus, to the best recollection of the applicant, was first called out with his company in actual service in the year 1776, and was frequently after in the militia service, principally in the county of Gloucester though sometimes out of it.

That is consequence of the exposed situation of this county, the militia was frequently (called out) and for continued tours in actual service.

That the company of the said Capt Gibson Cluverus.....was stationed for one year at the mouth of the York River, in the lower part of the county of Gloucester, and about two years before the siege of little York.

That some time before the siege of the York the company of the said Gibson Cluverus was ordered from Williamsburg to the neighborhood of Gloucester Towne, in the county where it was stationed and in actual service for six months more.

That during the three last mentioned tours, to wit: at Williamsburg, Gloucester Towne, and at the mouth of the York River, the said Gibson Cluverus was in actual command of his company.

That while we were stationed near Gloucester Towne, a slight skirmish took place between some companies of Light Horse, in which two British and one horse were killed.....

Said that Cluverus served as Capt. of Militia for at least three years.

*Name can be found in the master list of the roster.

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