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The Gloucester Militia organized promptly with the approach of hostilities with Great Britain. The Virginia Gazette of October 21, 1775, reports the action of the court held September 13, 1775. The following were nominated as officers in the Militia for Gloucester County:

Warner Lewis, County Lieutenant.

John Peyton, Colonel

Thomas Whiting, Lt. Col.

Thomas Burwell, Major

John Peyton, called "Sir" was a Baronet; however, he dropped those titles and was given the rank of Colonel.

Captains: Gibson Cluverius, John Camp, Richard Matthews, George Booth, Jasper Clayton, John Hubard, James Hubard, John Whiting, John Billups, Sr., Benjamin Shackelford, John Willis, Robert Matthews, William Buckner, John Dixon, Jr., Richard Billups and William Smith.

Lieutenants: Samuel Cary, Richard Hall, John Foster, James Baytop, Thomas Buckner, Edward Matthews, John Billups, Jr., Dudley Cary, Hugh Hayes, Churchill Armistead, Philip Tabb, John Foster, Jr., and Robert Gayle.

Ensigns: Henry Stevens, William Daws, William Haywood, Thomas Baytop, John Fox, James Laughlin, William Bentley, Christopher Garland, Peter Bernard, John Hayes, Samuel Eddins, Thomas Tabb, Richard Davis, Josiah Foster, George Plummer and John Gayle.

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