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(From Original Co. Book*)

Roster of Capt. Nathaniel Welch's Company, 2nd Reg. in the Revolutionary War; Col. William Brent, Commander. This company was chiefly from Gloucester and King and Queen Counties, most of them enlisted in 1777 until March 1780 and were honorably discharged in 1780. There were no casualties or deaths noted.

Mark Hall, age 19 Thomas Camp, age 22 Warner Dunston, age 21 John McWilliams, age 18
Richard Coleman, age 18 Charles Curtis, age 18 Henry Jordan, age 18 James Camp, age 19
Henry Moneys, age 18 William Lucas, age 23 Abraham White, age 19 Thomas Newton, age 29
William Robbins, age 24 Peter Bowles, age 20 John Lawson, Sr., age 19 Almond Dunston, age 17

All of the men listed gave their birth and residence in Gloucester except Thomas Newton who was born in King and Queen County and William Robbins, who was born in Gloucester Co., England, but resided in Gloucester Co., Virginia. After the Revolution, Capt. Welch lived in Madison County, Virginia.

*Virginia Magazine of History and Biography, Vol. 5, (July 1897-June 1898), pp. 352-53.

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