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Division of Forces: Infantry, Artillery, Cavalry
Composition of Forces

  1. Continental Line - On active duty
  2. State Line - On active duty
  3. Minute Men - Subject to immediate call
  4. Militia - Subject to call by the General Command
  5. Guards or Invalid Forces - Organized for specific guard duty.

Age Limits

Most of the men in the Continental and State Line and Minute Men were under 35 years of age. Militia age limits - 16 to 50 years. Guards - composed of those unfit for active duty and invalid soldiers who had previously had duty.

Unit Strength

Legion - Consisted of six companies of infantry and one troop of calvary of 100 men each. Officers: A captain, two lieutenants and one ensign with the exception of the cavalry which had a cornet instead of an ensign. Legion: A Lt. Colonel and two majors; commanded by a Brigadier General.

Artillery Company - One captain, three lieutenants, one sergeant, 4 bombardiers, 8 gunners, 48 matrosses.

Infantry Company - Normally 500 men commanded by a captain, two lieutenants, one ensign, minimum 12 men 12 men - maximum 68 men.

Battalion - 500 to 1,000 men commanded by a Colonel, Lt. Colonel and a Major.

How Armed: Colonel, Lt. Colonel, Major - sword; Captain and Lieutenants - gun, bayonet and sword; Ensign - sword; Non-Commissioned Officers and Privates - rifle and tomahawk or bayonet. Each Captain was required to appoint a drummer and fifer for his company.

Regiment: In addition to general officers, each regiment had a chaplain, paymaster, adjutant, quartermaster, surgeon, two surgeon's mates and a sergeant major.

Other Notes from Acts of General Assembly*