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It was not possible to review every pension application made by the soldiers who served in the Revolutionary War from Gloucester County, Virginia. A representative list was made from the applications now on microfilm in the National Archives, Washington, D. C. These applications were read for information in augment the scanty records now preserved.

In the application file of Lt. Joshua Singleton (found by Robert W. Robins) were impressions of the Gloucester County seal. One was on an affidavit sworn August 8, 1832, before Arthur L. Davies, Esq., Gloucester County Clerk from 1818-37; the other was affixed to a certified record by John R. Carey, Esq., on March 27, 1845. Carey was county clerk from 1837- 67.

Upon recommendation of the Gloucester Historical and Bicentennial Committee the Gloucester County Board of Supervisors on October 31, 1974, readopted this seal as the official county seal. The early seal carries the design of a beehive on a stand in the center of a circular rim bearing the inscription "Gloucester County, Virginia." The new seal has "Established 1651" added to its circumference.


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