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At a council held at the capitol in the City of Williamsburg on Friday the 15th day of August 1777:

There being captain intelligence of a large Fleet's making its appearance on our coast, with intentuous doubt of invading this State, it is therefore though necessary to give his Excellency the Governor (who is now in Hanover) and the absent members of Council immediate notice thereof in order to their repairing to this place to consult on proper measure to be taken to counteract the wicked designs of the enemy - and, in the meantime, the Board to advise the Lieutenant Governor to ordr two companies of militia from each of the following counties, forthwith to repair to Portsmouth, there to do duty, till further orders - viz., Isle of Wight, Norfolk, Princess Anne, Nansemond and Southhampton - and moreover, to empower the commanding officer at that station to call from each of the said counties such further supplies of their respective militias, as he may think necessary for the defense of that garrison. And the Lieutenant Governor is also advised to give the same powers to the commanding officers at York and Hampton Garrisons, to call for such parts of the adjacent militias as they may think necessary, for the defense of said Garrisons.

Also to order two companies of Gloucester Militia forthwith to repair to Gloster Towne, there to do duty 'til further orders.

Copied from the Council Orders
Given by Robert W. Robins

Executive Department

Richmond, Va., Dec. 20, 1850 - (Copied)


Tuesday, June 25, 1782

His Excellency having just received a letter from Count Rochambeau (inclosing one from his Excellency, General Washington), informing him that the French troops are under order immediately to march to the northward - whereupon it is thought advisable that the whole of Col. Dabney's Legion (except a Lieutenant's command) should be ordered to cross without delay, from Portsmouth to Hampton, where it appears necessary to post a few Dragoons, for the purpose of communicating the necessary intelligence, and that the rest of his corps be ordered to Yorktown, for the purpose of preserving the stores and guarding the town. That for the immediate garrisoning the town of York, a body of four hundred militia, in and to Col. Dabney's Legion, be ordered in from the counties most convenient (except Elizabeth City, Warwick, York, James City, Gloster, Norfolk and Princess Anne) in shore for the term prescribed by law, and then relieved as the law directs; and that the county Lieutenants of Elizabeth City, Warwick, York, James City and Gloster be directed to order their militia to hold themselves in readiness, that a body of six hundred men may be collected on the shortest notice to be thrown into the said garrison for the purpose of defense. The Commissioner of War is directed to give the necessary orders for complying with the above determination.

Executive Department
Richmond, Va.,
Dec. 20, 1850

Given by Robert W. Robins

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