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Hey everyone,

We've designed a hat for the Fairfield Foundation and wanted to see if anyone was interested in buying some. Here is a photo of what they look like and the selection of colors include black, dark blue, light blue, and dark green. The design on the front is the sketch of the Manor house from 1847, the earliest known image of the house. It shows the house, the kitchen, and a couple of flanking trees in an elevation similar to those seen in the pictures from the 1880s.

The hats cost $9.00/each and includes shipping. These are done at cost and not as a fund raising venture, but feel free to make a tax-deductable donation. We'd like to make our next order at the end of this month and will make subsequent orders at the end of each month for the rest of the year. Let us know what colors you'd want and how many.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Dave Brown, Assistant Director,
Fairfield Division, Gloucester Historical Society,
P.O. Box 157,
White Marsh, VA 23183
Lab Phone: 804-6944775
EmailDavid Brown

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