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I wish to thank Mrs. Elizabeth Dutton Lewis (Compiler) and the Gloucester County Historical Society for giving me permission to put the Revolutionary War Roster on our Gloucester Records page. This book contains a wealth of information for those researching their ancestors during the time of the Revolutionary War. Due to the amount of typing involved, to complete this project, I can only say that it will be a "work in progress" so please bear with me!

ANDERSON, John, of Gloucester County, Navy, d. in British hands; heirs in 1832, Archibald, Annie E., Mary and Lettice L. Anderson. (Gwathmey, p. 15; Stewart, p. 140).

ANDERSON, Matthew L., Gloucester pet. November 27, 1783; honorably discharged 1780. WD (Gwathmey, p. 15).

ANDERTON, Ralph, of Kingston Parish, Artillery. WD. (Gwathmey, p. 16; Heads of Families - Virginia, 1783, p. 53).

ANGEL, Robert, of Kingston Parish. (Gwathmey, p. 17 Heads of Families - Virginia 1783, p. 53).

ARMISTEAD, Churchill, Lt. Gloucester Mil. (Eck.; Gwathmey, p. 20). Appendix H.

ARMISTEAD, Richard, of Kingston Parish, entered service in 1778 under Capt. Josiah Foster and served until the end of the war, mostly as a guard; m. February 11, 1770, Elizabeth Jarvis; d. 1824 in Mathews Co., heirs: Elizabeth, Susan and Isaac Armistead; widow was pensioned under Act of 1836. (Dorman, Vol. 2 pp. 78-79; 83-84).

ARMISTEAD, Robert, Capt. 1st Virginia State Troops, honorably discharged in 1780. (Gwathmey, p. 21).

ARMISTEAD, Thomas, Capt. 1st Virginia Reg. 1778-1800; m. Miss Marchant of North Carolina. (Gwathmey, p. 21; Stubbs' - Cook and Booth, p. 80).

ARMISTEAD, William, b. 1758, Pvt. in Col. Boswell's Virginia State Line for 2 years, was placed on the Virginia pension roll at $80.00 per annum under the Act of 1832. Certificate 23954 was issued April 30, 1834; d. February 4, 1836. (Dorman, Vol. 2, pp. 83-84; Gwathmey, p. 21). Appendices E and F.

ASH, John, of Petsworth Parish. (Gwathmey, p. 24; Heads of Families-Virginia, 1783- 84, pp. 53, 69).

ATHETON (ATHERTON), John, Sr., of Kingston Parish, 3 CL. (Gwathmey, p. 26; Heads of Families-Virginia, 1783-84, pp. 54, 68).

ATHETON (ATHERTON), John, Jr., of Kingston Parish, 3 CL. (Gwathmey, p. 26, Heads of Families-Virginia, 1783-84, pp. 54, 68).

AYERS, John, Pvt. (Gwathmey, p. 29). Appendix B.

AYERS, Richard, Pvt. Capt. John Billups' Co. Appendix B.

BANKS, Josiah, Pvt. Gloucester soldier for 3 years; 3 and 7, 7, 5 CL. BW 8213 was issued August 19, 1835. (Eck.; Burgess, Vol. 2, p. 949; Va. Land Office, Bk. 3; p. 392). Appendix H.

BANKS, Richard, Commissary of stores for Gloucester District 1775. (Gwathmey, p. 37).

BAYTOP, James 1st Lt. 7 CL, March 7, 1776; Capt. December 11, 1777; transferred to 5 CL; September 14, 1778; resigned May 12, 1779; Lt. Col. Gloucester Mil. In 1781; awarded 4,000 acres (Mss. WD). (Eck.; Gwathmey, p. 49; Heitman, p. 79) Appendices A and H.

BAYTOP, John, son of James Baytop, Cadet 2nd Virginia State Reg., August 12, 1777; Ensign June 1, 1778; 2nd Lt. August 9, 1778; 1st Lt. May 1779, d. 1799; will probated April 8, 1799, unmarried, awarded 2,666 acres. (Brumbaugh, pp529; 540; Gwathmey, p. 50; Stubbs' - Catlett and Baytop, pp. 113; 123; 148).

BAYTOP, Thomas, son of James Baytop, b. October 11, 1751, d. October 11, 1812; Artillery Officer Continental Army, January 13, 1777; Capt. February 5, 1778; resigned December 11, 1779; awarded 4,000 acres, resided in Gloucester County. (Eck., Burgess, Vol. 1, p. 61; DAR. p. 45; Heitman, p. 79; Gwathmey, p. 50). Appendices A, D and H.

BELL, Peter, of Kingston Parish, Sgt. Artillery, WD (Gwathmey, p. 56, Heads of Families-Virginia, 1783, p. 53).

BELVIN, Aaron, of Gloucester, Pvt. Virginia line 7 CL, d. May 4, 1819, placed on pension roll, April 13, 1819. (Eck.; Gwathmey, p. 57).

BELVIN, John, of Abingdon Parish, 7 CL. (Gwathmey, p. 57; Heads of Families- Virginia, 1784, p. 68.

BELVIN, William, Sgt. WD (Gwathmey, p. 57; Heads of Families-Virginia, 1784, p. 68.

BENTLEY, James, Lt. Gloucester Mil. (Eck..; Gwathmey, p. 59). Appendix H.

BENTLEY, William, ensign Gloucester Mil. (Eck.). Appendices A and H.

BERNARD, Peter, Ensign, Gloucester Mil. 1775. Entered service as Capt 2nd Va. State Reg. April 10, 1777, resigned Aug. 24 1779, then entered the militia, remained at Hubbard's Old Field until the end of the war; d. intestate ca. 1787 in Gloucester Co. leaving a son, Dudley Bernard; BW 8177 for 4,000 acres. (Eck., Burgess, Vol. 1, p. 60; Gwathmey, p. 60). Appendices A. and H.

BERRY, James, Gloucester Pen. Appendix G.

BILLUPS, Christopher, honorably discharged in 1780. Appendix B.

BILLUPS, George, 1st Sgt. 7CL. (Gwathmey, p. 64). Appendix B.

BILLUPS, George, Pvt. Appendix B.

BILLUPS, John, Sr., Capt. Gloucester Mil., b. 1743, d. July 18, 1815. (Eck.; Gwathmey, p. 64). Appendices A and B.

BILLUPS, John, Jr., Lt. Gloucester Mil. (Eck.; Gwathmey, p. 64). Appendices A and H.

*BILLUPS, Joseph, Jr., Sgt. 7 Virginia Reg. CL; b. September 28, 1760, d. April 5, 1815; student at the College of William and Mary 1777; left college to join the Continental Army; m. Joice Respass, February 14, 1784. (DAR, p. 60; Gwathmey, p. 64).

*BILLUPS, Richard, Sr., Cat. Gloucester Mil. 1775-77, m. Lucy Lilly, d. 1823; War 23. (Eck., Dar, p. 60; Gwathmey, p. 64). Appendices A. and H.

BLAKE, Benjamin, Inf. (Gwathmey, p. 68).

BLASSINGHAM, William, of Petsworth Parish, Pvt. WD. (Gwathmey, p. 70; Heads of Families-Virginia, 1783-84, p. 53, 69).

BONNIFIELD, Samuel, mustered in company of militia called Minute Men (1778) in Gloucester County, by Capt. Richard Billups. (Dorman, Vol. 8, pp. 44-45).

BOOKER, John, 6 CL, honorably discharged in 1780. (Gwathmey, p. 76). Appendix D.

*BOOKER, Lewis, Sr., Capt. Gloucester Mil. M. Jane Wyatt; Member Petsworth Parish Vestry; retired January 1, 1783, d. 1814; awarded 4,666 acres, also 555 acres. (DAR, p. 71; Gwathmey, p. 76; Heitman, p. 91). Appendix D.

BOOKER, Lewis, Jr., Capt. (Private papers of Mrs. Lena K. Mullen).

BOOTH, George, Capt. Was appointed September 13, 1775, as one of 16 captains of militia by Committee of Safety; Capt. Glo. Mil. 1775-1777; owned Marlfield, Gloucester Co. from Buckner. (Eck.; Gwathmey, p. 77; Stubbs'- Cooke and Booth, . 194). Appendices A and H.

BOOTH, Thomas, Capt. D. June 27, 1801. (Stubbs'- Cooke and Booth, p. 196). Appendix D.

BOOTH, Thomas, Ensign, Gloucester Mil., honorably discharged 1780. Appendix D.

BOOTH, William, of Petsworth Parish, sailing master. (Gwathmey, p. 77; Heads of Families-Virginia, 1784, p. 69).

BOSEWELL, John, Sgt., 1st Virginia State Reg. (Gwathmey, p. 78).

BOSWELL, Machen, Capt. Gloucester Mil.; Col. Mil. 1777, d. December 10, 1793. Pen. S. 19364 Va. (Dorman, Vol. 10, p. 62, National Archives).

BOSWELL, Thomas, Maj. Gloucester Mil. Received pay for Gloucester Mil. 1776, served to 1779; pension application S. 19364 Va. (Eck.; Gwathmey, p. 78). Appendix H.

BOWLES, Peter, 2nd Virginia State Reg.; honorably discharged 1780. (Gwathmey, p. 82). Appendix C.

BRAGG, Benjamin, of Kingston Parish, 1st Light Dragoons. (Gwathmey, p. 87; Heads of Families-Virginia, 1784, p. 68).

BRIDGES, Ransome, of Mathews, Pvt. Virginia Line; Lee's Legion and 7 CL; BW 5478. (Eck.; Burgess, Vol. 3, p. 1100; Gwathmey, p. 82).

BRISTOW, John, Pvt. Mil. Honorably Discharged in 1780. Appendix D.

BROMLEY (BRUMLEY), Phillip, Virginia State Navy 3 years; seaman on Henry 1776-79, John, Polly and Thomas C. Bromley. (Gwathmey, pp. 97; 104; Stewart, p. 156). Appendix H.

BROOKING, John, Pvt. Mil. Honorably discharged in 1780. Appendix D.

BROOKING, Samuel, Sr., Pvt. Mil. Honorably discharged in 1780. Appendix D.

BROOKING, Samuel, Jr., Pvt. Mil. Appendix D.

BROOKING, William U., Pvt. Mil. Appendix D.

BROOKS, George, b. Kingston Parish, entered service under Capt. Josiah Foster in militia and served to end of War; Virginia Line for 8 months; m. 1779 Bathsheba Diggs. In 1781 he was called into service under Capt. Peter Bernard when all the militia of Gloucester County was called out and marched to Gloucester Court House, then to Hubbard's Old Field, Ware Church and Seawell's Old Field where he remained some time. He was marched to Gloucester Towne where a battle was fought; widow was placed on Virginia pension roll at $26.66 per annum. Certificate 1885 was issued March 23, 1838. (Dorman, Vol. 10, pp. 78-79; National Archives). Appendix G.

BROWN, Francis, Virginia State Navy, Steward on the Henry; BW 8701 and 8702 for 3 years service issued May 20, 1839; died intestate. Daughters: Nancy Gayle, Frances Walding. (Brumbaugh, p. 66; Burgess, Vol. 3, pp. 1355-56; Gwathmey, p. 100). Appendix H.

BROWN, George, Midshipman on the Gloucester. (Gwathmey, p. 100).

BROWN, George, Pvt. Appendix B.

BROWN, Robert, Pvt. Appendix B.

BROWN, William, of Kingston Parish, Midshipman in Virginia State Navy for 3 years; will probated December 10, 1792. BW 8228 for 2666 two-thirds acres issued August 19, 1835, to Judith Brown and Judith Watson, heirs of William Brown. Will proven Dec. 10, 1792. (Eck.; Burgess, Vol. 1, p. 202; Stewart, p. 157; Gwathmey, p. 102). Appendix H.

BROWNLEY, William, Navy. (Eck., Gwathmey, p. 103)

BRUMLEY, William, Kingston Parish, Seaman Navy. (Gwathmey, p. 104; Stewart, p. 158).

BUCHAN, Henry, of Gloucester, enlisted in the Continental Army, pensioned in 1838. (Burgess, Vol. 1, p. 347).

*BUCKNER, Thomas, b. ca. 1754 in Gloucester County, m. Elizabeth Throckmorton; Lt. Gloucester Mil. In 1775; Capt. 7 years, Col; lived at New Bottle, Gloucester County, d. after 1785. (Eck.; Burgess, Vol. 3. P. 1400; DAR, p. 97; Dorman, Vol. 12; pp. 59-60; Stewart, p. 158). Appendices A and H.

BURK, Arnold, Gloucester Mil. War 23. (Eck.; Gwathmey, p. 111). Appendix H.

BURROUGHS, John, Pvt. 6th Virginia Reg. Mathews Pension Roll of 1835. (Gwathmey, P. 114).

BURWELL, Nathaniel, Capt. 7 years, BW 2133; Sheriff of Gloucester County 1808. (National Archives).

BURWELL, Thomas, Maj. Gloucester Mil. 1775. Appendix A.

CAKE, Jeremiah, of Abingdon Parish 3 and 7 CL. (Gwathmey, p. 120; Heads of Families-Virginia, 1784, p. 68).

CAKE, Lewis, of Abingdon Parish, Pvt., WD (Gwathmey, p. 120; Heads of Families- Virginia, 1784, p. 68).

CALLIS, George, b. 1762 in Kingston Parish; served under Capt. Phillip Tabb and Col. James Baytop. "He was not on muster list when Lord Dunmore came to Gwynn's Island but was called out soon after and went out off and on until the siege of Yorktown." He was on the enemy's line at the siege of Yorktown and left service about October 1781, m. Elizabeth Terrier; d. in Mathews County February 21, 1843; received pension in 1840. W. 14444. (Dorman, Vol. 14, p. 66; Gwathmey, p. 22). Appendices B, E, F and G.

CALLIS, James, Pvt. 2nd Reg. Appendix B.

CALLIS, James, of Kingston Parish, honorably discharged in 1780. (Gwathmey, p. 122; Heads of Families-Virginia, 1783-84, pp. 53, 68).

CALLIS, William, b. 1765, entered service in 1780; served at the guard house at Cricket Hill; Inf., Pen. S. 16683. (Dorman, Vol. 14, pp. 64-66; Gwathmey, p. 122).

CAMP, James, 2nd Virginia State Reg., honorable discharged in 1780. (Gwathmey, p. 124). Appendix C.

CAMP, John, Mil. on duty in Gloucester in March 1776. (Account Bk. of 1775-76 in State Library). Appendices A and H.

CAMP, John, Capt. Gloucester Mil., b. 1748; July 24, 1776, money was issued to pay his company of Gloucester Mil., (Eck.; Brumbaugh, p. 228; DAR. p. 111; Gwathmey, p. 124). Appendices A and H.

CAMP, Peter, son of William and Mildred Camp; b. August 5, 1729; 2nd Virginia State Reg. (Gwathmey, p. 124).

CAMP, Thomas, Pvt. 2nd Virginia State Reg., enlisted in 1777 in Gloucester Co., in company of Capt. Philip Taliaferro, honorably discharged 1780, BW 3938. (Dorman, Vol. 14, p. 124; Va. Mag. Of History and Biog., Vol. 5, pp. 352-53. Appendix C.

CAMP, William, Lt. 1 CL, Artillery, b. Jan. 28, 1749, son of Stripplehill and Hannah (Green) Camp of Abingdon Parish, m. in 1772 Frances Willis of Orange County. (Abingdon Parish Reg., Dorman, Vol. 15, p. 84).

*CARY, (CAREY), Dudley, Lt. Gloucester Mil. b. 1756, m. Lucy Tabb, d. after January 27, 1804. (Eck.; DAR, p. 118; Gwathmey, p. 136). Appendices A and H.

CARY, James, son of Edward and Mary Cary, bapt. November 5, 1727, 1 CL. (Abingdon Parish Reg., Gwathmey, p. 136).

CARY, Robert, Capt. Gloucester Mil. 1776-77; money was issued for his minute company in 1776. (Eck.; CoS 1776; Gwathmey, p. 136). Appendices H.

CARY, Samuel, Lt. Ordered to pay for company stationed at Robins' Neck, Gloucester County, July 2, 1776; adjutant 2nd Virginia State Reg., June 1778; 2nd Lt. October 1, 1778 to January 1781. (Eck., Gwathmey, p. 129; Heitman p. 115). Appendices A and H.

CHRISTIAN, John, Mathews Pen. Age 73 when pensioned, Jan. 10, 1834. (Gwathmey, p. 150; McAllister, p. 239, pension file of Kemp Hudgins). Appendices E and F.

CLARK, George, Pvt. Appendix B.

CLARK, Lewis, Gloucester Pen. (Eck.,Gwathmey, p. 153). Appendix H.

CLARK, Richard, Pvt. Mil. Appendix D.

CLAYTON, Jasper, Capt. Gloucester Mil. in 1775; Clerk to Gloucester Committee of Safety 1775-1776; Capt. July 18, 1776, "Warrant issued to pay his militia company on duty at Gwynn's Island." (Eck., Gwathmey, p. 156). Appendices A and H.

CLAYTON, John, 2nd Lt. 1 CL, October 17, 1775, 1st Lt. February 1776; d. 1826, m. Elizabeth Willis. (Gwathmey, p. 156).

CLAYTON, Thomas Whiting, Lt. Gloucester Mil. (Eck.; Gwathmey, p. 157; War 23 (1778). Appendix H.

CLEANDER, Robert, Inf., entitled to BW. (Brumbaugh, p. 230).

CLUVERIUS, Benjamine, Capt. Of Schooner Fanny, November 27, 1776; permit granted to proceed on voyage to Cunaccoa. (Gwathmey, p. 160).

CLUVERIUS, Gibson, Capt. Gloucester Mil. 1775-1776, served principally in Gloucester Co...and in the lower part called "Guinea" and in service of the State of Virginia; m. in Gloucester on March 4, 1786, Susan Whiting, who m. (2) on September 29, 1791, John Lowry (d. 1821) of Gloucester. Mrs. Susan Lowry applied for pension of August 26, 1850, W 8061. Cluverius died in Gloucester February 23, 1789. Heirs: Elizabeth, b. 1787 m. (1) Anthony Armistead (2) in 1818 Robert Lowry. In 1850 she was living in Elizabeth City County with her mother; probably another child. (Eck.; Gwathmey, p. 160; National Archives) Appendices A and H.

CLUVERIUS, James, Lt. Gloucester Mil. 1775-1776. (Eck., Gwathmey, p. 160). Appendix H.

CLUVERIUS, John, Seaman, Navy on the Henry. (Brumbaugh, p. 15; Gwathmey, p. 160; Stewart, p. 170).

COLEMAN, Joseph, Pvt. (Gwathmey, p. 166).

COLLIER, James, Sgt. served 3 years, BW 4861 Virginia. (Brumbaugh, p. 417).

COLLIER, Joseph, July 2, 1834, made affidavit that he was a soldier at Gloucester Towne at the time of the surrender of Cornwallis.

COOKE, John, Seaman, Navy on the Gloucester. (Brumbaugh, p. 558; Gwathmey, p. 176).

COOKE, Mordecai, Capt. 1749-1799, d. 1810; 1st Lt. in Capt. Jacob Walker's Company, 1st Reg. of Artillery commanded by Col. Charles Harrison, Oct. 25, 1777. (Gwathmey, p. 176; Stubbs'-Cook and Booth, p. 39.

COOKE, Shem, of Abingdon Parish, Capt. (Eck.; Gwathmey, p. 176; Heads of Families- Virginia, 1784, p. 68.

COOPER, James, Gloucester BW. (Eck.; Gwathmey, p. 177). Appendix H.

CRANDAL, John, Pvt. Mil. Appendix D.

*CULLEY, Armistead, b. 1758 Kingston Parish, d. February 18, 1839; served as private and sergeant in militia; resided in Kingston Parish until 1821 when he removed to Portsmouth, Virginia, where he lived until 1828; removed to Baltimore where he was living in 1835. Pen. S. 8270 Va. (DAR, p. 168).

CULLEY, Robert, enlisted July 30, 1776, carpenter aboard the Liberty; taken prisoner. (Brumbaugh, p. 19; Gwathmey, p. 198).

CURTIS, Charles, 2nd Virginia State Regiment, honorably discharged 1780. (Gwathmey, p. 202). Appendix C.

DAVIS, Anthony, of Ware Parish, Inf., WD. (Gwathmey, p. 210; Heads of Families- Virginia, 1783-84, pp. 53, 69).

DAVIS, John, b. ca. 1740, Pvt. 7th Virginia Reg. for 5 years; enlisted in 1776; received pension S. 39403 Va. In 1820 his two children, namely, Rose and Harriet were living with him; d. March 4, 1825. (Gwathmey, p. 211; Mathews Pen.).

DAVIS, Richard, Ensign in Gloucester Mil. in 1775; Lt. in 1777, son of Thomas and Elizabeth Davis, bapt. August 9, 1747. (Eck., Gwathmey, p. 212. Appendices A and H.

DAVIS, Richard Hobday, son of James and Elsie Davis, b. March 5, 1752; Gloucester Mil. (Abingdon Parish Reg.).

DAVIS, Thomas, b. 1762, Mathews Pen. (Gwathmey, p. 213). Appendices B. E and G.

DAVIS, William, Ensign, Gloucester Mil. in 1775. (Abingdon Parish Register).

DAWS, William, Ensign, Gloucester Mil. in 1775. (Eck.; Gwathmey, p. 214).

DAWSON, Thomas Bassett, Seaman State Navy for 3 years., BW 8233 for 100 acres issued Aug. 21, 1835. (Burgess, Vol. 1, p. 71; Stewart, p. 179).

DEAL, John, Inf. Son of James and Mary Deal, bapt. Sept. 22, 1754, buried at Abingdon Church ca. 1800, known by the family to have served in the Revolution, location of grave known. (Gwathmey, p. 217).

DEGGES (DIGGS), William, b. 1760, received pension in 1840. Appendices E and G.

DIGGS, Joseph, Jr., Doctor, rendered patriotic service, b. ca. 1750; d. after December 1816; m. (1) Sarah Beverly (2) Jane Tompkins. (DAR, p. 225).

DIGGS, William M. V., b. 1761, Gloucester soldier; at age 74 pensioned in 1835; then resided in Mathews Co. (Gwathmey, p. 225).

DILLARD, John, Pvt. Appendix D.

DIXON, James, Sgt. (Abingdon Parish Reg.; Gwathmey, p. 227; WD).

DIXON, John, Capt. Gloucester Mil. in 1775.

DOBSON, John, Sr., Pvt. Virginia State Mil.; entered service at age 16 and served from 1777 until surrender at Yorktown. He served at the magazine in Williamsburg engaged in moulding bullets. At the time of the surrender, he was stationed at Perrins on the eastern side of Sarah's Creek, not far from Gloucester Towne, watching the British movement at that place; placed on pension roll April 26, 1833, S. 8348 Va., b. ca. 1761. D. November 25, 1833. (National Archives).

DOBSON, Robert, Midshipman, Navy on the Henry, (Brumbaugh, p. 15; Gwathmey, p. 228; Stewart, p. 181).

DOUGLASS, Thomas, of Petsworth Parish. (Gwathmey, p. 233; Heads of Families- Virginia, 1783, p. 53).

DRIVER, Emanuel, of Kingston Parish, 2nd Virginia State Reg. (Gwathmey, p. 237; Heads of Families-Virginia, 1783, p. 53).

DRIVER, William, Mathews, d. April 24, 1833. (Gwathmey, p. 237).

*DUDLEY, George, b. before 1735, Lt., Kingston Parish, m. Dorothy Tabb, d. after 1790. (DAR, p. 204; Gwathmey, p. 238).

DUDLEY, Robert, of Gloucester Co., Navy on the Dragon in 1779; was on board when she was commissioned. (Stewart,.p. 183).

DUNFORD, William, Gloucester Co., master on the Henry, d. July 13, 1798, remained until the Henry was dismantled in Queen's Creek. (Gwathmey, p. 241; Stewart, p. 183).

DUNLAP, Francis Franklin, Chaplain, 6th Regiment, Gloucester Pet. (Gwathmey, p. 241).

DUNSTON, Alman, b. ca. 1762, Gloucester Co., m. in Gloucester December 17, 1814, Alice Bristow (ca. 1796-1865); enlisted in the spring of 1777 in Capt. Machen Boswell's Company of Infantry; discharged in 1780-81; re-entered service and was at Yorktown at the surrender; Pen. (Eck.; Dorman, Vol. 4, p. 81; Gwathmey, p. 242). Appendix H.

DUNSTON, Almond, Pvt. enlisted in Army in 1777 under Capt. Philip Taliaferro of the 2nd Virginia State Reg. of the State Line commanded by Col. William Nelson; served 3 years and re-entered as a substitute in Army for 18 months until end of war when he was honorably discharged; Pen. (Gwathmey, p. 242) Appendix C.

DUNSTON, Warner, Pvt. 2nd Virginia State Reg. honorably discharged 1780. (Gwathmey, p. 242). Appendices C and D.

DUVAL (DU VALL), Samuel, of Petsworth Parish, Maj. Mil. (Eck.; Gwathmey, p. 244; Heads of Families-Virginia, 1783, p. 53.

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