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EATON, ________, of Gloucester. (Eck.; Gwathmey, p. 247). Appendix H.

EDDINS, Dawson, Lt. Appendix B.

EDDINS, Samuel, Ensign, Gloucester Mil. in 1775. (Eck.; Brumbaugh, p. 95; Heitmen, p. 163). Appendix A and H.

ELLIOT, James, in struggle at Yorktown, wounded in the final onslaught. (Daily Press "New Dominion", Oct. 20, 1974).

ELLIOT, Robert, 2nd Lt. Gloucester Co., commissioned Dec. 12, 1776; b. ca. 1750-54, m. Dobson. She m. (2) John Hall, a planter; Capt. Rowland Madison's Co. 12th Virginia Reg. muster roll 1777, Valley Forge, May and June 1778; commissioned May 20, 1777; Lt. received balance of field pay June 27, 1786, d. shortly after the Revolution. (National Archives, Daily Press "New Dominion", Oct. 20, 1974).

ELLIOT, Thomas, in struggle at Yorktown, wounded in the final onslaught. (Daily Press "New Dominion", Oct. 20, 1974).

ELLIOT, William, Pvt. Virginia Line; Gloucester Pen. (Eck.; Gwathmey, p. 253). Appendix H.

ENOS, John, 3 and 4 CL. (Gwathmey, p. 256).

EVANS, William, Pvt., Kingston Parish, b. October 13, 1745, d. April 24, 1833, m. Anna Brown. (DAR, p. 225; Gwathmey, p. 261; McAllister, p. 241). Appendices E and F.

FITCHETT, Thomas, Capt. M. 1810 Asenatha Foster. (Heads of Families-Virginia, 1783, p. 53).

FLEMING, John, Maj. CL, from July 22, 1782 to Nov. 3, 1783; killed in Battle of Princeton 1777; d. intestate, without issue. He had no brothers but a sister, Mary Fleming Ellis of Gloucester Co., BW 8784 and 8785 for 185 acres issued April 15, 1840, to Susan Byrd, only heir. (Burgess, Vol. , pp. 1122-23; Gwathmey, p. 277).

FLEMING, William, of Abingdon Parish, 2nd Virginia State Reg. (Gwathmey, p. 277; Heads of Families-Virginia, 1784, p. 68).

*FONTAINE, James Maury, patriotic service; member of Committee of Safety; b. before March 19, 1749, d. March 11, 1795; rector of Ware Episcopal Church (1765-1776), Abingdon Church 1784 m. (1) Alice Burwell (2) Betty Carter Churchill. (DAR, p. 243).

FORREST, Abraham, Pvt. (Gwathmey, p. 283). Appendix B.

FORREST, Edmund, of Kingston Parish, 7 CL. (Gwathmey, p. 282; Heads of Families- Virginia, 1783, p. 54).

FORREST, George, Pvt. of Kingston Parish, 7th Virginia Regiment. Enlisted 1776 and served 2 years; re-entered service in 1778 and served 3 years. Received BW for 100 acres. Appendix B.

FORREST, Henry, of Kingston Parish, Mathews Pen. (Heads of families-Virginia,1783, p. 54).

FORREST, John, Pvt. WD. (Gwathmey, p. 282)

FORREST, John, Ensign. Appendix B.

FORREST, Thomas, Pvt. Appendix B.

FOSTER, Christopher, Pvt. Appendix B.

FOSTER, George, 2nd Sgt., of Kingston Parish. (Gwathmey, p. 283; Heads of Families- Virginia, 1783-84, pp. 54, 68). Appendix B.

FOSTER, Isaac, Capt. Buried in Foster Cemetery. (Mathews Pen.).

FOSTER, Joel, Pvt. 3 years, b. August 15, 1762, Gloucester Co., Kingston Parish; d. August 12, 1851, St. Helena Parish, La., m. in North Carolina on November 4, 1810, Mary Staples. He removed from Virginia to North Carolina, then to Georgia and lastly to Louisiana. His depositions of his war service, Pen. application, was made November 12, 1834, in Louisiana. (Gwathmey, p. 283; National Archives).

FOSTER, John, Lt., Gloucester Mil. (Eck.; Brumbaugh, p. 96; Gwathmey, 283). Appendices A and H.

FOSTER, John, Jr., Lt., Gloucester Mil., June 24, 1807; BW obtained for war; awarded 2,666 2/3 acres. (Eck., Gwathmey, p. 283). Appendices A and H.

FOSTER, John, served as a surgeon in war; had a brother who went to Louisiana and a sister who m. Mr. Brownley, a Methodist minister and shipbuilder. (Daily Press, Aug. 17, 1958).

FOSTER, Joshua, of Kingston Parish, Pvt. 3 years, Pen 5602, WD.(Gwathmey, p. 283; Heads of Families-Virginia, 1783, p. 53).

FOSTER, Josiah, Ensign in 1775; Capt. 1775-76 Gloucester Mil. War 23. (Eck., Gwathmey, p. 283). Appendices A and H.

FOSTER, Peter, Midshipman and carpenter's mate; Kingston Parish; enlisted as midshipman on the Henry ; received BW as a carpenter. (Gwathmey, p. 294; Stewart, p. 188).

FOSTER, Robert, Pvt. Appendix B.

FOSTER, William, (Gwathmey, p. 284).

FOX, John, Capt. Gloucester Mil. in 1777; Lt. in 1775. In April 1776 he was a member of a court with M. Throckmorton, M. Cooke, John Seawell and others to examine John Walker, a Tory; member of Petsworth Parish Vestry in 1770; awarded 4,000 acres and 9 lots in Botetourt Towne, War 23 (1777). (Eck., Gwathmey, p. 285; Stubbs'-Cooke and Booth, p. 235).

FRANCIS, John, of Gloucester. (Gwathmey, p. 286).

GARDNER, Zacariah, Gloucester Mil. 1778, stationed at Williamsburg. (Stubbs papers, Vol. 4, p. 134).

*GARLAND, Christopher, Ensign Gloucester Mil. 1775; while a resident of Gloucester Co. he served as a Pvt. and Lt. part of the time in Capt. Ballard's Virginia Company. It is stated that he was in battle of Bunker Hill, Brandywine and served until after the Battle of Yorktown; b. May 24, 1753; m. in Mathews Co. on October 13, 1804, Virginia Mary Jarvis; d. January 20, 1812, in Gloucester Co. His widow was allowed BW on application executed June 9, 1855, aged 85 and a resident of Gloucester Co. Issue: Robert C., Permilla m. Clopton; Mary O. m. Neil; Mildred m. Kidd; Christopher, Jr., Sarah m. Chowning; Elizabeth m. Glenn; Judith m. Brooking, Pen. application W 3915 Va. (Eck.; DAR, p. 260; Gwathmey, p. 297). Appendices A and H.

GARLAND, William, Sgt. Gloucester Mil. Appendix D.

*GAYLE (GALE), John, Ensign Gloucester Mil. 1775; b. ca. 1730, d. 1790, m. Maria Billups. (Eck.; DAR, p. 257; Gwathmey, p. 294).

GAYLE, John, Col. Gloucester Mil. 1775; m. 3 times; had 6 brothers, Mathias, Levin, Robert, Lowther, Philip Hunley and William. (Private papers of Mrs. E. C. Mansfield-Jones).

GAYLE, Levin, Col., Kingston Parish, b. January 26, 1763, d. June 9, 1827, in Portsmouth, Va.,was an active soldier during the Revolution, especially at the siege of Yorktown. In the last struggle with England, he commanded a force of Virginia troops in and about the county of Mathews, adjacent to the Chesapeake Bay. (The Palladium, Portsmouth, Va., June 1827, obituary).

GAYLE, Mathew, Maj. M. Lucretia (daughter of John and Lucy Billups), on May 3, 1753; d. 1787. (Private papers of Mrs. Roland M. Lewis).

*GAYLE, Matthias, Pvt. Gloucester Mil. under Capt. Robert Gayle; b. ca. 1775*; d. 1794; m. Joyce Hall; widow pensioned in 1840, Pen. (DAR, p. 257, Kemp Hudgins' application file; National Archives). (*The date 1775 is what was in the book and not a typo on my part).

GAYLE, Philip Hunley, (1757-1833). (Private papers of Mrs. E. C. Mansfield-Jones).

*GAYLE, Robert, Gloucest4er Mil. Lt. in 1775; Capt. In 1777; b. ca. 1743; d. 1779-83; m. Sarah_______. (Eck.; DAR, p. 258; Gwathmey, p. 301).

*GAYLE, Thomas, Lt. Gloucester Mil. B. April 17, 1750 in England, d. May 24, 1824, in Charlotte Co., Va.; m. (1) Mary Culley (2) Mrs. Susannah Brown. (DAR, p. 258; Gwathmey, p. 301).

GLASCOCK, Abraham, Pvt. Appendix B.

GREEN, George, Lt. Gloucester Mil. in 1775. (Eck.; Gwathmey, p. 324).

GREEN, Simon, Mathews Pen. (Gwathmey, p. 325). Appendices E and F.

GUTHRIE, Richard, Pvt. Mil. Appendix D.

GWIN, Humphrey, Mathews Pen. (Gwathmey, p. 334).

GWIN, James, Lt. Gloucester Mil. 1779-80. (Eck.; Gwathmey, p. 334).

HAINES, William, Lt. Gloucester Mil. in 1775. (Gwathmey, p. 337).

HALL, Mark, Corp. 2nd Virginia State Reg., enlisted 1777; honorably discharged in 1780. (Gwathmey, p. 339; Stewart, p. 195). Appendix C.

HALL, Richard, Lt. Gloucester Mil. 1775. (Eck.; Gwathmey, p. 329). Appendix H.

HALL, Robert, of Mathews Co., Sailing Master in Virginia Navy in 1776; d. intestate before 1781; heirs received BW 4311 for 2, 666 2/3 acres. (Burgess, Vol. 2, p. 561; Gwathmey, p. 339; Stewart, p. 195).

HALL, Thomas, b. 1764 in Kingston Parish; served with Matthias Gayle, his brother-in-law; Pen. (National Archives).

HALL, William, Pvt. Clark's Illinois Reg. composed of 4 companies of Virginia troops led by Gen. George Rogers Clark in the campaign against Kaskaskia and Fort Vincennes from 1777- 79. Before the Revolution, he was proprietor of one of the taverns at Gloucester Court House. (Gwathmey, p. 339; Virginia Magazine of History and Biog., Vol. 1, pp. 127-141).

HARRIS, James, Pvt. (Gwathmey, p. 352). Appendix B.

HAWS, Bannister, Master of 90 men on the Henry until Nov. 21, 1776, then among 9 transferred to Mosquito.

HAYES, Hugh, Lt. Gloucester Mil. b. February, 25, 1739; d. June 6, 1786; m. Elizabeth Diggs. (Eck.; Gwathmey, p. 362; Virginia Gazette, Oct. 21, 1775).

HAYES, John, Ensign, Gloucester Mil. in 1775; served as Lt. Virginia State Line. (Eck.; Burgess, Vol. 2, p. 503, Gwathmey, p. 362).

HAYWOOD, Alex, Pvt. Appendix B.

HAYWOOD, Thomas, of Gloucester Co., Navy. (Gwathmey, p. 364; Stewart, p. 199).

HAYWOOD, William, Ensign Gloucester Mil. 1775. (Eck.; Gwathmey, p. 364).

HEARN, Emphraim, 1 and 10 CL Gloucester Pen. 2, SoW, 1835. (Eck.; Gwathmey, p. 366).

HILLING, James, Inf. of Gloucester. (Eck.; Gwathmey, p. 378).

HOBDAY, Francis, of Gloucester Co. Seaman State Navy, entered services in 1776 and continued to end of war; among pilots who brought French Navy into York River. (Gwathmey, p. 381; Stewart, p. 202).

HOBDAY, John, Capt. Paid for removing cannon from Gloucester Towne, January 13, 1776; may not have been a soldier. The Society for the Promotion of Useful Knowledge (in Virginia) awarded the first medal for a practical invention to John Hobday of Gloucester Col, who invented a machine for threshing wheat. (Gwathmey, p. 381).

HOBDAY, Richard, of Abingdon Parish, Sgt. 7 CL, 11 CL, 15 CL. (Gwathmey, p. 381; Heads of Families-Virginia, 1784, p. 68).

*HOGG, Richard, Sr., Lt. in Marines 1776, Marine service recruiting May 6, 1776, serving January 2, 1778; b. ca. Gloucester Co, 1717; m. Mary Austin on January 16, 1738; d. prior to 1786 in Gloucester Co. (Special papers of Virginia in WD). (Brumbaugh, p. 41; DAR p. 335; Gwathmey, p. 383; Stewart, p. 202).

HOGG, Thomas, entered service under command of Capt. Gibson Cluverius of the Virginia Mil. in Gloucester Co. before he was 16 years old. He was stationed near the mouth of the York River. His next services were at Gloucester Towne where he served under Capt. Iddings of the Artillery. He served in Williamsburg for 8 months. He was then brought to Yorktown and served at that place and Seawell's Ordinary in Gloucester Co. for 2 months; was in regular service at Perrins in the Mil. when Cornwallis surrendered. Certificate of Pen. issued April 26, 1833, Pen. S. 5566. On April 24, 1851, Thomas Hogg applied for an increase in his pension at which time he was receiving $50.00 per annum; increase in pension was granted Pen. 2 SoW, 1835. (Eck.; Gwathmey, p. 383; Ironmonger, pp. 455-56). Appendices F, G, and H. (NOTE: The book stated that Hogg applied for increase in pension in 1851 and it was granted 1835. I can only assume that the 1835 was a typographical error and should be 1855. Jane G.).

HOGG, William, Pvt. in 1st Virginia Reg. under Capt. Thomas Nelson and Corp. 7 CL; enlisted in February 1775; served 3 years in regular Army. He was at White Plains, Germantown and Brandywine; was discharged at Valley forge by Gen. Muhlenburg; b. ca. 1758. Pen. BW 6008 was issued January 29, 1819, and was found among Pen. Claims S. 38040. Gloucester Pen.; SoW. (Eck.; Gwathmey, p. 383; Ironmonger, pp. 454-55).

HOPE, Benjamin A., Pvt. served with John Smith in 1781. (National Archives).

HORN, Francis, of Gloucester; enlisted 1776 or 1777 under Capt. Tompkins as Sailing Master or sailmaker. (Gwathmey, p. 392; Stewart, p. 203).

HOUSTON, Purnell, Gloucester Mil.; Mathews Pen. (Gwathmey, p. 394). Appendix F.

HOWE, Bannister, of Gloucester Towne, Sailing Master on Henry, Va. State Navy; d. ca. 1781. (Gwathmey, p. 395; Stewart, p. 203).

HUBARD, James, Capt. Gloucester Mil. 1775 and 1778; serving as Capt. July 25, 1776. (Eck.; Gwathmey, p. 396).

HUBARD, James, Capt. Gloucester Mil. in January 1776. (Gwathmey, p. 397).

HUBARD, James, Capt. Gloucester Mil. in January 1776. (Gwathmey, p. 397). Appendix A.

HUBARD, James, Jr., Lt. for pay of Company at Gloucester Towne, January 4, 1776. (Gwathmey, p. 396).

HUBARD, John, Capt. Gloucester Mil. in 1775 and 1778. (Eck.; Gwathmey, p. 396) Appendix A.

HUBBARD, James, Navy on ship Gloucester. (Gwathmey, p. 397).

*HUDGINS, Anthony, Sr., Pvt., enlisted in Army in 1776 and served at various times on short tours until October 1791; served as a Pvt. under Capts. John Billups, Josiah Foster, Isaac foster, Robert Gayle and Col. John Peyton in the Virginia CL; was in an engagement at Cherry Island; b. Kingston Parish 1759, d. 1839 and buried at old family burying ground at old Hudgins home place in Onemo, Mathews co., married 1778 to Sarah Hundley, Mathews Pen. S. 10883, Va. (DAR, p. 352; Gwathmey, p. 397). Appendices E and F.

HUDGINS, Daniel. (Gwathmey, p. 397; Stubbs' Papers Vol. 4, p. 145).

HUDGINS, Holder (Houlder), Capt. Patriot and fighter against the invading enemy on two occasions. He was a "solid" Democrat of the Jeffersonian School, member of the House of Delegates of Virginia from Gloucester Co., 1790-96 and then a member of the State Senate until his death December 12, 1815. Holder Hudgins I, was a planter, ship-builder, seaman, merchant, churchman, judge of the Court of Mathews, member of Committee of Safety of Gloucester Co. He died at age 77, and was buried in family burying ground at Clifton. He amassed a great fortune in lands, manors, ships and slaves; will certified February 20, 1815. (Daily Press, Sept. 29, 1974; Dorman, Vol. 14, p. 66).

HUDGINS, Hugh, Sr., Pvt. b. March 1764 in Kingston Parish, Gloucester Co., while a resident of Kingston Parish, he enlisted January 1, 1780, and served at various times on short tours until 1782 under Houlder Hudgins, Capt. Phillip Tabb, and Col. John Peyton. He was allowed a pension on his application executed August 13, 1832, while residing in Mathews Co. Pen. application S. 10884, Va., received Pen. 1840. (Gwathmey, p. 397; National Archives). Appendices E, F and G.

HUDGINS, Joshua, Jr., WD. (Gwathmey, p. 397; Stubbs' Papers, Vol. 4, p. 145).

HUDGINS, Kemp, Pvt. in Mil., entered service in 1776 under Capt. Josiah Foster and continued to serve until end of war; served at New Point, Gloucester Court House and other places; d. 1797 Mathews Co., m. in 1777 Joice (Joicey) Minter. In February 1779 their eldest (?) child, Elizabeth, was born; afterwards several other children. Pen. application W. 19842 Va. (National Archives).

HUDGINS, Moses, soldier for 3 years, BW 593. 1st Light Dragoons,; recruited from Infantry in 1777. (Gwathmey, p. 397; Stubbs' Papers, Vol 4, p. 145). Appendix B.

HUDGINS, Ridgewell. (Stubbs' Papers, Vol. 4, p. 145).

HUDGINS, Samuel, soldier for 3 years, 3215. (Gwathmey, p. 397; National Archives).

HUDSON, Vincent, Fifer, 7 CL, Gloucester Pen. SoW. 1835, placed on roll February 11, 1819. (Eck.; Gwathmey, p. 398).

HUGHES, Edward, Capt. Gloucester Mil. in 1777, War 23. (Eck.; Gwathmey, p. 399). Appendix H.

*HUGHES, Gabriel, Pvt. Mathews Pen. b. Nov. 7, 1762, d. Oct. 20, 1836, m. Mary Williams. (DAR, p. 353; Gwathmey, p. 399). Appendices E and F.

*HUGHES, Henry, Ensign 7 CL, October 10 1776; resigned October 1777; Capt. Gloucester Mil. 1779-81; awarded 2,666 acres. (Eck.; DAR, p. 353; Gwathmey, p. 399). Appendix H.

*HUGHES, Jasper Clayton, Cornet in 1st Continental Dragoons in 1781, transferred to Baylor's consolidated Reg. of Dragoons November 9, 1782; b. 1757, son of John Hughes; m. Ann Tomkies, daughter of Col. Francis Tomkies and Elizabeth Cooke (daughter of Mordecai Cooke); a brother of Maj. John Hughes and Henry Hughes. He was an original member of Society of Cincinnati; d. August 19, 1821. He was deputy Sheriff of Gloucester Co. in 1794; awarded 3,011 acres. (DAR, p. 353; Gwathmey, p. 400).

HUGHES, John, Maj. CL; member Botetourt Lodge; Justice of Peace; member of Gloucester County Court. (Vestry Book of Petsworth Parish, pp. 382, 383, 384).

HULL, William, Sgt. Mathews, age 81 when pensioned in 1835. (Gwathmey, p. 402). Appendix F.

HUNLEY, William, Waggoner. Appendix B.

HUNLEY, James, son of Capt. Phillip Hunley and Ann Pettus, vestryman of Kingston Parish; member of Gloucester Committee of Public Safety. (Daily Press "New Dominion," June 29, 1975).

HUNDLEY, Joshua, Gloucester Mil. 1775-76; soldier for 3 years; Certif. 1723. (National Archives).

HURST, Richard, Mathews Pen. (Gwathmey, p. 405). Appendices E and F.

HUTSON, Wilson (Watson ?), Fife major. (Gwathmey, p. 407; pension file of Gibson Cluverius). NOTE: I have been told by a descendant of Vincent Hudson, listed above, that Wilson Hutson and Vincent Hudson are the same person. (Note by Jane Goodsell and not part of the original records).

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