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JACKSON, John, Pvt. Appendix B.

*JAMES, Thomas, patriot during Revolution; as clerk of Kingston Parish, he rendered relief services to the aged, blind, dependent, insane, widowed and orphaned; b. 1759, d. Mathews Co., ca. 1828, m. Elizabeth (Betsy) Davis 1783-84. (DAR approved).

JAMES, William, Pvt. Virginia Mil., Gloucester Pen., placed on pension roll April 26, 1833. (Eck.; Gwathmey, p. 413). Appendix F.

JAMES, W. M., Gloucester Pen., age 76, pensioned 1835. (Gwathmey, p. 413). Appendix F.

JARVIS, Francis, Pvt. 3 years., Certif. 6345; heirs: John B., Francis, Elizabeth Winder and Sarah Jarvis. (National Archives).

JARVIS, James, Pvt. Appendix B.

JARVIS, William, Seaman State Navy on the Henry; Certif., 7756. (Gwathmey, p. 414; Sewart, p. 207).

JENKINS, Augustine, of Gloucester, Navy, Journal of the Navy Board, March 27, 1777. (National Archives).

JENKINS, Caleb, son of Edward Jenkins, bapt. July 20, 1736, of Gloucester Co. SoW 1835, Pen. 2. (Eck.; Abingdon Parish Reg.). Appendix H.

JENKINS, Cleb, Gloucester Pen., placed on pension roll April 26, 1833, age 74. (Gwathmey, p. 416). Appendix F.

JORDON, Henry, of Gloucester, enlisted 1777 at age 18, 2nd Reg. CL honorably discharged 1780. (Virginia Magazine of History and Biography, Vol. 5, p. 352). Appendix C.

KEININGHAM, William,. Pvt. Mil. Appendix D.

KEMP, Matthew, Sgt. Appendix D.

KEMP, Peter, 2nd Lt. Mil. Appendix D.

KEYSER, William, enlisted in Gloucester Co., 2nd Virginia State Reg. under Capt. Thomas Baytop. (Gwathmey, p. 444).

KNIGHT, Henry, 1st Lt. Gloucester, Capt. John Billups' Co. Appendix B.

KNIGHT, Joseph, Pvt. Capt. John Billups' Co. Appendix B.

KNIGHT, Samuel, Pvt. Capt. John Billups' Co. Appendix B.

LAUGHLIN, James, Ensign, Gloucester Mil. 1775. (Eck.; Gwathmey, p. 460).

LAWSON, Henry, soldier 3 years. Certif. 3708. (National Archives).

LAWSON, John, Sr., enlisted 1777, in Gloucester Co. 2nd Reg. Honorable discharged 1780. (Virginia Magazine of History and Biog., Vol. 5, p. 353).

LAWSON, John, Pvt. Capt. Baytops' Co. Mil. Appendix D.

LEWIS, John, Pvt. Appendix B.

LEWIS, Thomas, Pvt. Gloucester Mil. Capt. John Billups' Co. Appendix D.

LEWIS, Warner, County Lt., Gloucester Mil. in 1775, CoS 1776. (Eck.; Gwathmey, p. 473). Appendix A.

*LILLY, Thomas, Capt. Navy on the Gloucester, held in high esteem by Commodore Barron; captured and brought into Hampton late in December 1776, a British vessel en route to London; her cargo of rum and sugar was valued at about L 6,000; m. Lucy Burwell; d. after 1784; awarded 5,333 acres; served from January 14, 1776, to close of war. (Eck.; Brumbaugh, pp. 19-20; DAR, p. 416; Gwathmey, p. 475; Stewart, p. 216).

LILLY, thomas, Pvt. Appendix B.

*LLEWELLYN, Christopher, Jr., Gloucester Mil. received payment on October 7, 1777, for his Guard per account L 6-16-Od. (DAR approved; Private papers of Mrs. William A. Bouserman, Virginia Magazine of History and Biog.; Vol. 10, p. 297; War Account Bk. 23).

LUCAS, William, Gloucester Pen. 2, SoW 1835. (Eck.; Gwathmey, p. 487; War Account Bk. 23; Stewart, p. 217).

MAHON (MAUGHON), John, Virginia State Navy; 3 years service as a marine; died intestate as no will was on record in Court; heirs in 1834 were Elizabeth Sadler and Sarah Respess; BW 7999 for 100 acres issued June 27, 1834. (Burgess, Vol. 3, p. 1191; Stewart, p. 220).

MARCH, William, Midshipman Navy; son of Thomas and Elizabeth March; b. July 1, 1756, awarded 2,666 acres. (Gwathmey, p. 498).

MARSH, William, Soldier in CL of Gloucester Co., Richard March, Jr., was his legal heir and representative. (Burgess, Vol. 1, p. 424).

MASON, Peleg, Gloucester Mil. Appendix D.

MATTHEWS, __________, Capt. Gloucester Mil. 1775-76. (Eck.; Gwathmey, p. 508).

MATTHEWS, Edward, Lt. Glucester Mil. (Eck.). Appendix A.

MATTHEWS, Richard, Capt., Warrant issued for use of his company of Minute Men on duty in Gloucester Co., June 17, 1776; previously referred to as Capt. Of a Company of Gloucester Mi., December 22, 1775, WD. (Eck.; Gwathmey, p. 507).

MATTHEWS, Robert, Capt. Gloucester Mil. in 1775. (Eck.; Gwathmey, p. 508). Appendix A.

MAUGHON (MOUGHON), George, Boatswain; m. Miss Adams of Mathews co., two heirs; William and George Maughon; he was on a lookout boat of the Dragon, commanded by Lt. Joshua Singleton; was taken as prisoner of war to the West Indies and not released until the end of the war; d. ca. 1815 and left a will. (Gwathmey, p. 509; Stewart, p. 223).

McWILLIAMS, John, 2nd Virginia State Reg. honorably discharged in 1780. (Gwathmey, p. 540). Appendix C.

*MILLER, Francis, Inf. under Capt. William Sith; later transferred to the Navy where he served 3 years, b. ca. 1748. (DAR, p. 468).

MILLER, Gabriel, Patriot, furnished supplies; b. 1735 Gloucester Co., d. 1787 Gloucester Co., m. Mary _________, Pen. (DAR, p. 468).

MINOR, William, 7 CL, son of Thomas and Sarah Minor;bapt. June 21, 1751. (Abingdon Parish Reg,; Gwathmey p. 533).

MINTER, James, Seaman, Va. State Navy on the Henry. (Gwathmey, p. 553).

MITCHELL, Richard, entered as master carpenter at an early period of the war on board the brig Liberty; served under Capt. Lilly until the end of the war; died intestate; heirs: John and Thomas Mitchell. (Burgess, Vol1, p. 39; Gwathmey, p. 554).

MITCHELL, Richard, Midshipman Navy. (Gwathmey, p. 554).

MONEYS, Henry, 2nd Reg. honorably discharged 1780. (Gwathmey, p. 557). Appendix C.

MONGHAN (MORGHON), Mathias, Pvt. in Virginia State Line; BW 3577; certif. Received in the Land Office Dec. 15, 1784. (Eck.; Burgess, Vol. 2, p. 672; Gwathmey, p. 557).

MOORE, Edward, Seaman Navy, son of John and Elizabeth Moore; b. September 7, 1753. (Abingdon Parish Reg., Gwathmey, p. 561).

MORGAN, James, Pvt. Appendix B.

MORGAN, John, Pvt. Virginia Cont. placed on pension roll November 19, 1832, age 75, Mathews Pen. (Gwathmey, p. 564). Appendix E.

MORGAN, William, Virginia Mil., placed on pension roll May 16, 1833, aged 71, Mathews Pen. (Gwathmey, p. 564). Appendices B, E, F.

MORRIS, Henry, Maj. m. (2) Christina Holmes Meridith (Cooke). (Stubbs' Cooke and Booth, , p. 40).

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