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NEW, Daniel, Mathews Pen.

NEWCOMB, Richard, 7 CL Index Card 6024. (Brumbaugh, pp. 482-83; Gwathmey, p. 582).

NEWCOMB, William, Pvt. Mil. Appendix D.

NUTTALL, Iveson (Iverson), of Gloucester Co., enlisted as seaman in Virginia State Navy on the Dragon, July 22, 1777; appointed gunner's mate on July 20, 1778; served as midshipman from October 20, 1778, until discharged February 22, 1780; m. Mary __________, who married (2) Thomas Stubblefield; will written January 30, 1797; BW, awarded 2,666 acres 4970. (Brumbaugh, pp. 8-9; Gwathmey, p. 591; Stewart, p. 232).

NUTTALL, James, Jr., patriot, m. in 1798 to his cousin Sarah James of Lancaster Co., Va. (Gloucester Court of Claims, p. 109).

NUTTALL, John, Seaman State Navy on the Dragon with his kinsman Iveson Nuttall; his 3 year enlistment began February 22. 1777; was appointed gunner's mate and "continued on board the said ship until they left her at the navy yard on the Chickahominy towards the close of the war;" BW 40, Index Card National Archives 5033. (Gwathmey, p. 591; Stewart, p. 232).

NUTTALL, Matthias, of Ware Parish, Pvt. in Capt. Smith Snead's Co. 9 CL. Col;. Thomas Fleming Commanding; on pay rolls for November and December 1776; Col. George Mathews Commanding this battalion in April 1777 when Nuttall is on pay rolls; Index Cards 5034-5037. (Brumbaugh, p. 259; Gwathmey, p. 591; Mason, Vol. 1, p. 99).

OLIVER, Thomas, Inf. son of John and Mildred Oliver, b. Jan. 5, 1747. (Abingdon Parish Reg.; Gwathmey, p. 595).

OWEN, ______________, Mathews 1840 Pen. Census.

*PAGE, John, Patriot; on Virginia Committee of Safety; member of Congress and Governor of Virginia; was an intimate friend of Thomas Jefferson, who often visited Page at Rosewell; b. April 17, 1744, d. October 11, 1808, m. (1) Frances Burwell (2) Margaret Lowther. (Biography of Edmund Pendleton; DAR, p. 511).

*PATTERSON, John, Midshipman in State Navy; b. October 11, 1760, d. intestate August 1, 1824, Mathews Co. m. (1) Elizabeth Brown, (2) Elizabeth Todd Tabb; heirs: Maria Booth m. Christopher Tompkins; (parents of Capt. Sally Tompkins); Elizabeth T. m. Wade Moseley, and son John B. (Eck; Burgess, Vol. 1, p. 389; DAR, p. 520; Gwathmey, p. 607).

PEED, Andrew, of Gloucester; rejected claim. (Eck.; Gwathmey, p. 613).

PERRIN, John, Capt. (Gwathmey, p. 618).

PERRIN, John, Jr. (Gwathmey, p. 618).

PEYTON, ___________, Capt. in 1775-76, of Gloucester Co. (Eck.; Gwathmey, p. 621). Appendix H.

*PEYTON, Sir John, Col. Gloucester Mil. in 1775; County Lt., Gloucester; 1st Lt. 3rd Virginia CL; February 5, 1776; wounded at Brandywine September 11, 1777. Capt. February 1778; retired September 14, 1778. He was of Isleham, Kingston Parish; b. ca. 1720, d. March 25, 1790; m. 1749, (1) Frances Cooke (2) Mary (widow of James Taliaferro). (Eck.; Burgess, Vol. 2, p. 562; DAR, p. 530; Gwathmey, p. 631; Heitman, p. 326).

PEYTON, Thomas, Capt. paid for Company of Minute Men in August 1776; paid for company of Gloucester Minute Men Jan.22, 1776. ACS, 1775-76. (Eck.; Brumbaugh, p. 15, Gwathmey, p. 621). Appendix H.

PIPPEN, Bannister, Seaman Virginia State Navy on the Henry, d. 1781. (Eck.; Gwathmey, p. 627, Stewart, p. 237).

PLUMMER, George, Ensign Gloucester Mil. in 1775. (Eck.; Gwathmey, p. 629). Appendix A.

PLUMMER, George William, Capt. Gloucester Mil. in 1776-77, July 24, 1778, for pay of his Company of Gloucester Mil. stationed at Williamsburg. (Eck.; Gwathmey, p. 629; Virginia Magazine of History and Biog. , Vol. 12, p. 311).

*PLUMMER, William, Maj. vestryman of Kingston Parish 1756-1771, b. 1748, m. Mary Elizabeth Hayes; d. after 1785; heirs: William,. Anne, Elizabeth Plummer and Mary Hayes Plummer. (DAR, p. 438).

POINTER, Henry of Petsworth Parish. (Eck.; Gwathmey, p. 630; Heads of Families- Virginia, 1783-84, pp. 53, 69).

PROSSER, John of Ware Parish. (Gwathmey, p. 640; Heads of Families-Virginia, 1784, p. 69).

PRYOR, John Christopher, Maj. m. Anne Beverly Whiting. (Eck.; Gwathmey, p. 641; Stubbs' - Catlett and Baytop, p. 151).

PUGH, Josiah, Pvt. Virginia Mil.; b. 1762; placed on Mathews Pen. Nov. 7, 1833. (Gwathmey, p. 641). Appendices E and G.

PULLER, William. (Eck.; Gwathmey, p. 642; Heads of Families-Virginia, 1783, p. 53).

PURSELL, William, Corp. 2nd Virginia State Reg. (Gwathmey, p. 643).

RANSOME, Augustine, State Navy, served with his brother Thomas. (Burgess, Vol 1, pp. 346-47; Gwathmey, p. 650).

RANSOME, Thomas, boatswain in State Navy on Dragon, commanded by Capt. Markham; served on other ships; remained in service until end of war; served with his brother Augustine. (Burgess, Vol. 1, p. 346; Gwathmey, p. 650).

RANSON, Thomas, Ensign Gloucester Mil. in 1777; War 23. (Eck.; Gwathmey, p. 651). Appendix H.

RANSONE, Thomas, served as Lt. for 3 years in 2nd Virginia State Reg., under Capt Peter Bernard; entered service early in 1777 and received appointment as Lt. early in that year; heirs received BW for his 3 years as Lt. 9269, died intestate in 1818. (Burgess, Vol. 1, p. 343; Gwathmey, p. 651). Appendix H.

READ, Francis, of Kingston Parish, midshipman Navy; served as First Mate on the Henry. (Gwathmey, p. 653; Stewart, p. 240).

REED, Lewis, in Mathews Pen. file; 10 CL, 14 CL. (Gwathmey, p. 657).

RICHESON, John, Soldier, Index Card 1166. (National Archives).

RIPLEY, Andrew, of Kingston Parish. (Eck.; Gwathmey, p. 666; Heads of Families- Virginia, 1783-84, pp. 53, 68).

RIPLEY, Richard, Mathews Pen., 84 when pensioned, Jan. 10, 1834. (Gwathmey, p. 666). Appendices E and F.

*ROANE, James Alexander, patriotic service, bought and paid for supplies used by Revolutionary troops; b. ca. 1750 Gloucester Co. d. after October , 1784,in Gloucester Co.; will proved in Gloucester Court June 2, 1785, m. Elizabeth Pollard; 7 children. (Brumbaugh, p. 369; DAR, p. 573; Heads of Families in Virginia, 1790, p. 53).

ROBINS, John, 9th Virginia Reg., Cadet, Ensign, Index Card 3201. (National Archives).

ROBINS, John, Lt. in 1st and 5th Reg., Infantry, Virginia Line; Received his commission on May 14, 1778; was later captured and taken prisoner; full Lt. in September 1781; original member of Order of Cincinnati; b. September 25, 1738, Abingdon Parish; Index Cards 3059, 3060; Lt. 3 years. (National Archives).

*ROBINS, Thomas, Pvt. in Capt Andrew Russell's 5th Virginia Reg. which was commanded by Col. Charles Scott; name appears on Co. pay rolls for period from September 28, 1776 to February 28, 1777; b. February 11, 1745, at Point Lookout, Gloucester Co., d. November 8, 1808, m. Nov. 18, 1768 (1) Frances Elizabeth Stubbs (2) Elizabeth Lee Holmes (d. Ca. 1816). She was the widow of Thomas Robins with three children and m. Reade Watlington. (DAR, p. 574; Gwathmey, p. 672; The Virginia Genealogist, Vol. 12, pp. 67-68.

ROBINS, William, Sr., patriot, b. 1715, d. ca. 1786. (William P. Palmer, Ed., Calendar of Virginia State Papers, Vol. 2, pp. 178-79).

ROBINS, William, of Gloucester Co., b. 1753 Gloucester, England; removed to Gloucester Co., Virginia. Enlisted in 1777 under Capt. Phillip Taliaferro; 2nd Virginia State Line; remained in Virginia one year, then marched to the North under Capt. Boswell and Col. Brent; remained in the North two years. "Served faithfully a term of three years" as a soldier in the infantry; honorably discharged 1780; heirs: Francis, James and William Robins; BW. (Brumbaugh, p. 265; Gwathmey, p. 672; National Archives). Appendix C.

*ROBINS, William, of Robins Neck, Patriot, b. September 11, 1749, d. 1798; m (1) on August 12, 1767, Dorothy Boswell of Gloucester Co. (2) m. on December7, 1791, Molly Edmunds; Abingdon Parish. (DAR, p. 574; Public Service Claim; Stubbs' papers; The Virginia Genealogist, Vol. 12, No. 22, p. 72).

ROBINSON, ___________, of Gloucester, (Eck.; Gwathmey, p. 672).

ROBINSON, Benjamin, Pvt. Appendix D.

ROBINSON, William, Pvt. Appendix D.

ROGERS, William, proprietor of the Court House Ordinary; served in the Revolution. (Stubbs' - Baytop and Catlett, p. 125).

ROOTES, John, Capt., Gloucester Pet. December 31, 1798. (Eck.; Gwathmey, p. 677; H. D. Dec. 1798). Appendix H.

ROWE, Benjamin, 1st Virginia Reg. Index Card 2171. (Gwathmey, p. 680; National Archives).

ROWE, Debram (Debman), Pvt. 7th Virginia Reg. b. 1747; son of John and Sarah (Sachel) Rowe; Index Card 2180. (Gwathmey, p. 680; National Archives).

ROWE, Jasper, Quartermaster Sgt. in the State Line; enlisted as Sgt. in Capt. Boswell's Co., 3rd State Reg., commanded by Col. William Brent; served 3 years; honorably discharged; probably lived later in King and Queen Co. (Burgess, Vol., p. 375; Gwathmey, p. 680).

ROYSTON, Conquest, Pvt. Appendix D.

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