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SADLER, Richard, of Kingston Parish; 3 and 7 CL; 5 CL. (Gwathmey, p. 687; Heads of Families in Virginia, 1783 , p. 54).

SADLER (SADDLER), Robert, Mathews Pen.; Pvt. Virginia State Line; pension roll of 1835; d. intestate October 31, 1823.awarded 100 acres. (Burgess, Vol. 2, p. 864; Gwathmey, p. 687).

SAUNDERS, Seeley, Capt., of Abingdon Parish; State Navy, awarded 4, 666 acres; served from April 1, 1776, to close of war; commanded Lewis; Tempest in 1779; m. Ann Blackburn. (Burgess, Vol. 1, p. 256; Gwathmey, p. 691).

SEARS, John, Capt.; company enlisted in Gloucester, 1 CL, September 18, 1775; Maj. 4 CL; August 13, 1776; Lt. Col. 9 CL January 30, 1777; killed at Germantown October 4, 1777; paid September 22, 1775, awarded 6,000 acres. (Gwathmey, p. 698).

SEARS, John, Pvt. Appendix D.

SEARS, William, Lt. Gloucester Mil. in 1775. (Eck.; Gwathmey, p. 698). Appendix H.

SEARS, William, Pvt. Appendix D.

*Seawell, John, Capt. of Gloucester; b. February 6, 1760; d. 1806; m. Fanny Hobday. (DAR, p. 604).

SELLERS, William, 2nd Virginia State Reg.; d. intestate; BW 8345 for 100 acres issued August 29, 1835, to Mary Sellers, surviving heir of William. (Burgess, Vol. 3, p. 1326; Gwathmey, p. 700).

*SHACKELFORD, Benjamin, Capt., Gloucester Mil. 1775; received money for pay of his men while stationed at camp before Gwynn's Island July 27, 1776; b. December 10, 1733; d. 1817; m. Martha Jones; went to Culpeper. (Eck.; DAR, p. 605; Gwathmey, p.701).

SHACKELFORD, Francis, Gloucester Artillery. (National Archives).

SHACKELFORD, George, 3 and 7 CL, 5 CL, in Capt. Thomas Lewis' Co. of Gloucester Artillery. (Gwathmey, p. 701).

SHACKELFORD, James, Gloucester Pen. (Eck.; Gwathmey, p. 701).

SHACKELFORD, John, son of James and Elizabeth Shackelford, bapt. January 19, 1756. (Abingdon Parish Reg.; Gwathmey, p. 701).

SHACKELFORD, ___________, Capt. Gloucester Mil. in 1775-76. (Eck.; Gwathmey, p. 701). Appendix H.

SIMPKINS, James of Gloucester, SoW, 1835 records, Pen. 2. (Eck.; Gwathmey, p. 713).

*SINGLETON, John b. July 2, 1758, Kingston Parish; d. August 12, 1824, Mathews Co.; m. June 1778 Anne Armistead (1756-1838). (DAR, p. 619; Gwathmey, p. 715).

SINGLETON, Joshua, Capt. State Navy, appointed 2nd Lt. on Manley August 3, 176; 1st Lt. of Henry November 26, 1776; petitioned as Capt., Navy; b. ca. 1745, Gloucester Co,.; d. October 22, 1833; allowed Pen. on his application executed August 6, 1832, at which time he was ca. 87 years old; Glo Pets. Lt. Navy, awarded 4, 000 acres on the Dragon, September 12, 1779, Gloucester Pen,; SoW 1835; Pen. 2. (Brumbaugh, p. 15; Gloucester Pets. December 23, 1830; Gwathmey, p. 715; National Archives; Stewart, p. 247).

SMITH, Isaac, Sgt. in Cavalry, stationed at Gloucester Court House, Seawell's Ordinary and Hubbard's Old Field; remained in service until after the siege of Yorktown. Appendices E and F.

SMITH, Isaac, Lt. Navy; Mathews Pen. placed on pension roll August 25, 1832, at age 89, BW 4,000 acres. (Brumbaugh, p. 62,Gwathmey, p. 721). Appendix F.

SMITH, _________, Capt. in 1775-76, of Gloucester. (Eck.; Gwathmey, p. 719). Appendix H.

SMITH, John, Gloucester Pen. SoW 1835, Pen. 2. (Gwathmey, p. 722).

SMITH, John, SoW 1835, Pen. 2.

SMITH, John, SoW 1835, Pen. 2, Pvt. Virginia Line; placed on Pension roll July 15, 1819. (Gwathmey, p. 722).

SMITH, John, Pvt. in 1779 served six months under Capt. Throckmorton and Col. Page; b. June 30, 1760; d. April 4, 1833; in 1780 served 12 months in Dixon's Light Horse; substituted for his father; removed to North Carolina in 1800. S 3937. (National Archives).

SMITH, Thomas Maj. of Gloucester, 1777-78. (Eck.; Gwathmey, p. 724). Appendix H.

SMITH, William, Capt. of Gloucester in 1775-76; CoS 1776. (Gwathmey, p. 724). Appendix H.

STEDER, James, Pvt. Appendix B.

STEDER, John, Pvt. Appendix B.

STEVENS, Henry, Ensign Gloucester Mil. in 1775. (Eck.; Gwathmey, p. 740; DAR approved). Appendices A and H.

STEVENS, Richard, Adjutant of Gloucester Battalion of Minute Men, October 3, 1776. (Gwathmey, p. 744).

STOKES, Lewis, of Gloucester, Pvt. Virginia Mil. placed on pension roll April 26, 1833, SoW, Pen. 2. (Gwathmey, p. 744).

STUBBS, John, Midshipman in Virginia State Navy on the Tempest December 7, 1779, Lt. on the Henry 1778, served until the vessel was dismantled in 1781; d. 1788; heirs: Thomas, William, James C., Samuel, John and Elizabeth Stubbs. BW 9168 issued January 24, 1848, for 3 years service; 1,333 one-third acres. (Eck.; Brumbaugh, p. 63; Burgess, Vol. 3, p. 1344; Gwathmey, p. 748; Stewart, p. 251-52).

STUBBS, John Seagar, Capt. Member of vestry of Petsworth Parish; of Mulberry Hall, Gloucester Co. (Stubbs'-Cooke and Booth, p. 29).

STUBBS, Thomas, Pvt. son of Robert nd Mildred Stubbs, bapt. November 28, 1733. (Abingdon Parish Reg.). Appendix D.

TABB, Augustine, 2nd Lt.; 2nd Virginia State Reg. October 3, 1777; 1st. Lt. April 24, 1778;; Capt. September 10, 1778; served to January 1780; returned April 13, 1782; half-pay claims (WD) states he resided in Gloucester; awarded 4,000 acres. (Gwathmey, p. 755; Heitman, p. 391).

TABB, George, Ensign, Pension file of George Callis.

TABB, Philip, Capt. Gloucester Mil. in 1775; his company paid July 25, 1776. (Eck.; George Callis' pension file; Gwathmey, p. 755).

TABB, Thomas, Ensign Gloucester Mil. in 1775. (Eck.; Gwathmey, p. 755).

THOMAS, George, Corp. 1777. (Stubbs' papers, Vol. 4, p. 134).

THOMAS, James, Pvt., b. Kingston Parish October 20, 1763; entered service 1777, belonged to Peter Barnett's Co. part of the Gloucester Mil. commanded by col. (Sir) John Peyton; discharged in 1781, Mathews Pen. (Gwathmey, p. 766). Appendix E.

THOMAS, Lewis, Lt. (ca. 1752-1833); of Kingston Parish; served as Lt. of 13th Virginia Reg. from December 19, 1776; later this Reg. was designated the 9th Virginia, commanded by Col. John Gibson. Thomas was in the battle of Brandywine and Germantown; served to close of war in 1783, at which time he was a Capt. and had removed to Washington Co., Kentucky, where he spent the rest of his life. Pen. File S. 37489, Va. (Brumbaugh, pp. 117, 510; Gwathmey, p. 767; Heitman, p. 539; National Archives).

THROCKMORTON, ____________, of Gloucester, Capt. in 1775-75. (Eck.; Gwathmey, p. 772).

*THROCKMORTON, Albion, Cornet in Lee's Legion, grandson of John and Frances Mason (of England)Throckmorton, son of Gabriel of Ware Parish; b. 1740; m. Mary Webb. Retired November 9, 1782. Heirs: James, Edmondson, Dr. William E. and Robert. (Burgess, Vol. 2, pp. 711-12; DAR, p. 577; Gwathmey, p. 772; Stubbs'-Cooke and Booth, p. 172).

THROCKMORTON, Mordecai, Capt. of a Gloucester Company of Minute Men in 1776; m. Mary Reade, daughter of Thomas Reade; d. 1788; brother of Albion Throckmorton, WD. (Burgess, Vol. 2, pp 711-12; Gwathmey, p. 772; Stubbs'- Cooke and Booth, p. 37).

THROCKMORTON, Robert, of Ware Parish, Maj. CL, brother of Albion Throckmorton, m. (1) Mary Lewis, daughter of John Lewis (2) Sarah Smith of Shooters Hill (widow of Capt. Mordecai Cooke). (Gwathmey, p. 772).

THRUSTON, _____________, Capt. Gloucester Mil. 1775-76. (Eck.).

*THRUSTON, John, Cornet; b. October 15, 1761; d. February 19, 1802, m. Elizabeth Whiting. (DAR, p. 678).

*THRUSTON, Robert, Lt. State Reg. for 3 years. BW 7384 for his services; issued July 10, 1833, for 2,666 two-thirds acres; b. January 14, 1759, d. 1826, m. Frances Jones. (Burgess, Vol. 2, pp. 726-27; DAR, p. 678; Gwathmey, p. 772).

TOGER, Peter, of Gloucester. (Eck.; Gwathmey, p. 775).

TOMPKIES (TOMKIES), Charles, Capt. 7 CL March 7, 1776; resigned December 28, 1776; BW 7749 issued May 5, 1834. (Acct. Com. Of Safety 1775-76, p.. 57; Burgess, Vol. 2, p. 729; CoJV, 1776-77, p. 144; Gwathmey, p. 777).

TOMPKINS, Robert, of Gloucester Co., Capt. State Navy, Superintended the building of the Henry and became her Capt. in 1776. She was built in Gloucester Co., continued in service until the British fleet came up in the York River in August 1781; d. in service; BW 9808 for 1259 acres issued to heirs on May 20, 1859. (Burgess, Vol. 12, p. 729; Gwathmey, p. 777; Stewart, p. 15; Virginia Land Office Book 3, p. 590).

TURNER, John, Mathews Pen. (Gwathmey, p. 786).

WADDLE, Mordecai, Clothing 1780; son of Edward and Grace Waddle. (Gwathmey, p. 797).

*WATLINGTON, Armistead, Col. Continental Army; b. December 27, 1730, Gloucester co., d. October 29, 1803, Halifax Co. m. Susannah Coleman. (Eck.; Burgess, Vol. 1, pp. 10-12; DAR, p. 721; Gwathmey, p. 810).

*WATLINGTON, John, Capt. in Edmond's Command, Artillery, Virginia State Line, served until March 15, 1781, for 3 years, b. ca. 1753; d. February 6, 1812, in Gloucester Co., son of Armistead Watlington, m. (1) Elizabeth Allen (2) Elizabeth Donaho; widow received pension; heirs were allowed BW for his services. (Burgess, Vol. 1, pp. 10-12; DAR, p. 721; Gwathmey, p. 810).

WATLINGTON, Paul, Abingdon Parish; commissioned as Capt. in the Southern Army; brother of John Watlington; d. in 1836 in Halifax co., a Masonic funeral was held on July 31, 1836, at Catawba Church. (Abingdon Parish Reg.; Brumbaugh, p. 574).

WATLINGTON, Roland, of Abingdon Parish; commissioned officer; d. ca. 1790; left a widow and 4 daughters. (Abingdon Parish Reg., Burgess, Vol. 1, p. 10).

WATSON, __________, Johanna Watson was receiving his pension. (National Archives).

WHARTON, John, of Kingston Parish; Boatswain, State Navy on the Henry; in York River for 3 years. BW 9370 for 2,000 acres issued April 28, 1852, to Margaret Wharton, only living heir. (Burgess, Vol. 2, p. 739; Gwathmey, p. 819; Stewart, p. 266).

WHARTON, Phillip, Navy on the Lewis. (National Archives; Stewart, p. 266).

WHITE, Abraham, 2nd Virginia State Reg. enlisted in 1777, honorably discharged in 1780. (Gwathmey, p. 820). Appendix C.

*WHITE, Edward, Pvt. in 1st Virginia Reg., b. ca. 1757 in Gloucester Co. d. 1813 Mathews Co., m. Pembroke (Penny Singleton, b. 1762); his parents were William White and Elizabeth _______. Heirs: Elizabeth, Dudley, Henry, Edward, Mary, Bartlett, Joseph Davis, Nancy Davis and William. (DAR, p. 735; personal papers of Mrs. Henry A. Pearson).

*WHITE, John, Sgt. Gloucester Mil. b. ca. 1758, d. June 12, 1834, Mathews Co. m. in 1791 to Elizabeth Davenport (1772-1849), daughter of Capt. William Davenport (1746-1787) and his wife Mary Hunley (1752-1843), applied for pension 78 years old; placed on pension roll January 10, 1834. Pen. Application 6476. (DAR, p. 736, Gwathmey, p. 822). Appendices E and F.

WHITE, Richard, Seaman, applied for pension in Gloucester on August 6, 1832, 70 years old. Placed on pension roll April 26,1833, d. December 31, 1833, SoW, 1835, Pens. 2. (Gloucester Minute Book 1835-36, p. 95; Gwathmey, p. 822). Appendices F. and H.

WHITE, Richard, Seaman, applied for pension in Gloucester on August 6, 1832, 70 years old. (Gwathmey, p. 822; Pen Application S. 6384, Va.).

WHITE, William, name listed in file of Mathews Pen. (Gwathmey, p. 823; Stewart, p. 267).

WHITING, ___________, Col. in 1775-76, of Gloucester. (Eck,; Gwathmey, p. 824). Appendix H.

WHITING, Beverly, Ensign 7 CL December 13, 1776; resigned July 4, 1778; awarded 2,666 acres. (Gwathmey, p. 824).

WHITING, Francis, 1st Lt. Thruston's Cont. Reg., May 28, 1777; Lt 1st Cont. Dragoons, April 1779, transferred to Baylors Dragoons November 9, 1782; served to the end of the war; awarded 3,000 acres. (Gwathmey, p. 824).

WHITING, Henry, Ensign, 4 CL, March 25, 1776; 2nd Lt. September 28, 1776; 1st Lt. November 29, 1777; retired September 14, 1778; d. 1791; awarded 4,000 acres. (Gwathmey, p. 824).

*WHITING, John, Capt. Gloucester Mil. serving July 27, 1776, b. 1734 d. after 1791, m. Mary Perrin; student at College of William and Mary in 1752; son of col. Beverly and Mary Scaife Whiting. (DAR, p. 738; Gwathmey, p. 824; Stubbs'-Cooke and Booth, p. 36). Appendix H.

*WHITING, Thomas, Col. Gloucester Mil. 1775; m. (1) Elizabeth Beverly (2) Elizabeth Thurston (3) Elizabeth Seawell. He was appointed to direct and superintend the Navy that was coming into being. The first meeting was in Williamsburg July 8, 1776; in May 1776 he was the first Commissioner of the Board of Naval Commissioners and he continued until its abolition by legislation in May 1780, to control affairs of Navy; member of State Navy Board 1777-79, b. 1712, d. 1781. (Eck.; Biglow; DAR, p. 738; Gwathmey, p. 824; Stewart, p. 135).

WIATT, James, Sr., Pvt. Gloucester Mil. Appendix D.

*WIATT, (WYATT), John, b.1730-40 in Gloucester Co., m. Mary Figg, d. Petsworth Parish before 1795. (DAR papers of Kate Wiatt).

*WIATT, John Edward, Capt. b. May 15, 1732, d. January 5, 1805, m. Mary Todd (b. 1725 d. 1794), daughter of Christopher and Marry Todd. John Wiatt was the son of John Wiatt, Sr., and father of Dr. William Edward Wiatt who m. Mary Graham. (DAR, p. 766, Gwathmey, p. 851).

WIATT, Peter, (Eck.; Gwathmey, p. 851).

WILLIAMS, William, Seaman Navy on the Henry. (Gwathmey, p. 833).

WILLIS, __________, Capt. Gloucester Mil. in 1775-76. (Eck.; Gwathmey, p. 834).

WILLIS, George, of Kingston Parish, 1 and 10 CL. (Eck.; Gwathmey, p. 834).

WILLIS, James, of Gloucester Co., State Navy on the Manly and the Henry. (Gwathmey, p. 834; Stewart, p. 268).

WILLIS, John, Capt. Gloucester Mil. Appendix H.

*YATES, William, Col. B. 1745-50 in Gloucester Co., son of the Rev. William Yates, m. (1) Ann Isham Poythress (2) Elizabeth Booth (1st husband). (DAR, p. 767; Gwathmey, p. 853; Stubbs'-Cooke and Booth, p. 190).

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