Statutes at Large


Being a Collection of all the Laws of Virginia
from the first session of the Legislature, in the Year 1619.

By: William Waller Hening

Transcribed for the internet by: Freddie L. Spradlin, Torrance, CA.


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I've created a supplemental index to the persons named in the text.

Comments/suggestions can be emailed to me at: fspradlin@earthlink.net

Volume Years Covered Date Where Printed
Vol.  1 1619 - 1660 1823 New York
Vol.  2 1660 - 1682 1823 New York
Vol.  3 1684 - 1710 1823 Philadelphia
Vol.  4 1711 - 1736 1820 Richmond
Vol.  5 1738 - 1748 1819 Richmond
Vol.  6 1748 - 1755 1819 Richmond
Vol.  7 1756 - 1763 1820 Richmond
Vol.  8 1764 - 1773 1821 Richmond
Vol.  9 1775 - 1778 1821 Richmond
Vol. 10 1779 - 1781 1822 Richmond
Vol. 11 1782 - 1784 1823 Richmond
Vol. 12 1785 - 1788 1823 Richmond
Vol. 13 1789 - 1792 1823 Philadelphia
Index of persons mentioned.

      This transcription is made from a 1969 facsimile reprint. I've not included any text added in 1969.

      I've tried to duplicate the spelling throughout. Except in the supplementary index of persons names, that I've created. There I've taken liberty with the variant spellings to try to combine references for the same person, or those I think belong to the same person

Because of the difficulties in reproducing, exactly, the typography of the printed page through the Hyper-Text Markup Language features avaialble, I've merely tried to reproduce the style of the indiviual pages. So:
      Marginal notes are not directly adjacent to the relevant text in the main page, and the columns in the index at the back of the book, are no longer the same length on the page.
      A list of names with a brace beside each name, indicates the list was printed with one large brace encompassing the names.
      Hanging indents, used for some paragraphs, are not exactly reproduced.
      Where page headers on facing pages were complementary, I've put both phrases as the header for each individual page, the left page header above the right page's.       Hyphenation, except in the title page(s), has been elminated, and when a word was hyphenated between pages, the whole word was placed where it began. In the original, page numbering was at the top, outside edge, but to make my job easier, I've stayed with "top left". In the original, marginal notes were on the outside edge, while I've stayed with right edge.
      Where I've insterted my own comments/notes, I've used red lettering.


Updated: July 19, 2009