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Soldiers in the War of 1812

The following muster roll is of a company of infantry "under the command of Captain Jesse Hinkle, from the Forty-Sixth Regiment commanded by Lieutenant Colonel John Hopkins, then by Lieutenant Colonel W. Street, and later by Lieutenant Colonel Isaac Boothe. The company was enlisted for six months, beginning July 21, 1814. But for some reason not known, it was continued in service until after Feb. 1, 1815. In the War Department at Washington, DC are muster rolls dated August 30, 1814; October 30, 1814; December 30, 1814; and February 16, 1815. From these records the following record was compiled for H. M. Calhoun by Virgil A. Lewis, June 19, 1912. The four muster roll dates are indicated in the roster by (A), (B), (C), (D) in the order of their occurence.

Commisioned Officers

Jesse Henkle--captain--sick (C)

John Flesher--first lieutenant

John Henkle--second lieutenant

Edward Janes--ensign

Adam Snider--ensign--in private quarters (C)


1. Milton, Taylor

2. Andrew Gardner--discharged (C)

3. Hiram Taylor--sick (B) & (C)

4. John Dean--sick (B) & (C)

5. William Thompson--sick (B) & (C)

6. Nicholas Cook--became sergeant (C)

7. John Bland--became sergeant (C)--discharged, December 10


1. William Henkel--sick (A)--discharged, Oct. 14

2. Robert Griffith--sick (A)--became corporal, Oct 14

3. William Seybert--became corporal Oct.--dead, Dec 30, 1814

4. James Armstrong--sick (A)--made corporal, Oct 19

5. Abraham Burner--made corporal (C)--died, Jan 25, 1815

6. Adam Bouce--made corporal (C)

7. William Cook--sick (A)--made corporal, Dec 31

8. Jacob Snider, Jr.--made corporal Oct. 19--discharged, Nov 12

9. James Dean--a recruit appointed Corporal Jan 26, 1815

Musicians (enlisted July 26, 1814)

William Trumbo--drummer Adam Gum--fifer


Amick, Henry--discharged, Nov 12

Arbogast, Daniel--sick (C)

Arbogast, Nicholas--discharged, Nov 12

Arbogast, Peter--died, Nov 12

Arbogast, William--discharged Jan 15, 1815

Atkin, Benjamin--enlisted Jan 25, 1815

Bland, Thomas--sick (A)--discharged Oct 19

Calhoun, William--sick (C)

Champ, John--sick (A)--discharged Nov 12

Champ, Thomas Coberly,

Martin Crummit,

George Davis, Joseph--discharged Dec 10

Dean, George--discharged Dec 14

Dean, William--sick (A)

Dizard, James--died Dec 11

Eagle, John--enlisted Sept 12

Echard, Abraham

Eckard, Henry--sick (A)

Ervin, Edward--sick (C)

Faint, Jacob--sick (A)

Gardner, John--sick (C)

Grogg, Benjamin--died Dec 19

Halterman, George , Halterman, Peter--discharged Dec 12

Harmon, George--died Oct 19

Harpold, George Hazelrod, Samuel Hedrick, Jacob Hedrick, John--sick (A)--discharged Nov 12

Helmick, Philip--sick (A)

Helmick, Samuel--sick (A)

Helmick, Solomon--discharged Sept 14

Helmick, Uriah

Hevner, John

Higgins, John--sick (A)--discharged Oct 19

Hizer, Adam--discharged Nov 12

Hogwood, James--died Jan 14, 1815

Holland, Joseph--discharged Nov 12

Hoover, John--discharged Sept 14

Holloway, Lewis

Hoover, John H--sick (A)--discharged Nov 12

Huffman, Daniel--discharged, sick (A)

Huffman, Jonas--sick (A)

Johnson, James--deserted Dec 21

Jones, Joseph--sick (A)

Ketterman, Justice Lamb, Michael Leisure, Thomas--confined McKan, Henry--discharged Nov 12

Miller, John--sick (C)--dischared Jan 16, 1815

Moats, Jacob--sick (A)--discharged Dec 10

Mowry, John Mullinox, Jacob Mullinox, Joseph Mullinox, William Nelson, Benham--discharged Nov 12

Nicholas, George--died Dec 5

Philips, George--sick (C)

Propts, Christian Rexroad, Jacob Rexroad, John--discharged Nov 12

Roby, Thomas--discharged Nov 12

Seybert, James--enlisted Oct 4--dischared sick, Nov 12

Simmons, Jacob Snider, Frederick Snider, Jacob, Sr.--sick (A)

Taylor, James--enlisted Oct 30 as substitute for William Henkle Tharp, Amiss--enlisted Sept 10

Trimble, John--confined

Vint, John Waggoner, George, Sr.--sick (C)

Waggoner, George, Jr.--died Nov 13

Waggoner, Jacob--sick (C)

Waggoner, Joseph--sick (C)

Wamsley, John White, George--discharged Sept 17

Weese, Isaac--sick (C)

Wiat, John Wilfong, James Wilson, James--discharged (C)

Wimer, Henry--sick (C)

Wimer, Jacob--sick (C)

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