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Classification of Highland County Families

Compiled from "The History of Highland County" By Oren F. Morton, 1922.

The families of Highland County may be classified as Pioneer, Sub-Pioneer, Recent, and Extinct. In the first we place those who arrived prior to 1815; in the second, those later families who came prior to 1865; in the third, those who have come since 1865 and who are thoroughly identified with the county. In the fourth group we place those surnames which have disappeared from the region.

Outline Sketch of Pioneer and Sub-Pioneer families.

We now present lists of Pioneer and Sub-Pioneer families. Following each surname are the following particulars, so far as our information permits. 1. The given name of the settler. 2. His residence before coming here. 3. The year in which we find the first mention of his being here. 4. The place of his settlement. 5. The section of the county in which his descendants in the male line are chiefly or wholly found.

Arbogast. Michael-1766-Crabbottom Valley/Village (W. H. Arbogast's)-Crabbottom Valley/Village and Monterey Town

Armstrong. John and William-Loudon-1794-Bullpasture Valley, 1 mile S. of Doe Hill Village-upper Bullpasture Valley, Cowpasture Valley, and Jackson's River Valley

Beathe. Joseph-1778-Crab Run-McDowell Town

Benson. George-1776-Cowpasture Valley, Benson's Run-lower Cowpasture Valley

Benson. Mathias-1787-Dry Br.-V'Pool

Beverage, John-NJ?-1780-h'd of Straight Creek Valley-Straight Creek Valley and Monterey Town

Bird. John-Germany-1780c-Big Back Creek Valley, n. Shenandoah Valley Center-Back Creek Valley and Monterey Town

Blagg. William-Albemarle-1780-1 mile NW. of Doe Hill Village-same locality.

Bodkin. Richard-1746-Bullpasture Valley, 4 miles S. of McDowell Town-upper Bullpasture Valley and Cowpasture Valley and Monterey Town

Bradshaw. James-England-1770c-Bullpasture Valley, n. Poverty, same locality and McDowell Town

Briscoe. Isaac-1798c-Little Back Creek Valley n. Naples-same locality.

Bussard. Rudolph-Penna.-1796c-Crabbottom Valley/Village, Wimer Run-Big Valley and Monterey Town

Campbell. Alexander-Md.-1797-Back Creek Valley, mouth of Campbell Run-Back Creek Valley and Monterey Town

Chestnut. William-1781-Back Creek Valley, n. Shenandoah Valley Center-same locality.

Colaw. Frederick-Penna.-1799-Crabbottom Valley/Village, Wimer Run-same locality and Monterey Town

Cunningham. Robert-1761-Crabbottom Valley/Village, n. New Hampden Village-Monterey Town

Curry. Richard-Ireland-1782c-Back Creek Valley, n. Bath line-n. McDowell Town

Davis. Paschal-Penna.-1793-Cowpasture Valley, Benson Run-Davis Run.

Devericks. Thomas-1766. Headwaters-same locality.

Douglas. Thomas-1781-Crab Run-upper Bullpasture Valley.

Ervine. Benjamin-Ireland-1800c-Back Creek Valley, n. Mill Gap-McDowell Town

Ervine. William-Rockingham Co.-1815c-upper Cowpasture Valley-same locality and McDowell Town

Evick. George-Pendelton Co.-1784-Straight Creek Valley-McDowell Town

Fleisher. Peter-Germany-1765-South Branch, at Pendelton Co. Line-same locality-Meadowdale, and Bullpasture Valley.

Fox. Michael-1792c-Crabbottom Valley/Village, upper Wimer Run-same locality Big Valley, and Monterey Town

Gibson. Samuel-Albemarle-1810c-Vanderpool and vicinity Gap-same locality and Monterey Town

Graham. Robert-Augusta Co.-1752c-Bullpasture Valley, 2 miles above Clover Cr.-same locality

Gum. John-1766-Crabbottom Valley/Village, Frank's Run-B. Dist. And Straight Creek Valley.

Gum. Adam-Crabbottom Valley/Village-B. Dist.

Gwin. David-Augusta Co.-1780-Jackson's River Valley, 1 mile from Bath line-Big Valley.

Gwin. Joseph-Augusta Co.-1781-lower Cowpasture Valley-same locality.

Halterman. Charles-Germany-1786-Straight Creek Valley-same locality.

Hevener. Jacob-Pendelton Co.-1794-H'town-Crabbottom Valley/Village and Monterey Town

Hevener. John-Pendelton Co.-1815c-upper Crabbottom Valley/Village-same locality and Monterey Town

Hicklin. John-1756-Bullpasture Valley, below Clover Cr.-same locality.

Hicks. John-1810c?-Bullpasture Valley, 3 miles above McDowell Town-Big Valley.

Hidy. John-1800c-lower Crabbottom Valley/Village-same locality.

Hiner. John-Shenandoah Co.-1775-Pendelton Co. Line, N.E. of D. Hill-all districts.

Hodge. John-England-1805c-upper Shaw's Fork-same locality.

Hull. Peter-Augusta Co.-1765-middle Crabbottom Valley/Village-same locality and upper Jackson's River Valley.

Jack. John-1812c-Crab Run-Crabbottom Valley/Village

Johns. Isaac-N.J.-1785c-lower Shaw's F'k-same locality

Jones. (A) Henry-N.Y.-1795-h'd of Cowpasture Valley-all districts

Jones. (B) James?-1795c-head of Straight Creek Valley-Monterey Town

Jordan. John-1766-Cowpasture Valley, n. Palo Alto-Crabbottom Valley/Village and n. Monterey Town

Kelly. William-1810c?-Dry Br.-same locality.

Killingsworth. Richard-1782-Bullpasture Valley Mn-same locality.

Kinkead. Thomas-Ky.-1800c-middle Crabbottom Valley/Village, same locality.

Lantz. Bernard-before 1766-Crabbottom Valley/Village, Frank's Run-lower South Branch.

Lightner. Adam-Penna.-1790c-Back Creek Valley, n. Bath line-same locality. Lockridge. Andrew-Augusta Co.-1774-Bullpasture Valley, below Poverty-same locality.

Malcomb. Joseph-1752c-Bullpasture Valley, above Clover Cr.-Bullpasture Valley, above McDowell Town

Matheny. David-1790c-Back Creek Valley, n. Mill Gap-same locality and Monterey Town

McAllister. Thomas-1800c?-Big Valley-same locality.

McCoy. John-Augusta Co.-1773-1 mile S. of Doe Hill Village-same locality.

McCrea. Robert-1790c-upper Bullpasture Valley Mn-same locality.

McGlaughlin. John-1794c-Jackson's River Valley, n. Pinckney-same localtiy.

McNulty. John-Ireland-1810c-Jackson's River Valley, above Vanderpool and vicinity-Crabbottom Valley/Village and McDowell Town

Mullenax. John-1781-lower Crabbottom Valley/Village-Crabbottom Valley/Village and Alleghany Shenandoah Valley.

Nicholas. George-1770-Forks of Waters-Crabbottom Valley/Village.

Peck. Garrett-1782c-Straight Creek Valley, above Forks of Waters-n. Monterey Town

Pullin. Loftus-1746-Bullpasture Valley, 1 mile above Clover Cr.-Bullpasture Valley and Monterey Town

Ralston. Samuel-Augusta Co.?-1815c-Bullpasture Valley, 3 miles NW. of McDowell Town-all districts.

Rider. William-1780-Back Creek Valley, n. Shenandoah Valley Center, same locality.

Samples. John-Ky.-1804-h'd of Straight Creek Valley-same locality.

Seybert. Henry-Pendelton Co.-1775c-Straight Creek Valley-same locality.

Siron. John-Penna.-1792c-Bullpasture Valley, Siron's Mill, upper Bullpasture Valley.

Slaven. John-Ireland-1775c-Meadowdale-same locality, Crabbottom Valley/Village, and Monterey Town

Stephenson. James-Penna.-1790c-Jackson's River Valley, above Vanderpool and vicinity-all districts.

Steuart. William-Scotland-1755c-mouth of Shaw's F'k-Cowpasture Valley and Bullpasture Valley.

Townsend. Ezekiel?-1780-Little Back Creek Valley, n. Bath line-same locality.

Trimble. James-Scotland-1797-Straight Creek Valley, n. Monterey Town-around Monterey Town

Wade. John-Md.-1780-Back Creek Valley, n. Green Hill-Back Creek Valley.

Wagoner. Christian-1772-Crabbottom Valley/Village, Frank's Run-Crabbottom Valley/Village and Straight Creek Valley

White. John-Germany-1785c-lower Crabbottom Valley/Village-Straight Creek Valley

Wiley. Robert-1773-Dry Br.-lower Jackson's River Valley and Back Creek Valley.

Wilson. William and Samuel-Augusta Co.-1758-Doe Hill Village-all districts.

Wooddell. John-1830-Bullpasture Valley-n. Doe Hill Village.

Woods. Samuel-Albemarle-1800c-Back Creek Valley, n. Green Hill-same locality and Vanderpool and vicinity.


Alexander. John W.-Rockbridge Co.-1856-Bullpasture Valley, 1 mile S. of McDowell Town-same locality.

Brown. (B) Thomas-1833-Big Valley-n. Bolar.

Chew. Ezekiel-1820c-Crabbottom Valley/Village, Frank's Run-same locality.

Cobb. (A) John A.-Buckingham-1849c-Little Crab Run-Jackson's River Valley.

Corrigan. Michael-Ireland-1855c-Jackson's River Valley, n. Pinckney

Deihl. Amos-Frederick-1855c-Cowpasture Valley, above turnpike ford-same locality.

Eagle. Christian-Augusta Co.-1825-n. Doe Hill Village-same locality.

Fisher. James-Pendelton Co.-1856-Crabbottom Valley/Village, n. H'town-n. New Hampden Village

Fleming. William W.-Nova Scotia-1845c-Monterey Town-same locality.

Gilmer. Samuel-Penna.-1826-Back Creek Valley, n. Shenandoah Valley Center-same locality.

Griffen. Willam-N.Y.-1815c-Jackson's River Valley, n. Bath line-n. Pinckney

Hansel. Charles W.-Bath-1840c-lower Crabbottom Valley/Village-McDowell Town And Monterey Town

Helms. James-Rockingham Co.-1834c-Bullpasture Valley, below Clover Cr.-same locality.

Hinegarner. Godlove-1830-Jackson's River Valley-same locality.

Hook. Robert S.-Rockingham Co.-1825-Cowpasture Valley, n. Vilna-same locality and McDowell Town

Houlihan. Michael-Ireland-1858c-Jackson's River Valley, n. Pinckney-same locality.

Hupman. Peter.-Augusta Co. 1835-lower Bullpasture Valley-same locality.

Keister. William R.-Pendelton Co.-1845c-Bullpasture Valley, n. McKendree-same locality.

Kramer. Conrad.-Augusta Co.-Crabbottom Valley/Village-same locality.

Lamb. John-Augusta Co.-1830c-2 miles NW of McDowell Town-same locality.

Lunsford. John-1800c-Allegheny Co. Mtn., n. pike-Monterey Town

Maloy. Patrick-Ireland-Davis Run-same locality.

Marshall. William-Hardy-1846-lower Crabbottom Valley/Village-same locality.

Masters. Andrew M.-Pendelton Co.-1850c-n. McDowell Town-same locality.

Mauzy. David L.-Rockingham Co.-1850c-middle Crabbottom Valley/Village-Crabbottom Valley/Village.

Michael. John-Augusta Co.-1825c?-n. Palo Alto-Bullpasture Valley.

Newman. Jacob-Shenandoah Co.-1845c-Crabbottom Valley/Village, Wimer Run-same locality.

Price. Townsend-Rockingham Co.-1856-Bullpasture Valley, n. McKendree-same locality.

Revercomb. George-Augusta Co.-1830-lower Bullpasture Valley-n. Poverty.

Reynolds. Stephen J.-Augusta Co.-1850-Headwaters-same locality.

Shumate. Augustus-Rockingham Co.-1849-Monterey Town-all districts.

Sipe. John E. and William A.-Rockingham Co.-1854 and 1856-Straight Creek Valley-same locality.

Siple. Joel and George-Shenandoah Co.-1834-n. Doe Hill Village-McDowell Town

Strathy. Wilmot-Scotland-1855c-unlocated-Straight Creek Valley.

Sullenberger. Samuel-Penna.-1820c-New Hampden Village-Monterey Town

Swecker. Benjamin-Rockingham Co.-1845c-Crabbottom Valley/Village, Frank's Run-Crabbottom Valley/Village.

Swope. Peter-Augusta Co.-1848-Cowpasture Valley, later Doe Hill Village-Lower Bullpasture Valley.

Terry. James-Louisa-1819c-Back Creek Valley, n. Mill Gap-Jackson's River Valley and Back Creek Valley.

Vance. Benjamin-Augusta Co.-1846-Bullpasture Valley, at Davis Run-same locality.

Wees. Haman-Pocahontas Co.-Middle Mn.-same locality.

Whistleman. George-1830c-Bullpasture Valley Mn, n. Palo Alton-n. McDowell Town

Whitelaw. Alexander-Orange-1845c-Monterey Town

Will. William W.-1844c-Crabbottom Valley/Village, Wimer Run, same locality.

Wilson. John-Lewis-1840c-Cowpasture Valley, at turnpike ford-same locality.

Wright. Thomas-Bath-1815c-lower Bullpasture Valley-same locality.

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