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GEORGE - GEORGE Nicholas George received land in 1638 in Isle of Wight county. He moved to Lancaster County soon after. Does anyone know where he came from? Contact me at

Jan 2, 1999 - 07:22 - From: - Pat Lundy

HERRING, WILLIAMS - Looking for information on Samuel Herring b. abt 1682 in Isle of Wight and d. bef 1750. He married Ann Williams b. abt 1690 and d. bef 1750. Ann was the dau of John Williams and Elizabeth Ann Whitley. Samuel was the son of Anthony Herring and Rebecca West.

Jan 2, 1999 - 19:13 - From: - Debi Langston

DEES/DEESE - I am looking for any information on Emanuel Dees who was reported born in Scotland in 1675. He lived for a time in James City County where his son, Emanuel Dees, Jr., was born. THe elder Emanuel Dees died in 1723 in Isle of Wight. The name of his wife is unknown.

Jan 3, 1999 - 22:16 - From: - Bob Mason

WHITLEY - Looking for anything on LUCY WHITLEY, born Isle of Wight on 5-16-1810. Married John Fryer in Lawrenceburg, Indiana on 9-19-1830. Would appreciate anything on her or her family. Will share her decendant information.

Jan 5, 1999 - 14:57 - From: - Sylvia O. Bailey-Munoz

KITCHEN, PATTERSON - Looking for information on Kitchen family. Lived in Isle of Wight county Va in mid 1700's. Moved from Mass. to Va. James Kitchen was father , was born about 1747, and married Jane Patterson whose father was James Patterson and mother was Eliza. James Kitchen's father was also James. Thanks

Jan 5, 1999 - 21:42 - From: - Thomas Welch

SEAGRAVES/SEGRAVES - I'm trying to locate something on Francis Seagraves, d 1726 in the Isle of Wight county. His wife's name was Lucretia, they were supposed to of married in the Isle of Wight County in 1695. I can't find any Seagraves/Segraves surnames listed on this Web Site!

Jan 6, 1999 - 11:41 - From: - Wanda Pace

BOON - Searching for the parents of Thomas Boon, b. @1765 in Isle of Wight Co., Va. He was in Edgecomb Co.,NC, by 1810. He had about 10 children, most we have identified, however do not know the name of first wife. Married (2 or 3)Verily Jackson in Nash Co., NC in 1832. Any help would be appreciated.

Jan 6, 1999 - 17:28 - From: - Evelyn Boone

BRADSHAW - I am looking for any trace of a man named SOLOMON BRADSHAW who supposedly was living in Isle Of Wight in the 1600-1700's. If anyone has any information about him I would really appreciate the help as I can't seem to find out anything. Anne

Jan 10, 1999 - 12:07 - From: - Anne W. Bradshaw Musser

CORBITT - How would I go about finding out if my (Samuel Corbitt,Sr.)was born in Isle of Wight? His descendants were all born in Isle of Wight and Southampton and many still live there. Thank you

Jan 11, 1999 - 03:21 - From: - Pat Corbitt Johns

WOMBLE/WOMBWELL - Looking for information on birth of John Randolph Womble, born VA 1814/1816. His parents were Zachariah Womble/Emily Millicent "Milly" Wilson of Isle of Wight,VA. Some people believe Zachariah was the son of John Wombwell/Lucy Stallings. Does anyone have proof of this connection or additional information on this line of the Wombles? Would love to share information.

Jan 12, 1999 - 01:26 - From: - Diana Wilberg

GODWIN - Looking for possible family connections of the following families of the IOW: OLD ALBEMARBE by Ray, PG 616: Henry Martin & wife Mary March 25, 1797 of the Upper Parish of IOW sold Ann Jones land in the lower parish, next to William Boddie's land. The witnesses were John Thomas (m. Susan Portis) Alexander Matthew (son of Elizabeth Boddie) & John Portis (father in law of John Thomas). Same page mentions John Goodwin (Godwin) as being Isle of Wight settler. PG 622: In 1690 Henry West & John Portis (father in law of John Thomas) patented 900 acres of land in Isle of Wight, & the same year William West, Will Godwin (father in law of John Cotten) are all mentioned together. This was from the West family bio of Beaufort Co., NC. Any help greatly appreciated! Pat

Jan 13, 1999 - 21:00 - From: - Pat Bell

GAY, BEST, BENSTEN - looking for descendants of Henry B.(Best) Gay and Everett Gay. My ggm. was Everett Gay's daughter, Mary Virginia. Any inquiries please email my address so I don't miss message !

Jan 15, 1999 - 05:46 - From: - Bonnie Taylor Smith

ALLMAND - ALLMAND, Moses was listed in Isle of Wight in 1761 - Wills & Administrations for Thomas Miller. He was a builder and was listed in Suffolk (1752 and 1755) and Newport (1756) Parish Vestry Books. By 1765 he had permanently moved to New Bern, NC. Searching for Moses Almand's parents/siblings/wife.

Jan 17, 1999 - 20:06 - From: - Rubinette Niemann

BARNELL/BURNELL - I found in a book "Virginia Wills & Admistrations", 1632-1800, a will of a John Barnell, in 1685, in Ile of Wright Co., Virginia. In another book of the same type for the Ile of Wright John Barnell was not, but a John Burnell was, and the will apprears to be the same. Apparently the two authors interpreted the hand writting differently. I would like to know if there is any other information prior and after 1685, such as marriages, births, death, and tax information.

Jan 17, 1999 - 20:40 - From: - Richard Barnell

KEA - Need copy of Robert Kea inventory 1722, 1724; also Henry Kea will dated 1727

Jan 20, 1999 - 16:36 - From: - Larry Kea

PURSELL/PURCELL - Trying to untangle the many Arthur Purcells (Pursell). Interested in Mary Purcell dau of Arthur. Mary married Arthur Crumpler on 05 Dec 1785 in IOW. Thanks in advance am

Jan 22, 1999 - 17:55 - From: - annemarie

WORRELL, KINCHEN - Does anyone know of any connections such as marriages between the WORRELL and KINCHEN families of either Isle of Wright or Southampton, VA or Edgecombe, NC in the mid-1700's to early 1800's? Both families were in Isle of Wright and Edgecombe in the same time period. There are three separate "Kinchen WORRELL's" and there has to be a reason. #1 Kinchen WORRELL, born about 1795 in VA and living in Edgecombe 1820-1865 where he died abt. 1865. #2 Kinchen WORRELL, born about 1811, in GA. and living in Stewart Co., GA in 1850 #3 Kinchen Thomas WORRELL, born 1822 in AL, son of Bryant WORRELL immigrated to Smith Co., TX in 1847-8, died 1902 in TX

Jan 24, 1999 - 15:22 - From: - Gloria Jones


Jan 24, 1999 - 18:35 - From: - CANDACE LONG BREWER

HARRIS - I am looking for Thomas Harris who died and left a will in Isle of Wight in l672. Also for a book called the Five Thomas Harrises of Isle of Wight, VA by Brayton (l995)

Jan 25, 1999 - 10:54 - From: - Darlene Howell Cantey

BAILEY, BIRCHETT - Looking for any information on William Ormond Bailey and wife ??? Birchett. One of there children is Drury Birchett Bailey b.1851. If anyone has any information, please contact me.

Jan 26, 1999 - 08:30 - From: - Colleen

CUTCHIN MINIARD WATKINS CHAMBERS - Does anyone have information about Amelia CUTCHINS who married Joseph MINIARD in Isle Of Wight County in 1792? Also seeking information on Ann Watkins, possibly daughter of Samuel and Ann Chambers Watkins. Thanks a bunch.

Jan 26, 1999 - 12:06 - From: - Susan Clay

BLEDSOE/GWINN - Isle of Wight Co.VA looking for Bledsoes and info. Also decentdents of Col Gwinn from Enlgland1670abt

Jan 27, 1999 - 12:41 - From: - Marisa Baldwin

UNDERWOOD - I am researching Thomas Underwood, father of Thomas, father of John, father of Sampson Underwood from the Isle of Wight. Can anyone help me? Please e-mail me at Thanks in advance. Irene

Jan 28, 1999 - 12:48 - From: - Irene Underwood

APPLEWHAITE OR APPLEWHITE - Looking for information on descendants of the Applewhaite or spelled Applewhite family from the Isle of Wight County area. My descendant is Mrs. Henry Applewhaite who came to the area in 1629. Any other information??

Jan 29, 1999 - 00:10 - From: - Beverly Wheatley

PORTER; MOODY - I am researching the families of: CHARLES PORTER (b. Prince George County? d Isle of Wight, 1734). May have married ANN MOODY. Children: Charles, James, Thomas, John, Abraham, Spencer and Ann. Would like to exchange information.

Jan 29, 1999 - 06:57 - From: - Glenna Kinard

WILLIAMSON - Seeking information on the Richard Williamson family fromKent, England to Jamestown. VA. Family members Albert Williamson JKP "Polk" Williamson son of Albert Florence daughter of JKP"Polk" Williamson Early Virginia immigrants from Kent, England to the Isle of Wight area.Later census show the Family in Tn. 1860 census shows Albert , James and Margaret in Union County Tenn. The trail between Virginia and Tennessee is what I am looking for. FS Lewis

Jan 29, 1999 - 16:11 - From: - FS Lewis

COPELAND - I have Joseph Copeland, b. 1685 and married to Mary Woodley in 1709 in Isle of Wight. How do I determine if this is the VA or England Isle of Wight?

Jan 30, 1999 - 12:01 - From: - P. J. Russell

BEDGOOD - Seeking pedigree, birthplace and any other info on James Easton BEDGOOD, b. 1804 Virginia. He resided in Cincinnati, Hamilton, Ohio, in the 1840s, moved to Rising Sun, Ohio, Ind., by 1850 and d. there in 1871. He was m. to Clarissa BELL DUDLEY BEDGOOD. The federal census shows BEDGOOD families in Isle of Wight County in 1820,1830 and 1840. I believe there may well be a connection. Any info appreciated.

Jan 30, 1999 - 16:39 - From: - Barbara Beal

EDWARDS - Hi, I am wondering if someone who lives near the courthouse in Isle of Wight County would be so kind as to do a look up for me. I am interested in obtaining a copy of James Edwards Senior's will dated July 16, 1722 and probated Feb. 24,1723. It is on page 151 of The Great Book (1647-1800). Also, there is Robert Edwards' estate presented by Owen Griffin on 12/10/169 also in the The Great Book (1647-1800) on page 131. A third page in the same book I am interested in is page 217 in which Robert Edwards' inventory is presented by Mary Edwards on 5/21/1681. If anyone is willing to look these up and mail copies of them to me, I would be happy to pay for copying and postage, of course, as payment for your time and effort. If you are interested, please contact me at and we can work out the details. Thanks! Sue Terminella

Feb 1, 1999 - 15:52 - From: - Sue Terminella

BRADLEY EVERETT - Looking for the parents of James Bradley born 1776/7 Va. died Johnson Co Tenn 1859. Possible parents are Capt. James Bradley born abt 1753, died Isle of Wright abt 1828. and wife Caroline Everette born abt 1755. I have two distant cousins who claim Capt James Bradley to be James' father. Would like to find a link or a verifacation. If anyone is related to Capt James Bradley would like to hear any info. Thanks Dennis Bradley

Feb 2, 1999 - 02:34 - From: - Dennis Bradley

FLYE and FLY - Any information on the following WILLIAM FLYE b.abt1658 JEREMIAH FLY b. abt 1679 JOHN FLY b. abt 1707 WILLIAM FLY b.abt 1727 Thank You

Feb 3, 1999 - 14:42 - From: - Walter B.Fly

BOX - Seeking information on BOX family, John and Rachel, both born in Warrosquyoake, Isle of Wight VA ca 1670. Their son Robert BOX born there also 3 Nov 1691. Robert's wife Mary ALLEN born there ca 1693. Mary is the daughter of Arthur ALLEN.

Feb 3, 1999 - 18:02 - From: - Lissa Johnston

VICK, COUNCIL - VICK,COUNCIL. I am seeking further information re Joseph VICK, b 1640 in England, md Lucy COUONCIL, b 1646, Isle of Wight Co., VA. Children: Matthew,Robert, RichardI,John, William. Thanks. Joe N.Cannon, Jr.

Feb 4, 1999 - 02:28 - From: - Joe N. Cannon, Jr.

PITT - Looking for any information on Robert Pitt who was born 1738 in the Isle of Wight and died Dec. 18, 1806 in Edgecombe County, N.C. He was married to Mary Bridger 1758. Robert's father was Joseph Pitt b. 1738, Isle of Wight and d. Dec. 18, 1806 also in N.C. He was married to Sarah ?

Feb 4, 1999 - 21:55 - From: - R. Wayne Jordan

BOON, BOONE - Looking for any information about Thomas Boon who arrived from England around 1648 to the Isle of Wight.

Feb 4, 1999 - 22:36 - From: - William Ratcliffe Boone

JORDAN, RATCLIFFE, HOLLOWELL, CUTCHINS, RIVERS - REBECCA RATCLIFFE the daughter of RICHARD RATCLIFFE II MARRIED ABOUT 1713 RICHARD JORDAN. RICHARD JORDAN died about 1723 in the Isle of Wight Co. Va. RICHARD RATCLIFFE II d. about 1718 in Isle of Wight Co., Va. m. 18 July 1700 ELIZABETH HOLLOWELL {the daughter of HENRY HOLLOWELL m. 8 July 1680 ELIZABETH CUTCHINS who was the daughter of (THOMAS CUTCHINS of NASEMON Co.)} HENRY HOLLOWELL was the son of THOMAS HOLLOWELL and ELIZABETH RIVERS. RICHARD RATCLIFFE II who married in 1700 was the son of RICHARD RATCLIFFE I. Any information that you have to share could unblock my grandmother's research.

Feb 5, 1999 - 18:59 - From: - Louise McLeod

BARNES, BRAGG, JONES - BRITAN BARNES who d. 1818 in Wilson County, NC (will) was married to Penelope. He was the son of JOSHUA BARNES who died about 1762 (will) in Southampton Co., Va. and Lucy. JOSHUA BARNES was the son of JOHN BARNES I who was born about 1666, died about May 1737 (will) in the Isle of Wight Co., Va., and ANN JONES (the daughter of JOHN and ANN JONES). JOHN BARNES I was the son of THOMAS BARNES who was born about 1645, died about 1683 and DIANA BRAGG (the daughter of JAMES BRAGG and ELIZABETH). THOMAS BARNES was the son of EDWARD BARNES who was born about 1610 in England and SARAH. If you can add anything to this family of mine, I may be able to unblock my research.

Feb 6, 1999 - 13:32 - From: - Louise McLeod

UNDERWOOD - I am interested in finding out about Thomas d. 1702, Thomas d. 1729, John d. @ 1753. How are they related? Is John the father of Sampson? Is Thomas (1702) the original immigrant? Is there any connection between Joseph Underwood of Watertown, Mass and Thomas (1702)? Any help will be greatly appreciated. You can e-mail me at Thanks, Irene

Feb 7, 1999 - 16:51 - From: - Irene Underwood

LUCAS - Lucas Family Seeking information regarding any Lucas family of Isle of Wight County, Virginia or nearby areas circa 1750 or prior. Charles Lucas CCLMD@AOL.COM

Feb 9, 1999 - 14:00 - From: - Dr. Charles Lucas

BRYAN - Searching for family of ROBERT BRYAN (of Edgecomb County, NC) who was born 1725 in what is now Southampton Co., VA, but probably used to be Isle of Wight Co. He died 1774 in Halifax Co., NC (now Martin Co.). He married ANN HICKMAN December 10, 1750. I understand Southampton County was formed from Isle of Wight County in 1749. ROBERT BRYAN's father, Robert Bryan(t), left a will in 1750 in Southampton County naming sons William, Thomas, Robert, John, and Guil, and daughters Morning, Ann, Rebecca, Alice, Sarah, and Mary. The property Robert inherited was sold to his brother, William Bryan(t) of Southampton CO., VA. The deed is dated 1751. Any ideas? Thanks! Bryan L. Curtis Greensboro, NC

Feb 10, 1999 - 10:07 - From: - Bryan L. Curtis

WILLIAMSON/SHERWOOD/ALLEN/TUCKER/EXUM/HARRIS - Looking for any information on the following persons: Thomas WILLIAMSON b. abt. 1553 who married Ann---, Richard WILLIAMSON married Margaret SHERWOOD, Robert WILLIAMSON married Jane ALLEN, daughter of Arthur ALLEN and Alice TUCKER, Francis WILLIAMSON married Ann EXUM ??, Francis WILLIAMSON Jr. married Martha HARRIS, Sarah WILLIAMSON married William Iley BRIAN. Please email me at

Feb 10, 1999 - 19:12 - From: - Robin GIrard

BLOUNT - Looking for information on my ancestor, Richard Blount I who was born in England and died in Isle of Wight County about 1688. He married to Susannah Crews (d. after June 1704, daughter of John Crews who died in Isle of Wight County before December 13, 1684). The child of Richard I and Susanah, Richard Blount II was born in Isle of Wight County about 1677 and died there about 1742. He married Mary Browne (b. about 1685 in Isle of Wight County).

Feb 12, 1999 - 10:21 - From: - Howard Grady Blount II

DEBERRY - DEberry Lookinng for Benjamin Deberry born before 1701 Isle od Wight, VA.

Feb 12, 1999 - 13:36 - From: - Joseph F. DeBerry

MATHIS/MATHEWS - MATHIS / MATHEWS Looking for information on William and Mary MATHIS living in Bartlett, Isle of Wight Co, VA during 1780's. There daughter Rachel was born there 1789. Son William also thought to be born there cir 1793. The family is found in Bath Co, KY as early as 1810. Any information on the MATHIS/MATHEWS family from Isle of Wight County would be deeply appreciated.

Feb 13, 1999 - 07:52 - From: - Audrae Turner Mathis

DUCK - Duck Family (Black) early or late 1800 Isle of Wight County around Zuni, Virginia or Walters, Virginia in DuckTown..

Feb 14, 1999 - 00:16 - From: - Carla L. Duck

DURDEN - Want to know anything about Stephen Durden (1610-1660) who came to Isle of Wight about 1640. Perhaps had son named Jacob Durden,Sr., who begat Jacob Durden, Jr., who begat John Durden, Sr., who begat John Durden,Jr. (1734-1800) who married Sarah Coleman or Sarah Newton originally from NC in 1753. Both died in Wilks County, GA (1886).

Feb 15, 1999 - 14:26 - From: - William S. Kennedy


Feb 16, 1999 - 09:25 - From: - JOY SKIPPER HINSON

WILLS, DRIVER - Seeking anyone who may have info on a Capt. Charles WILLS born around 1775 in Isle of Wight Co., VA His family also came from the Warwick Co (somewhere around the Ft. Eustis area). His father was Josiah WILLS (c.1746-1825) and mother Mary DRIVER. One of his relatives was supposed to have been Col. John Scarsbrook WILLS. Charles had a brother named Thomas born around 1773 and died 1825 in Nanesmond Co. I am interested in this family because Charles moved to Richmond, VA before 1812 and built a large home there - in which I am purchasing. It is on the historical registry and would love to create a family tree to hang in the foyer. Steven Page

Feb 18, 1999 - 01:31 - From: - Steven Page

ROBERTS - Looking for any information on Archibald Roberts from Isle of Wight. He was born around 1800 in Isle of wight and married Catherine Powell also from Isle of Wight in 1828.His land according to the tax records was near the courthouse.

Feb 18, 1999 - 17:19 - From: - Blanche Porter

HARRISON-DRIVER - I am looking for a copy of the will of William Harrison l762 or the will of Henry Harrison l771. William was the father of Sarah who married John Driver before l762. I will be most grateful for any help. I can share Driver information also. Thanks, June

Feb 19, 1999 - 13:17 - From: - June Driver Goodwin

CORNWELL/CONWELL - Benjamin CORNWELL bn c1760 in Va md. Polly ? c1790. Benjamin moved to Northampton County, NC where he is first found as a buyer at an estate sale record in 1782. Benjamin and Polly had 11 children. John c1790-1840 md. Nancy……. Female bn. C1792………. Female bn. C1794…….. Rebecca bn. C1796 md. Tazwell DUPREE 27 Mar 1823 (This copied from a posting by Peg BROWN: Tazwell Dupree born June 16,1800 in Va. This family came to Adair Co., Mo. in 1860. Tazwell married Rebecca Cornwall March 27,1823 in Northampton County, North Carolina. Had children:Eliza Jane married Peter Clark, Sarah Lucy married John Henry Turner, Arthur Benjamin married Elizabeth Ayer, Mary Ellen married Cyrus Brown Martha Ann married Bryant Anderson, Thomas Married three times. )…….. Thomas c1798-1850 md. Nancy WALL 24 Jun 1822……. Female bn c1800……. Benjamin c1803-1860 md Winifred HOWELL 31Jan1827……… Female bn. C1805…….. Female bn. C1808……. .Nancy bn c1810 md John HICKS 22 Apr 1835……. Arthur P. bn c1812-1880 md. Mary. Have info to share on descendants of boys.

Feb 20, 1999 - 14:04 - From: - P.C. Moody

KING/JONES - Looking for informatin on the family of Arthur Jones and Susannah King of Isle of Wight County, VA in the late 1600's.

Feb 20, 1999 - 18:11 - From: - Bonnie Beck

NELMS - John NELMS d. 1785 Isle of Wight. Looking for data on son Thomas Nelms. Is he the same Thomas who moved to NC 1776 and then to GA 1788? Did he have any siblings who may have also moved to Elbert Co. GA about the same time? Thomas who moved to GA named a son NOYAL. This may be a family name of Thomas's wife or mother.

Feb 21, 1999 - 16:51 - From: - Theresa Hall

Robarts/Robards/Roberts - ROBARTS, AARON. Married 1800 in Wilkes county, NC. Is Aaron connected to the Robards/Robards/Roberts family of Isle of Wight? My direct line is listed on my web site, Thanks.

Feb 21, 1999 - 22:12 - From: - Ruby Collins

BEALE, BREWER, BRADSHAW - I would appreciate any available information on Robert BEALE of Isle of Wight Co., VA. Robert married Holland BREWER of Isle of Wight Co., VA, in Southampton Co., VA on 28 Oct 1789. Robert & Holland were the parents of a daughter [name unknown] & Jordan BEALE b. 10 Jan 1797 in VA. Robert is thought to have died in 1797. His widow Holland BREWER BEALE m. Jeremiah BRADSHAW 4 Feb 1802. Jordan BEALE later moved to Northampton Co., NC & lived in Potecasi, NC. I have considerable information on the descendants of Holland & Robert BEALE & on the ancestors of Holland BREWER BEALE BRADSHAW. Thank you, Robert Beale, 11004 Saffold Way, Reston, VA 20190-3801.

Feb 22, 1999 - 10:51 - From: - Robert Allen Beale

WHALEY WHAILEY - CHARLES WHALEY SR., VA, NC Searching for info on CHARLES WHALEY, SR., said to have lived in Isle of Wight Co., VA until about 1800 when he moved to Camden Co., NC. I believe he had 3 sons: ROBERT, b. 1800/01; CHARLES CULPEPPER, b. 1803; WILSON (or WILLIAM WILSON), b. 1805. I need the wife and parents of CHARLES SR. Any help?

Feb 23, 1999 - 10:24 - From: - Alice Sawyer

JACKSON - Searching for information on Rudolph JACKSON, b. July 10, 1914 in or near Greensburg, (St. Helena Parish) Louisiana, and died in June, 1983. Wife names was Mary ???. Rudolph parents were, Adolphus Jackson, who died in the East Feleciana State Hospital, and Elizabeth. Some of his siblings were: Clarence (uncle Beatnie?) who migrated to the Oakland CA area, Josephine who migrated to Northeast La. Mary Jackson MARTIN (my grandmother) who married Fred MARTIN. Their children are: Clarence, Robert Lee, Willie, Alford, Joseph, Leon, Myrtis, Catherine (my mother), Ella Pauline, Dimple Mae, and Mary. We have lost contact with this branch of our family tree, and would really like to re-connect. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Stephanie

Feb 24, 1999 - 10:28 - From: - S.K. Martin-Quiatte

BENN - BENN - Seeking to contact others who are researching the BENN family that resided in Isle of Wight County, VA in the 1600s and 1700s.

Feb 24, 1999 - 17:55 - From: - Kevin W. Daniel

CUNNINGHAM - James Fulgham Cunningham and his wife Mary Tattyton of Isle of Wight County Virginia gave birth to James Alexander Cunningham in 1822. James moved to Brunswick County Virginia. In 1856 in Brunswick County James married Ann Frances Talley and they had three children: Bettie Patterson, 1857, Joseph F., 1861, William Talley, 1862. During the Civil War James Alexander Cunningham served in the Powhatan Artillery Battery from Powhatan County, Virginia. The Company enlisted July 16, 1861 and served under Capt. Willis Dance. He was elected as First Lieutenant but was captured at the battle of Gettysburg. Several plaques stand to mark their position by the seminary where they fired over the heads of Picket and his men as they attempted Picket’s Charge.

Feb 24, 1999 - 21:30 - From: - Fred Cunningham

CANADA/CANADY - I have heard from another researcher that there was a Canada/Canady family in the Isle of Wight, VA. I believe she said that it was a Samuel Canady, related to some Dixons also of Isle of Wight Co. They moved on to Granville Co., NC, and then to Georgia. Does anybody out there know of a Canada/Canady family in the Isle of Wight Co.? I am actually looking for a Caleb Canady - thought he might be related to Samuel. Thanks for any help.

Feb 26, 1999 - 19:25 - From: - Sue Howard

MATHIS/MATTHEWS - EZEKELL MATHIS/MATTHEWS b. 1670 Isle of Wight Co., VA m. _____________ Children: Elizabeth, Sarah, Mary, Unity, Edmond, Enos, Moses & Pricella she m. _______ Morgan. Searching for info. on all of the above.

Feb 27, 1999 - 20:00 - From: - Joe Pierce

BRIDGER - BRIDGER: I am seeking information regarding William Bridger and his wife Elizabeth who were in the Isle of Wight in the 1850 Census with children: Virty Ann Bridger Eveline Bridger Francis Marcellous Bridger Avrelia Bridger

Mar 1, 1999 - 11:40 - From: - Don Bridger

DEWS - Looking for any information on The Dews family in Isle of Wight Co during the 1700 and 1800's. Some of my descendants from that era were; Thomas Dews, Frances Dews, William Dews, Alfred H. Dews, Edwin Dews. Josiah Dews, Dawson Dews, and Hezekiah Dews.....

Mar 1, 1999 - 14:37 - From: - Robert Dews

BENNETT - Can anyone provide information on the Bennett's Welcome" settlement. And, where might I find more Puritan records? Thank you. Hazel

Mar 2, 1999 - 10:36 - From: - Hazel

WEBB - It was suggested by another researcher that I check out Isle of Wight County, VA. I am seeking any additional information that you can add to these families especially the parents/siblings of Pleasant Webb. Thanks a million. ================================================================

Pleasant (Plesent) WEBB was born about ca 1760. His son, Elias, said that his father, Pleasant was born in Ireland (not substantiated). He died between 1830 and 1840 in Ohio, USA. Around 1800 Pleasant and family came in to the Ohio valley from Rutherford County, North Carolina. In 1803 (reported to be 45 years old) he was in Scioto County, Ohio and was said to be a notorious character. Supposedly, he tried to break up a fight between James Bradley and the wife and children of James Quire (Squires). He ended up shooting Mr. Quire (Squires). After this incident at the Licks, he was driven out of that area. He is also said to have been a Tory during the Revolutionary War. Pleasant was in GreenupCounty, Kentucky in 1820 and in Lawrence County, Ohio in 1830, he did not appear in the 1840 census, so it is believed he died between 1830-1840. Pleasant (Plesent) WEBB and Unknown (Margaret BLACKWELL?) had the following children: James WEBB (1786), Elias WEBB (1788), Thomas Hanley WEBB (1795), Aden WEBB (1797), Temperance WEBB (1799), William WEBB (1801), Margaret WEBB (1806), Sarah (Sally) WEBB (1809), and Baker WEBB (1811). Larry D. Loiselle Route 2 Box 75-G Manor, Texas 78653 (512) 272-5770

Mar 4, 1999 - 15:15 - From: - Larry D. Loiselle

HARDY, WILLIAMS - HARDY, John b. c1725 Amelia Co.,VA d. 1799 Edgefield District, SC m. 1773 Isle of Wight Co.,VA to Ann Williams b. c1744 Isle of Wight Co.,VA d/o Henry Williams. John and Ann's son Covington Hardy was b. 1 Jun 1789 VA and married Elizabeth Howerton. Looking for descendants of John Hardy and Ann Williams and also of Covington Hardy and Elizabeth Howerton.

Mar 5, 1999 - 21:32 - From: - James E. Hardy

WIGHT - Hey my mothers great great grandparents at one time owned the Isle of Wight. Her maiden name is Wight.

Mar 6, 1999 - 11:13 - From: - Amanda

WIGHT - Sorry I got confused but my mothers great great grandparents used to own the Isle of Wight in England. Sorry for the mix up.

Mar 6, 1999 - 11:18 - From: - Amanda

RIDEN, SIMMONS, ROBERTS, HAMPTON - Information on a Benjamin Riden or other Riden family. This Benjamin Riden was born abt. 1766 in Virginia. Other information leads us to believe he was born in The Isle of Wight area. Married a Charity Dawsey in Wilkes Co., Ga. in 1792. Other mariages were in Craven co., N.V. in 1784 and 1795 if it was the same Benjamin Riden.

Mar 6, 1999 - 19:15 - From: - jACK sIMMONS

DAY - My ggfather was John Henry Day, supposedly from Isle of Wight County. His son, Dr. John Henry Day, lived in Baltimore and researched his Day ancestry around 1940. As he was a learned man (attorney and DD), I'm confident he filed that research somewhere, but I've been unable to locate it at VSL, VHS, and Swem. Would appreciate any tips on where else to look.

Mar 7, 1999 - 16:38 - From: - O. B. James

Applewhite - Henry Applewhite I understand was the Ist. Applewhite in my family line to come to Amercia in 1656. I have information that he came from England Via Barbardos where his couison Thomas Applewhite lived. I am looking for new data on the Applewhites.

Mar 9, 1999 - 13:15 - From: - Steven Hodges

DAVIS - Am seeking names of children of John Davis b. 1693, 1750, Isle of Wight, Co., Va. and Ann Drew, b.abt 1696, d. aft 1771, Isle of Wight Co., Va.

Mar 13, 1999 - 18:12 - From: - Jack Davis


Mar 16, 1999 - 00:27 - From: - KEN WEBB

DOWNING - I am interested in any information on Major Richard Downing born in Isle of Wight c/ l650. Also William Downing , one of his sons l680 to l739. William moved to Tyrrell Co. NC and established Downings Mill at Roper NC. Thank you. Carroll Downing

Mar 16, 1999 - 22:10 - From: - Carroll J. Downing

BULLS/FLY - Henry Bulls died bef. 1706, Isle of Wight leaving widow Mary _______ Bulls and son William Bulls (b.bef. 1702-bef.1767 Southampton Co.). Widow Mary married Jeremiah Fly (b.1679-bef. 1736 Isle of Wight Co.). Need info on William Bulls and children. Will share. Thanks!

Mar 18, 1999 - 20:29 - From: - Bonnie Flythe

SMITH/FLY/HOLE/PITT/TYLER/JACKSON - Arthur Smith d. Isle of Wight bef. 1697. Need info on his children esp. dau. Mary who married 1) Wm. Fly 2) John Hole 3) ______ Pitt 4) ______ Tyler. Other children also. Who was Arthur Smith's wife? Sarah Jackson?

Mar 18, 1999 - 20:35 - From: - Bonnie Flythe

HARRISON - Looking for any information on Talbot Harrison in Isle of Wight. He ws living in Isle of Wight in 1850 with his wife Mary Frances (Edwards) Harrison. He was born around 1825 and married about 1850. They had 11 children. I know the children's names. He remained on the Isle of Wight census until 1900. He died between June 28, 1900 and September 3, 1900. His will was recorded in the Isle of Wight courthouse. Does anyone know where I could find a death certificate or record for that period of time? I have entered another query, but my email address has changed since that was submitted. This is my new email address.

Mar 18, 1999 - 22:18 - From: - Terry Johnson

Lancaster - Can anyone tell me of Robert Lancaster Sr.

Mar 27, 1999 - 11:08 - From: - Jan Johnson

CAYCE/CASEY- I am searching for information on the Cayce/Casey family that resided for a while in Isle of Wight County and then, some members, migrated to Chesterfield County. Any info. on this family datig back to the 1600-1700 era will be appreciated.

Apr 1, 1999 - 16:02 - From: - Billy B. Casey

BOON/BIVIN/RATCLIFFE - BOON/BIVIN Jesse Boon 1742/43-1828 m Isle of Wight Sarah Kizziah Bivin unkn, dau of Samuel BIVIN? I of W. anyone doing Bivins?

Apr 6, 1999 - 16:58 - From: - Janet Chilton AUNAN

BRANTLEY, CLAY, DEBERRY, MADDERA - Would like to share information with other desvendants of Edward BRANTLEY SR, John BRANTLEY and ELIzabth CLAY d/o of William CLAY, Peter DEBERRY and Mary or Elizabeth BRANTLEY and Zacharias MADDERA and Priscilla DEBERRY.

Apr 7, 1999 - 00:42 - From: - Lindy Sheehan

BALLARD - Henry Fenton Ballard was born 3-17-1845 in Isle of Wight County, VA. He died 11-30-1906 and is buried in Orange, NJ. Records indicate that he was a Confederate soldier and served in Company E of the 28th VA Infantry. Can someone verify ths for me and also provide a rank and whether or not he might have been wounded in the War?

Apr 9, 1999 - 00:19 - From: - Bob MacAvoy

NORVILLE - NORVILLE/NORVELL/NEUVILLE. Searching for mother of Sarah Norville, b. 9 Sept. 1730, d/o George Norville, b. 1700, m. 1720, d 1757. His ggrandparents had first come to Isle of Wight in 1622. Sarahs siblings were:George, b. 1722, lived in Hanover Co., John,b. 1724, also of Hanover Co., William, b. 1728, Hanover, and Thomas. Her father George, Vestryman, Bruton Parish. Sarah m. 1757 to Jeffery Robertson, b 1737 of Buckingham Co., VA. Thanks, Beth Austin

Apr 11, 1999 - 04:20 - From: - Beth Austin

FULLER - Are there any Fullers around? Im trying to connect my 4th great grandfather Stephen fullerB 1753 to Benjamin Fuller B 1710. I'm up aganist a brick wall can anyone help Thank you very much John. :-) :-)

Apr 11, 1999 - 18:35 - From: - John Wesley Fuller. Jr.

Folkes, Fowlkes, Risby, Brockwell - I am looking for any information concerning the Folkes Family, Brockwell Family or Risby family. Please e-mail me at with your information. These families lived in Isle of Wight county during the 1800's & early 1900's. Thanks for your help!!!

Apr 12, 1999 - 18:14 - From: -

DAVIS - DAVIS Family - searching for information on George Thomas Davis, born about 1829, father of James Thomas Davis who was born in 1858 in Isle of Wight County, VA. George Thomas Davis married Frances Otelia Driver. Any information about this line of Davis family would be greatly appreciated.

Apr 12, 1999 - 22:10 - From: - Debbie Kight

WILSON - I am researching Ann or Anne Wilson b. abt 1642 m. Thomas Blount abt 1663 supposedly in Isle of Wight Co. VA. If you have birth & marriage dates please respond to

Apr 16, 1999 - 16:14 - From: - Cloyd Pfaffman

WILSON/BLOUNT - I am researching Ann or Anne Wilson b. abt 1642 m. Thomas Blount abt 1663 supposedly in Isle of Wight Co. VA. If you have birth & marriage dates please respond to

Apr 16, 1999 - 16:14 - From: - Cloyd Pfaffman

HUTCHINGS - Looking for the descendents of a Richard Hutchings who obtained a land grant on the Isle of Wight in about 1682. There is also a Francis who may be his son, but I'm not sure. Does anybody know about these two?

Apr 16, 1999 - 17:42 - From: - Nancy Enright

WAGES, WAGERS - Searching for any info on Benjamin Wages. Have read he may have been born in Isle of Wight County abt. 1742. Need his parents and any siblings. Any info on the Wages/Wagers surname appreciated.

Apr 17, 1999 - 23:37 - From: - Wayne Wages

BOON/BIVIN/RATCLIFF - Would like to correspond with Boon/Bivin family from Isle of Wight. Sarah Kizziah BIVIN b I of W, dau Samuel and Catherine Bivin m 1773 I of W Jesse R BOON, Son of Ratcliff R BOON Jr and Mary SION.

Apr 18, 1999 - 16:39 - From: - Janet Chilton Aunan

WHITLOCK - I am looking for any information on a Thomas WHITLOCK who lived in Isle of Wight Co in 1638

Apr 18, 1999 - 19:30 - From: - David Brown

BARNES MITCHELL - Looking for mamia lee barnes mitchell my great great grandmother married john henry mitchellin brunswick co. va. in 1896 dont know if alive or passed on thanks starr mcclintock

Apr 19, 1999 - 12:44 - From: - starr mcclintock

PINNER - I am looking for information about John Pinner, born March 23, 1755. I don't know where he is from, but he had at least two sons: Dixon Pinner who was living in Isle of Wight in 1815, and Jeremiah Pinner who was living in Nansemond County in 1815. John's wife's name was Mary_____. Dixon, who was born in 1775, was married to Emily Everitt.

Apr 21, 1999 - 10:53 - From: - Catherine Royce

VALENTINE - I am looking for any information regardin John /Johan Valentine who sold 200 acres Isle of Wight 1/28/1662 to Jno Marshall

Apr 23, 1999 - 01:12 - From: - Sandra Sanchez

TYLER - Looking for info on Edmund Tyler, b. 1737 c,Isle of Wight died 18 January 1803 in Southampton? Married Sarah Calthorpe 1758 in Southampton? Allied families include BACON, CALTHORPE, and EDWARDS

Apr 23, 1999 - 17:59 - From: - rustk

EDWARDS, STOKES - Looking for the wife of John Edwards (1740-18180 "Edwards - looking for the wife of John Edwards (1740-1818) of Orange County, North Carolina wife Mary Stokes of Lunenburg/Mecklenburg County, Virginia.Children: Stokes, Young, John, Roda Ball, Will share information.

Apr 28, 1999 - 18:55 - From: - Ray K. Edwards, Jr.

AYERS - I am looking for any info on Richard Thomas Ayers and wife Elizabeth ? Ayers. 1830-1880 range. Settled in Chuckatuck area from either Ireland or Scotland. Probably married in Va. but not sure. Any Info appreciated.

Apr 29, 1999 - 11:31 - From: - Bob Ayers

CUTCHIN - I am searching for information on a Thomas Moore Cutchin b. ABT 1769 in Isle of Wight, Va. Parents were Thomas and Mary Moore Cutchin. Also, a Samuel Cutchin b.ABT 1728 who married(ABT 1740)Mary________b. ABT 1719. These families appeared in Edgecombe County, NC in the late 18th century. Have much information to share if anyone knows of this family.

Apr 29, 1999 - 12:13 - From: - Robbie Sykes

MUNFORD MOUNTFORD MUMFORD - Trying desparately to sort out the MUNFORD family of Isle of Wight Co. Also spelled MOUNTFORD, MOUNTFORT, MUMFORD. Also in Southampton, Nansemond, Sussex Cos., & in Hertford Co., NC. Possible connection with the family of the same name on the Peninsula. Also researching BARNES, BELL, BRITT, DRAKE, GROSS, HARRIS, IZARD, KINCHEN, LOWE, RAIFORD, REGAN, THOMPSON families in Isle of Wight Co.

Apr 30, 1999 - 11:17 - From: - Matt HARRIS

ATKINSON, BARRETT, BRIDGER, PIERCE, GAY - Families - Atkinson, Barrett, Bridger, Pierce, Gay

May 2, 1999 - 01:38 - From: - Jean Birdsong Tomes

DAVIS, GREEN, HODGES, WARREN - Would like to hear from anyone with information on the DAVIS family in Isle of Wight Co. First known DAVIS there was John b. Abt. 1612, Gravesend, Kent, ENG; d. 31 Dec 1714, Upper Parish, Isle of Wight, m. Mary GREEN b. Abt. 1615 Isle of Wight Co. Their ch: Elizabeth; John m. Hartwell HODGES; Mary; Prudence; Sarah; William; Thomas b. Abt. 1640, m. Mary/Elizabeth. Children of Thomas & Mary/Eliz: James m. Elizabeth WARREN; Samuel b. Abt 1672, Upper Parish, Isle of Wight, m. Miss BOURDIN. Some of the DAVIS family later moved to Surry Co., VA. Will be very happy to share all information.

May 2, 1999 - 21:19 - From: - Carolyn Graham

HATFIELD - looking for information on the Hatfield famly living in Isle of Wright Co in the early 1700s.

May 4, 1999 - 21:52 - From: - Ron Blackburn

PERSON(S) - I am in searching for information on John Persons, born about 1630 in England. He married Frances Cook, daughter of William Cook and Mary Miles, ca.1658 in Isle of Wight Co. John died there in 1701 and they had 1 son, John Person(s)II.Does anyone know where in England John Senior was from? Any info on the family in the colony? Thank you. Steve

May 6, 1999 - 13:14 - From: - Steve Person

ANDERSON - I am looking for information on William Anderson born abt 1765, Isle of Wight, married Elizabeth Jones from Tennessee. Children Jubel, Tilma, Willis, Elizabeth, Prudence, Mathew, Mary "Polly", James Madison, Jane, William, Diana/Dianah. William was of Irish progenitors.

May 6, 1999 - 15:59 - From: - J Golden Barton

JORDAN - Searching for parents and sibs of William Harrison JORDAN b: 1802 near Richmond, VA. Family moved to Bedford co., VA c 1814, then to Breckinridge co., KY about 2 years later. William H. made his way (apparently on his own) to St. Louis in 1820, then on to Dubuque, IA. Married Mary GALLAND in 1833 when they later went to Crawford co., IA. Thank you. Nadine

May 6, 1999 - 18:50 - From: - Nadine Allen

ASKEW - Looking for parents of Nathan Askew b.cira 1750.Possibly son of William and Katherine(Oglethorpe)Moved to Lenoir Co.,NC.Will dated 3-4-1811 mentions wife Rachel children Benjamin,Enoch,Sarah

May 7, 1999 - 06:57 - From: - Ben Askew,Jr.

PARKER - I desire references/sources/documents to verify the following Parker line: 1. Thomas PARKER, b. 1768 Isle of Wight, d. 1846 Todd Co. KY, m. Susan Rogers (1773-1838); 2. Nathaniel PARKER, b. 1724 Isle of Wight, d. 1811 Sumner Co. TN (Captain Continental Navy?) 3. Nathaniel PARKER, d. 1730 Isle of Wight, sea captain, wife Ann; 4. Francis PARKER, will 10/1/1717 Isle of Wight, wife Elizabeth; 5. Thomas PARKER, will 1688 Isle of Wight; 6. Thomas PARKER, b. 1629 Devonshire, d. 1685 Isle of Wight, patented land in 1650, m. widow of Peter Montague

May 8, 1999 - 08:37 - From: - Blanchard Smith

WILLIAMS, MATHIS, BODDIE - David Williams b 1726 m Sarah Mathis and had 2 children,Sarah's parents were Ezekiel Mathews Mathis 1670 m Elizabeth Boddie and had 10 children, any info on their parents would be helpful

May 8, 1999 - 19:11 - From: - Susan Williams Musgrove

HEDGEBETH - Looking for information on ancestors of John Moses Hedgebeth, born about 1835 in Nansemond County, Virginia. I believe his father was Elijah Hedgebeth of Isle of Wight County, Virginia. John Moses had a sister, Nancy Hedgebeth, born approximately 1835. Elijah's wife was Mary (maiden name unknown). I speculate that Elijah and Mary had two othe children, Dixon Hedgebeth and William H. Hedgebeth (my great great grandfather). Census data for Nansemond County in 1860 and 1870 lists William's and Dixon's last name as Hedgbeth rather than Hedgebeth. John Moses married Charlotte Holland. I believe that John Moses Hedgebeth may have been killed in the Civil War only because he does not show up in the 1870 census for Nansemond County and Charlotte does. But again, just speculation on my part.

May 9, 1999 - 16:18 - From: - William M. Hedgebeth


May 11, 1999 - 17:43 - From: - Don Jordan

EDWARDS STOKES - Researching the early Edwards family of Isle of Wight County, Virginia. Will share information.

May 14, 1999 - 00:16 - From: - Ray k. Edwards, Jr.

BRIDGER - I am seeking information regarding William (47yrs)and Elizabeth (30yr.)Bridger who are found in the 1850 census in IOW.Their children are: Virtty Ann(7yr.), Eveline(5yr.), Francis M., and (3yr.)Avrelia V.(10/12).

May 14, 1999 - 19:02 - From: - Don Bridger

STALLINGS/GWALTNEY/PHILLIPS/MILLER - Do you know who these people below are and who they were related to? I am wondering if they were part of the group who migrated from Isle of Wright Co, VA about 1810 to Posey Co, IN. The Stallings and Gwaltney families moved to Posey Co, IN and intermarried later. I am also looking for any connection of these families to the Phillips and Miller family prior to 1810. Thanks for your help Wanda Pitt Miscellaneous Marriage Records, Isle of Wight County, Virginia (transcribed from "Marriage Register, Ministers' Returns," pages 450 and 451): Marriages by Jesse Holleman Sr. Dec 17, 1807 James Gwatney Jr and Nancy Stallings

May 15, 1999 - 00:50 - From: - Wanda Pitt

BRYAN - Researching family of William Bryan and Alice Needham (or Mackland) who came to Isle of Wight Co., VA in 1689 from Ireland. They settled in Bertie Co., N. C. where he served as High Sheriff and Justice of the Peace and was a member of the Assembly from Pasquotank Co. He died in the year 1742 leaving the following descendants: John m. Elizabeth Joyner, Needham m. Anne Rambeau, second Susannah Harrell, third Sarah Woodward, Mary and Alice. Looking for his father's name.

May 18, 1999 - 11:42 - From: - Dorothy S. Crook

Steward, Bagnall, Braswell, Roberts - Seeking to know connection among Bagnall/Steward/Braswells of Isle of Wight. Charles Steward witnessed a legal transaction of a Bagnall in 1647. Jane Braswell is my ancestor through another line: her third husband Mr. Robert.

May 21, 1999 - 15:59 - From: - Peggy A. Givens

CALCOTT/CALLICOTT, BEVAN - Seeking information on Thomas CALCOTT/CALLICOTT who died 1 Mar 1754 in Isle of Wight Co. VA, and wife Elizabeth ____who died after 1754 in Isle of Wight Co. Their children were Joseph; Mary/marr Samuel Wentworth; James; and another female. Thomas named in will grandson Henry CALCOTT and grand dtr Ann BEVAN, whose mother was deceased.

May 25, 1999 - 12:35 - From: - Rose M. Spencer

HARRIS, WEST, MARTIN - Looking for Thomas HARRIS b 10 Jul 1616 in Wales Engl d in Isle of Wight Co. and his wife Alice WEST b abt 1615, and their son Thomas HARRIS b abt 1636 Chas City Co.d 1687 in Isle of Wight Co., and his wife Ann MARTIN? d bef 1687 in Isle of Wight Co. Also looking for parents of Alice WEST. Would like to contact anyone researching this family.

May 27, 1999 - 12:23 - From: - Rose M. Spencer

DEESE/DEAS, BRASWELL - Seeking information on William DEESE/DEAS b abt 1705 Isle of Wight Co. VA, and his wife ____BRASWELL b abt 1707 Isle of Wight Co. Va. Their children were John b bt 1720 James City Co VA; James b 1720 Isle of Wight Co.; Simon abt 1735; and Jacob abt 1737. The last two children are shown to have been born in Edgecome Co. NC. Is William DEESE also the father of Richard DEESE b 1740 in Bertie Co. NC, who d 1810 Chesterfield Co. SC who marr Milley ____.

May 27, 1999 - 12:46 - From: - Rose M. Spencer

TURNER, TOMLIN, HARRIS - Seeking information on John TURNER b abt 1641 d 1689 Isle of Wight Co., and wife Mary TOMLIN. I need the parents of Mary. They had a dtr Mary b abt 1667 who married in 1685 Edward HARRIS of Isle of Wight Co.

May 27, 1999 - 12:49 - From: - Rose M. Spencer

WENTWORTH, CALCOTT, WILSON, DAY, BROWN, PIERCE - Seeking information on Samuel WENTWORTH b abt 1725 d in VA, and wife Mary CALCOTT, dtr of JOhn CALCOTT. Their children were Betty/marr John Day and Antony Degge; Ann/marr Thomas Brown; Mary/marr Thomas Pierce and Lois b abt 1760/marr Goodrich WILSON. Samuel and Mary WENTWORTH were in Isle of Wight Co when married.

May 27, 1999 - 12:53 - From: - Rose M. Spencer

HARRIS, LYMBRY, CALCOTT, WEST - Seeking info on John HARRIS b abt 1588 and wife Dorothy (LYMBRY?) CALCOTT, who had children Thomas b 1616 in England; Thomas b 1616/who marr Alice WEST and lived in Isle of Wight Co.; Dorothy; and John b England, d Charles City Co. VA.

May 27, 1999 - 12:56 - From: - Rose M. Spencer

PITTS, COLLIER - I would be most grateful for information relating to Henry PITTS (b. Jan. 11, 1725 in Isle of Wight Cty.) He died Aug. 1803 in Newberry Cty., SC. He married Hannah Collier of New Kent Cty., VA (b. May 5, 1727) on May 30, 1749. I only know of one son, Mark PITTS, b. in Newberry Cty., SC.

May 28, 1999 - 17:18 - From: - Michelle Rinehart

FRIZZELL - Hi: I am looking for Comford Frizzell. He is the son of William Frizzell and brother to Jason Frizzell. He was born before 1800. I would like to know when he was born. When he died and if he had children. Thank you. Debbie Holmes

May 30, 1999 - 23:49 - From: - Debbie Holmes

JONES - I am trying to fill in some rather sketchy information and was wondering if anyone on the list might be familiar with this line. Thanks, Norm Steffen Descendants of Moses Jones 1 Moses Jones b: 1762 in Isle of White County, VA d: 1852 in Franklin County, Illinois . +Elizabeth Unknown .... 2 Nathaniel Jones ........ +Mahala Cleveland .......... 3 Mary Jones b: Abt. 1836 .......... 3 Andrew Jones b: Abt. 1839 d: 1896 .............. +Mary Dillon b: 1839 m: 1856 d: 1906 ................ 4 Lawrence Monroe Jones b: 1856 .................... +Emma Williams b: 1859 m: 1880 ....................... 5 Abbie Jones b: in Stafford, Kansas ........................... +Allen Hughes ................ 4 Sarah Jane Jones .................... +Hiram Summers ....................... 5 Sidney Jane Summers ........................... +Green Ashbury Knight .......... 3 Sarah Jones b: Abt. 1840 .......... 3 Sidney Jones b: Abt. 1841 .......... 3 Jno Jones b: Abt. 1845 .......... 3 Scott Jones b: Abt. 1847 .......... 3 Martin Jones b: Abt. 1849

May 31, 1999 - 10:26 - From: - Norm Steffen

TYLER - TYLER, Edmund, b. 1737 Isle of Wight - info on parents if anyone knows

Jun 2, 1999 - 16:14 - From: - rkleine

BUTLER, SOLOMAN VALENTINE - Seeking information on Soloman V. Butler V. Butler married Polly Rawles in Isle of Wight Co. in Isle of Wight Co. on January 5, 1795. Soloman V. Butler died on May 1829.

Jun 3, 1999 - 14:49 - From: - Alfred Rawls Butler !V

GRAY, MOORE - Seeking information on Joel GRAY, in the 1870 Federal Census, Isle of Wight Co., Hardy Twp, p. 221. Age, family group, etc. Also information on Amanda GRAY, same census, p. 219. Is it possible that they are married to each other but she was "visiting" another household on census day? Might she be my missing Amanda J. MOORE, married Joel Coleman GRAY, don't know when or where? Thanks for any help with this. Betty Moore

Jun 3, 1999 - 18:08 - From: - Betty Moore

ALLEN - Does anyone know anything about this Allen family from Isle of wright? LOOKING FOR THE HARRIS ALLEN FAMILY Descendants of Stephen Allen Generation No. 1 1. STEPHEN1 ALLEN was born in London, and died Aft. 1658 in Virginia. He married MARGARET SPENCER 1652 in London. More About STEPHEN ALLEN: Fact 1: 1656, In Virginia Children of STEPHEN ALLEN and MARGARET SPENCER are: i. STEPHEN2 ALLEN, b. 1654; d. 1685, Surry Co. Virginia. More About STEPHEN ALLEN: Fact 1: Single ii. MARY ALLEN. 2. iii. JOHN ALLEN, b. 1658; d. 1699. iv. WILLIAM ALLEN. Generation No. 2 2. JOHN2 ALLEN (STEPHEN1) was born 1658, and died 1699. He married ANN BAILEY, daughter of AUTHUR BAILEY and MARY JORDAN. More About JOHN ALLEN: Fact 1: Bet. 1699 - 1700, Will in Surry Co, Virginia Children of JOHN ALLEN and ANN BAILEY are: 3. i. JOHN3 ALLEN, b. 1682, Surry Co, Virginia; d. 1735, Bertie Co, NC. ii. SARAH ALLEN. iii. WILLIAM ALLEN, b. Possibly Isle of Wright, VA. iv. THOMAS ALLEN, d. 1733, Surry Co, Virginia; m. ELIZABETH ROOKINGS. v. DAUGHTER ALLEN. Generation No. 3 3. JOHN3 ALLEN (JOHN2, STEPHEN1) was born 1682 in Surry Co, Virginia, and died 1735 in Bertie Co, NC. He married ELIZABETH SELLAWAY 1705 in Isle of Wright Co, Virginia, daughter of JOHN SELLOWAY and MARGARET COGGAN. Children of JOHN ALLEN and ELIZABETH SELLAWAY are: i. JOHN4 ALLEN. More About JOHN ALLEN: Fact 1: 1712, Living ii. WILLIAM ALLEN, b. 1707, Isle of Wright Co, Virginia; d. 1778, Northampton Co, NC; m. SUANNAH. 4. iii. RICHARD ALLEN, b. 1710, Isle of Wright Co, Virginia; d. 1784, Northampton Co, NC. iv. CATHERINE ALLEN. v. MARTHA ALLEN. vi. MARGARET ALLEN. Generation No. 4 4. RICHARD4 ALLEN (JOHN3, JOHN2, STEPHEN1) was born 1710 in Isle of Wright Co, Virginia, and died 1784 in Northampton Co, NC. He met UNKNOWN 1736. Children of RICHARD ALLEN and UNKNOWN are: i. MARY5 ALLEN, b. 1737; m. THOMAS GODLEY, 1769. ii. JACOB ALLEN, b. 1739, Northampton Co, NC; d. 1782, Northampton Co, NC. More About JACOB ALLEN: Fact 1: 1782, Intestate, Northampton Co, NC iii. JOHN ALLEN, b. 1741. iv. JESSE ALLEN, b. 1743, Northampton Co, NC; d. 1803, Northampton Co, NC; m. CELIA GOODSON. More About JESSE ALLEN: Fact 1: 1803, Will in Northampton v. WILLIAM ALLEN, b. 1745. vi. FANNY ALLEN, m. SOMMERSILE. vii. MOURNING ALLEN, m. HAYES. viii. ALICE ALLEN, m. RHODES BERKLEY. ix. RICHARD ALLEN.

Jun 5, 1999 - 20:15 - From: - JA BRALEY

CROCKER, GURLEY, BARLOW - Looking for info on Henry Wilson Crocker,b. Isle Of Wight, Va.on 17 Mar 1812 d. 18 Jan. 1891 in Magnolia, Marengo Co.,Al.. son of Drury Crocker and Lucy Barlow. Henry and his 2nd wife, Mary Sterling Gurley had a dgt. named Minnie Lou who married William Ward Kimbrough. They lived and died in Magnolia, Marengo County, Alabama. Buried at the Magnolia cemetery, i believe. Also need info on Drury and Lucy Crocker. Any info would be appreciated.

Jun 6, 1999 - 21:55 - From: - John Wm. Jones Fairhope, Al. 36532

BRIDGER - seeking information about Col. Joseph Bridger (d. IOW 1686) and his descendents .... Robert of IOW (d. 1763) who fathered Joseph of Hertford Co. VA(Rev.War vet)who fathered Josiah Bridger of Hertford (d.1831)who, I think, fathered James B. who died in Panola Co. MS in 1865. E. Gray Monday, June 7, 1999

Jun 7, 1999 - 19:23 - From: - Ellen Gray

FRIZZLE - Searching for John FRIZZLE, b. 1717 Isle of Wight. He served in King George's War in 1740s and went with his military unit to Canada. He moved to Pitt Co., NC in 1763 where he married Mary ROUNTREE and d. 1818.

Jun 9, 1999 - 06:08 - From: - Sammy Anson Pierce

JOINER/JOYNER - I am looking for information on a Levi or Charlton Joiner/Joyner. They came to Davidson County Tn early 1800's. Levi was born in SC (census records). I am tryong to find link between Levi and the Joiners who settled in Virginia. Would appreciate any information. Russell Joyner

Jun 9, 1999 - 09:26 - From: - Russell Joyner

WOODWARD - I am a direct descendant of William Woodward - 1790 taxpayer census of VA - Stated he was from Isle of Wight County...Trying to find out who was his father/mother....maybe related to Thomas J Woodward?

Jun 9, 1999 - 10:50 - From: - John P. Woodard

PARKER - Would like to obtain more info on Thomas PARKER the immigrant to Isle of Wight,Co. from England, in 1641. I descend from Thomas PARKER,(4) through his son Isaac. Anyone descending from this Thomas PARKER, I would like to correspond with. Thanks. Kathy Jo Bryant

Jun 9, 1999 - 17:49 - From: - Kathy Jo Bryant

BROWN - Robert Brown, his wife Helen Eshkinor Alexander, and children arrived in 1705. Their son William married about 1720, wife unknown. They had 2 children, William and unknown. This William married Elizabeth Buckner in Brunswick Co. and had 5 children. Would like William's wife name and the name of their 2nd child, etc.

Jun 10, 1999 - 15:06 - From: - William H. Brown

PRECIADO - Hi, I'm looking for George Newton Jordan. He married a Della (O'Dell) Sims in 1907, divorced about 1916. Assuming it was around Navarro Co. TX. He would be my Grandfather. He had two sisters; Pearl Jordan Fulton and Ethyl Jordan. They lived in Hunt and Kerr Co. Texas, possibly Gainesville Texas. Newton was born in August 1886 . They had four children; George, Morene, Mozelle & William. He then married for a second time, To Myrtle Long. Children by that marriage were; Terry W. Jordan, Sam Turner, Patsy Martin, Jean Mitchell, Doris Mills and Bobbye Strong. I could use any information at this point. Thanks. Alayne

Jun 11, 1999 - 12:36 - From: - Alayne