Former VA Counties, now in KY

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Kentucky County and its children

Kentucky Co, VA, was formed in 1776 from the "soon to become extinct" Fincastle County. In 1780, Kentucky Co itself became extinct when it was divided into three parts forming Fayette, Jefferson, and Lincoln Counties. In 1785, Nelson Co was formed from Jefferson Co. In 1786, Madison and Mercer Counties were formed from Lincoln Co, AND Bourbon Co was formed from Fayette Co. In 1789, Mason Co was formed from Bourbon Co AND Woodford Co was formed from Fayette Co. There were political maneuverings and frequent proposals to split this region out from Virginia's control. On 18 December 1789, the General Assembly of Virginia passed an act to allow Kentucky to apply for statehood, and on 1 Jun 1792, Kentucky's nine counties became a state.

Virginia "Re-uses" County Names

Of these nine "original" Kentucky Counties, six had their names re-used by Virginia in the formation of new counties: