Lee County Virginia Mortality

Given Name Surname Age Gender Race Free/Slave Marital Stat. Birthplace Month of Death Cause of Death  Year
21 Female Black Slave
Tennessee Feb Consumption 1850
19 Male Black Slave
Tennessee Oct Gravel 1850
Elizabeth Miles 5 Female

Virginia Aug Fever 1850
Nancy A Fulkerson 26 Female

Married Massachusetts Dec Fever drospy 1850
John Ewing 14 Male

Virginia Dec Typhoid Fever 1850
Jacob Smith 70 Male

Virginia May Dyssent 1850
David Martin 4 mnths Male

Virginia Dec Croup 1850
1 Male Black Slave
Virginia Aug Accident 1850
Maomi J Cotterell 16 Female

Virginia Aug burned idiot 1850
Jane E Tyler 37 Female

Married Virginia Feb Pneumonia 1850
Henry C Tyler 42 Male

Married Massachusetts Feb Typhoid Fever 1850
Francis Thompson 71 Male

Married Virginia Feb Typhoid Fever 1850
Henry Thompson 21 Male

Virginia Jan Typhoid Fever 1850
Francis Senter 21 Male

Virginia Jan Typhoid Fever 1850
Sarah Muncey 60 Female

Married Virginia Jul Dropsy 1850
Matilda A Miles 38 Female

Married Virginia Nov unknown 1850
Mary A Rutherford 4 Female

Virginia unk Dropsy of brain 1850
David M Hill 16 Male

Virginia Nov typ  fever 1850
7 Female Black Slave
Virginia Oct Fever 1850
Louisa M Morison 39 Female

Married Virginia Jul Consumption 1850
5 Female Mulatto Slave
Virginia Nov Scalded 1850
1 Male Black Slave
Virginia Aug Croup 1850
1 Female Black Slave
Virginia Aug Dropsy of the Brain 1850
Liberty F McPherson ? Months Male

Virginia Mar unknown   1850
Elizabeth Kumberland 50 Female

Virginia Apr Dysentery 1850
Margaret J McPherson 1 Female

Virginia Jul Dysentery 1850
Sarah Ratliffe 51 Female

Married North Carolina Mar unknown 1850
Mary Russell 19 Female

Virginia Jan Fever 1850
Walter Jr Brown 22 Male

Virginia Oct Typhoid Fever 1850
Catharine Burk 1 month Female

Virginia May Unknown 1850
Adrian McClancy 22 Male

Virginia Sep Typhoid Fever 1850
Lewis Lawson 24 Male

Virginia Apr idiot spasams 1850
Andrew Wallen 1 month Male

Virginia Aug unknown 1850
Mary Bruner 24 Female

Tennessee Mar Consumption 1850
Phebe Landreth 38 Female

North Carolina Aug Idistic epasus 1850
Mary Wells 8 Female

Virginia Jan Blind 1850
John Barnes 2 months Male

Virginia Jan Croup 1850
Nathaniel Wyett 20 Male

Married North Carolina May Typhoid Fever 1850
Monroe Creel? 7 Male

Virginia Jan Hydrocephalus 1850
William Spangler 5 months Male

Virginia Jul Scrofula 1850
Edward L Harper 47 Male

Married Ireland Jul Delin? Tremors 1850
3 months Male Black Slave
Virginia Jul unknown 1850
Mary J Robbins 6 months Female

Virginia May unknown 1850
Lucinda Robbins 10 Female

Virginia May unkown 1850
1 month Female Black Slave
Virginia Apr unknown 1850
1 month Male Black Slave
Virginia Mar unknown 1850
David Bryant 18 Male

Virginia Mar Drowned 1850
George Smith 57 Male

Married Virginia Aug Accident 1850
Eliza Reynolds 1 Female

Virginia Oct Fever 1850
Mary Fugate 3 Female

Virginia Aug Scarlatina 1850

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