Lee County Virginia Mortality

Given Name Surname Age Gender Race Free/Slave Marital Stat. Birthplace Month Cause of death year
Jas W Russel 18 Male

Virginia Sep Tiphus fever 1860
Jemima R Vickers 1 Female

Russel Feb Bilious Fever 1860
Sarah Green 9 Female

Virginia Jan Croup 1860
Virginia C Henry 7 Female

Virginia Sep Scarlet Fever 1860
Mary Ann Mark 12 Female

Virginia Jun Consumption 1860
John Long? 25 Male

Married North Carolina Oct Typhoid Fever 1860
John J Querry 1 Male

Virginia May Croup 1860
Franklin Mark 9 Male

Virginia Dec Scarlet Fever 1860
John Speak 1 Male

Virginia Nov
Lavina C Ratliff 4 months Female

Virginia Feb Whooping Cough 1860
Jacob Wolfenbarger 73 Male

Virginia Aug Consumption 1860
Emly M Wilson 5 months Female

Virginia Jan
Robert Nesper 78 Male

Virginia Jan Old Age 1860
Martha E Landis 10 Female

Virginia Feb Typhoid Fever 1860
2 months Male Mulatto Slave
Virginia Jul From a fall 1860
Mary A Young 18 Female

Virginia Aug Typhoid Fever 1860
Andy J Shelton 1 Male

Virginia Jul Flux 1860
27 Male Black Slave
Virginia Jul Typhoid Fever 1860
Ezechiel Calahan 23 Male

Virginia Jul Typhoid Fever 1860
George Woods 2 Male

Virginia Aug Typhoid Fever 1860
Martha Hutton 23 Female

Virginia Feb Typhoid Fever 1860
Mary Scaggs 32 Female

Married Virginia Feb Inflammation lungs 1860
Mary E Tackett 34 Female

Married Virginia Jun
Sarah Collier 51 Female

Married North Carolina Nov Typhoid Fever 1860
Charlot Wilson 29 Female

Virginia Apr Consumption 1860
Nancy Olinger 70 Female

Married Virginia May Palsy 1860
David Hall 79 Male

Married North Carolina Mar Old Age 1860
Lang? Church 4 Female

Virginia May Whooping Cough 1860
Mary M Leady 58 Female

Married Virginia May Tipus fever 1860
Isaah Robins 2 Male

Virginia Jul Worms 1860
Elizabeth Leady 22 Female

Virginia Apr Tipus fever 1860
Mariah Barker 54 Female

Widowed Virginia Apr Consumption 1860
Tempy Bumgardner 30 Female

Married Virginia Jan Flooding 1860
Wm G Hill 19 Male

Virginia May Disease of the Heart 1860
Nesvesta Retherford 0 Female

Virginia Nov
Martha A Smith 0 Female

Virginia Feb Croup 1860
Wm F Dalton 1 month Male

Virginia May Croup 1860
Eliza J Gibson 2 Female

Virginia Oct Worms 1860
Mary G Mahaffy 11 months Female

Virginia Jan Disease of the Heart 1860
Wm E McNiel 1 Male

Virginia Mar Spasmodick croop 1860
Wm A Ely 4 months Male

Virginia Oct Croup 1860
Ann J Gibson 31 Female

Married Virginia Jan Apoplexy of brain 1860
11 months Male Black Slave
Virginia Mar Drowned 1860
Granville F Blevins 1 month Male

Virginia Dec Croup 1860
Walter Anderson 26 Male

Virginia Jul Consumption 1860
Eliza E Lambert 11 months Female

Virginia Dec Croup 1860
Jas Jayne 86 Male

New York May Chronick affection 1860
Nancy D Gillespe 11 months Female

New York Nov Scarlet Fever 1860
Elizabeth Roberds 27 Female

Virginia Jul Typhoid Fever 1860
George W Fisher 6 months Male

Virginia Aug Diarrhea 1860
Matilda Willis? 7 Days Female

Virginia Mar Hives 1860
Sarah Roller 57 Female

Married Scotland Jan Palpitation of heart 1860
Thos J Bledsaw 1 Male

Virginia Feb Worms 1860
John Fletcher 28 Male

Married Virginia Nov Pneumonia Fever 1860
Mary E Stemper 16 Female

Married Virginia Oct Typhoid Fever 1860
Abraham Young 54 Male

Married Virginia Oct Typhoid Fever 1860

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