The Longhunter Uriah Stone

     Another long hunter who was on the Clinch for sometime was Uriah Stone, and the self-same person for whom Stone River in Tennessee was named. Stone must have been somewhat of a character for he was always getting sued for debts, or was a witness against or for someone in such cases, and wherever he hunted he seemed to make some sort of effort for a land claim. He probably made these land claims in order to sell them as he did one such in Wright's Valley of the present Tazewell County.
     In a land suit in the Superior Court of Augusta County, Virginia, in the year 1807, James Maxwell made this statement:
     "In 1772, I went from Botetourt County where I lived to present Tazewell County to make a settlement. I was in company with Samuel Walker. Found a tract with some improvements, viz: the foundations of a cabin, some rails split, and some trees deadened. That night we fell in with a party of hunters, among them Uriah Stone, who claimed to have made the improvement and I bought it." Ten years after settling on this tract of land James Maxwell had two of his daughters killed by the Indians.
     In the same land suit referred to above Lawrence Murray stated: 
     "Thirty three years ago I was in Wright's Valley at Uriah Stone's Cabin." This statement would suggest that in 1774 Uriah Stone still had a cabin in Wright's Valley and that he was probably living there.
     On July 7, 1773, in old Fincastle County, Uriah Stone, Obediah Terrell, Gasper Mansker and Castleton Brooks were witnesses in a case of John Baker versus Humphrey Hogan, and all these persons were Long Hunters. Again on November 3, 1773, there was a motion by Uriah Stone in the Fincastle Court to stay the proceedings of judgement obtained against him by Obediah Terrell.
     The last mention of Stone in the Court Records is on December 6, 1774, when Gasper Mansker was plaintiff against Stone and Jacob Harman. Here again all three Long Hunters, and friends of Daniel Boone.
     Uriah Stone was hunting in Tennessee in 1766 and 1767, long before he made settlement there.


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