St. Peter's Church


New Kent County, Virginia

Parish Register

1680 to 1787

Scanned and transcribed by Christine Wertin

Look up the surname in the alphabetical index, first. Then go to the pages, below, of the Register to look up the entry.


These are scanned pages from the index of the Parish Register that was transcribed and published by the Colonial Dames in 1904.

Register Introduction

Index Page One: Adams-Bacon

Index Page Two: Bacon-Boswell

Index Page Three: Bottom-Carr

Index Page Four: Carless-Cox

Index Page Five: Cox-Dodd

Index Page Six: Doe-Galing

Index Page Seven: Gannaway-Harfield

Index Page Eight: Harmon-Houle/Howle/Howel

Index Page Nine: Houle/Howle/Howel-King

Index Page Ten: Labamore-Major

Index Page Eleven: Major-Meriwether

Index Page Twelve: Merry-Mux

Index Page Thirteen: Nance-Pierce

Index Page Fourteen: Penick-Raxford

Index Page Fifteen: Rayle-Scruggs

Index Page Sixteen: Scruggs-Stils

Index Page Seventeen: Stone-Turner

Index Page Eighteen: Turner-Ward

Index Page Nineteen: Ware-Winfree/Winfrey

Index Page Twenty: Wingfield-Yowell


Do, Dit = Ditto
Xnd = Christened
7ber = September (7th month)
8ber = October (8th month)
9ber = November (9th month)
Xber = December (10th month)
1702/3 or 1702-3 = Dates appearing in this manner signified a dual
dating system used in the 16th to 18th centuries in conjunction with
the changing from the Julian calendar (Old Style) to Gregorian calendar
(New Style), starting in 1522 in Venice and eventually in Great Britain
and its colonies in 1752. Under the old style calendar (Julian), the new
year began on 25 March.

Register Pages 1-20

Register Pages 21-40

Register Pages 41-60

Register Pages 61-80

Register Pages 81-100

Register Pages 101-120

Register Pages 121-140

Register Pages 141-160

Register Pages 161-186


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