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Approval of the Pension Application Submitted by the Widow of Robert B. Sexton

Dianne Carr Peterson contributes this information. Robert was mortally wounded at the Mule Shoe, Spotsylvania Court House on May 10, 1864. Note that Robert's widow states that her husband died, "At the Battle of the Wilderness July the 3rd 1862. Killed by a shot."


I, -Nancy Sexton-, residing at -Tacoma- in the -County- of -Wise- in State of Virginia, do hereby apply for aid under an act of the General Assembly entitled "An act to give aid to soldiers, sailors, or marines of Virginia, maimed or disabled in the war between the States, and to the widows of Virginia soldiers, sailors and marines who lost their lives in said war in the military service. "And I do swear that I am the widow of -Robert [L. crossed out R. replacing, should be B. for Benjamin]- who was a member of -Company C 48 VA Vol.- and who, while in the discharge of his duty in military service during the late war between the States, lost his life. And I do further swear that I am not receiving aid from or a pension from any State or from the United States, and that I do not hold any national, State or county office which pays me in fees or salary over three hundred dollars; that my income from no source amounts to three hundred dollars; and that I do not own in my own right property of the assessed value of one thousand dollars; and that I am entitled to receive annually the sum of thirty dollars under the terms of the aforesaid act of the General Assembly.

And I do further swear that the following answers are true:

1st. What was the name of the applicant's deceased husband? Ans. -Robert R. Sexton

2nd. When and where, as nearly as can be ascertained, did the applicant's husband die, and from what cause? Ans. -At the Battle of the Wilderness July the 3rd 1862. Killed by a shot.-

3rd. When and where were the applicant and here [sic] husband married? Ans. -Scott County Virginia-

4th. Has the applicant ever married again? Ans. -No-

[signed] Nancy [her X mark] Sexton

I, N.A.W. Skeen, Judge of the County Court for the County of Wise do certify that Nancy Sexton, whose name is signed to the foregoing application, personally appeared before me in open court, and, having the said application fully read and explained to her, as well as the statements and answers therein made, she the said Nancy Sexton made oath before me that said statements and answers are true.

Given under my had this 23rd day of Oct., 1894

[signed N.A.W. Skeen]

VIRGINIA, County of Wise, To-wit:
I, W.E. Kilgore, Clerk of the County Court of Wise County do certify that the claim of Nancy Sexton set up in the foregoing paper has been adjudged just, and sustained by the proofs, by the Hon H.A.W. Skeen, judge of the said court.

Witness my hand and the seal of said court this 23rd day of October, 1894

[signed] W.E. Kilgore clerk

[page 2, all hand written, looks to be missing part at top.]

...Virginia at a County Court begins and held for Wise County at the Court house thereof on Tuesday the 23 day of October 1894 present Hon. H.A.W. Skeen Judge presiding

On Application of Nancy Sexton widow of Robert R. Sexton deceased who as a member of Company ____ Virginia Regiment in the Confederate Army. And it appearing to the Court from evidence this day [produced] in court that the said Nancy Sexton is entitled to a pension of $30-- per annum pursuant to an Act of the General Assembly of Virginia passed March 15, 1888
It is therefore ordered that the same be certified to the Auditor of Public Accounts for payment as in such cases made and provided for

A copy. Teste
W.E. Kilgore clerk