Company B
48th Virginia Regiment

Kilgore Fort House, Copper Creek, Scott Co. Va.
Sketch by Andrew Bond, August 1996

David W. Price

Rank: Private

1860 Census:

Enlistment: Enlisted Abingdon, Washington Co., age 18, 6/20/61.

Present thru 8/31/61. Hospital, sick, 9/26/61 thru 11/30/61. Reenlistment leave 2/14/62 thru 3/31/62. Hospital, sick, by 4/30/62. Detailed, nurse, Staunton, 10/1/62 to 12/31/62. WIA, arm, Chancellorsville 5/2/63-5/3/63. Hospital, Richmond, 5/7/63 to 6/4/63 when released to duty.

According to Darrell Stanley ( ), when David Price went home to Scott County after the war, he found that his entire family had disappeared. He never heard from them again. While searching for his lost family, he met and married Nancy C. Price in Pike Co., KY in 1866. Nancy's father, William C. Price and two of her uncles fought for the Union and were killed during the war. Their father, Nancy's grandfather, Thomas Price also fought for the North. He was captured on July 2, 1863 and died in the Confederate prison at Salisbury, NC. Here is a photo of David.

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