Field and Staff
48th Virginia Regiment

Kilgore Fort House, Copper Creek, Scott Co. Va.
Sketch by Andrew Bond, August 1996

John Barton Guard

Rank: Musician

1860 Census: Prewar carpenter

Enlistment: Winchester, Frederick Co., 3/9/62.

Served in Company L, 5th Virginia Infantry 4/27/61 to 5/17/61 when rejected by surgeon. Present in the 48th Virginia Infantry, 10/31/64 and 12/31/64. Paroled Appomattox Court House 4/9/65.

Leslie Graber, the great, great granddaughter of John B. Guard has provided his photograph. She writes that the multitalented Guard was not only a carpenter and musician, but an architect who built a hotel after the war. He was also something of a collector. Among his possessions, she has found a poem written by Daniel Reynolds of the 8th Indiana and the promotion papers of a Maine major.

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