Nickelsville Spartan Band Roster, Company E
48th Virginia Regiment

Kilgore Fort House, Copper Creek, Scott Co. Va.
Sketch by Andrew Bond, August 1996

William Absalom Perry

Rank: Pvt.

1860 Census: Farm hand, Scott Co., age 20.

Enlistment: Nickelsville, Scott Co., age 21, pvt., 7/2/61.

Present thru 10/15/61. Hosp., sick, Lynchburg, by 4/30/62. WIA, left foot shot off at ankle while unit supported a battery, Cross Keys 6/8/62. Hosp., Charlottesville 6/17/62 to 8/6/62 when discharged disability. Died, heart trouble, Snowflake, Scott Co., 4/17/1919.

Dan Perry,,writes of his great granduncle,

"My uncle who died three years ago told of knowing and remembering his "Uncle Bill". The old soldier told stories of the war and of his wound at the Battle of Cross Keys.

From their position they were screening an artillery battery and in cover behind a fence row. The Federal position was immediately to their front. Bill said he was "sporting with the Yankee's" and would raise his foot in the air periodically. Perhaps not the wisest move. One of his comrades said "Bill, them Yanks goin' get lucky and shoot your foot off". Sure enough the Yank go lucky or was a good shot. Bill was hit in the ankle and the foot and ankle had to be amputated. He returned to Snowflake where he lived out a ling life. He owned a general store and was postmaster of Snowflake for many years."

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