Nickelsville Spartan Band Roster, Company E
48th Virginia Regiment

Kilgore Fort House, Copper Creek, Scott Co. Va.
Sketch by Andrew Bond, August 1996

William D. Hartsock

Rank: Pvt.

1860 Census:

Enlistment: Nickelsville, Scott Co., age 23, 7/2/61

Present thru 8/31/61. KIA, Port Republic, by a shell, 6/9/62.

Mr. Barnett McConnell writes that he has done a lot of research on and completed a book about the Hartsock family. His book contains the following, reported in the Friday, August 8, 1862 edition of the Abingdon Virginian.

"Among the gallant who fell victims to the tyrant of death in the defense of our glorious cause, it has been the will of the Almighty in accordance with his infinite wisdom and benevolence, to call Wm. D. Hartsock from his labors here below. He was the son of Rev. James and Matilda Hartsock, of Russell County, Virginia. He was a dutiful son and an affectionate brother, bid fair to be a useful member in society, and as a soldier, punctual to his duty. He has gone all too soon for his sorrowing friends and bleeding country, though his place at home is sadly vacant forever. His place in the army must be equally so, as he left a brother who stood alone by his side to mourn his loss -- no father, mother, brothers nor sisters to sympathize with him in his heart rending condition in the expiring moments of his brother. He volunteered last July, and went into the defense of his country, served the same like a good soldier, until that memorable day, the 9th of June, on which the battle of port Republic was fought, where he fell a victim to the ruthless hand of death by a shell; but he has done from among us in the bloom of youth, with a heart warm with future anticipations to his last moments, which were few after his fall. We cannot tell in what mind he died, but of upright life, religiously inclined, we may trustfully leave him with a good God, who knew best when to call him hence. The family of which he was a member, there were four brothers and seven sisters -- the mother, two sisters and himself sleep the sleep of death. Three brothers and five sisters still live to mourn their loss to this stroke of providence. Let us bow submissively, adopting the language of Job, "Though he slay me, yet will I trust in Him." We may be solaced by the recollection of the fact, that death is the gate to endless joy. May this dad dispensation of God be sanctified to the good of his surviving friends. F.S.V."

Mr. McConnell's book also states:

"Note: Alexander m. Hartsock was the brother who was with William D. when he died...Thanks to Bill and Pauline Hartsock for contributing this article and most of the information on the William Moses Hartsock family."

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