The Mullins Family in Dickenson County
By Elihu Jasper Sutherland

The Mullins Family in Dickenson County
By Elihu Jasper Sutherland

     The most numerous family in Dickenson County, Virginia, bears the name of Mullins. The names of 441 Mullins' appear on the 1930 poll tax list. There are many other Mullins in other counties of Southwestern Virginia, Eastern Kentucky and Southern West Virginia.
     The name originated from Moulin, a place in the Department of Orne, in Normandy, France.Several centuries ago members of the family went from there to England, where the present spelling of the name was adopted. It is family tradition that the ancestors of the Dickenson County Mullins came to America from Ireland.
     Darby Mullins was with Captain Kidd in his piratical wanderings. Priscilla Mullins and her father, William Mullins, came with the Pilgrims to Plymouth Rock, and she became the heroine of Longfellow's famous poem, "Miles Standish." In 1699, John Molins lived in Gloucester, England. In 1704 William Mullins lived in Middlesex County, Virginia.
     On October 31,1797, John Mullins, Ambros Mullins, and William Mullins, took the Oath of Allegiance in Henry County, Virginia. Dr. Edgar Young Mullins, a leading Minister of the Baptist Church, was probably the most distinguished member of the family in recent years.
     The Federal Census of 1790 shows that there were at that time 30 Mullins families in the United States. The average size of these families were 5.6. They were distributed as follows: Massachusetts, 2;Virginia, 20; North Carolina, 6; South Carolina, 2.
     The Dickenson County Mullins have not traced their ancestry very far into the past. There are two main branches here, and one of them is descended from one John Mullins who lived on the Toe River in Yancy (now Mitchell) County, North Carolina. Family tradition has it that his home was on the route Col. William Campbell and his "Redcoats," and that John Mullins joined the little force of patriots and went on to the glorious victory at Kings Mountain on that fine day in October, 1780. He reared a family in North Carolina, among his children being three sons: James, Solomon and John. After these sons came to the waters of Pound River in Southwestern Virginia, he followed them and spent his last days with his son John in Holly Creek Valley at what is now the town of Clintwood, Virginia. His descendants called him "Great-Grandsir." He died in 1849, and was buried near where John Powers now resides in Clintwood. The absence of any ready made coffins or lumber made it necessary to bury him in
a crude coffin finished from a poplar log.
     The Federal Census of 1790 enumerated one John Mullins living in Burke County, North Carolina, in whose family were 1 male over 16 years of age, 3 males under 16, and 3 females. Burke included in 1790 the territory later formed into Yancy and Mitchell Counties, and it is quite probable that this John Mullins was the same "Great-Grandsir," or Revolutionary John Mullins mentioned herein.

Children of Revolutionary John Mullins (1-A)

     1-B  James Mullins was born in 1783, and died on Grassy Creek, near the Breaks of Sandy in 1870 (?). He came to Pound, Russell County (now Wise) County, Virginia, prior to 1810. On April 5,1815, he and Berry Robinson purchased 200 acres of land on Indian Creek, Bold Camp and Pound Fork from Robert Preston. On June 11, 1817, he purchased Robinson's interest in this tract the deed being signed by Littleberry Robinson and his wife, Polenah. The Federal Census of 1820 shows him living in Russell County. Later he moved to the Cooner place on Pound River, near the mouth of Cranesnest River, where he resided for some years. He left there about 1854 and lived three years on Johns Creek in Pike County, Kentucky. He then moved to Grassy Creek on the present line between Buchanan and Dickenson Counties, where he remained until his death. He was a noted hunter, owned several slaves, some of their names being Sam, Lewis, Harriett, Lila and Ollie. He was an herb doctor and was widely known as "Dr. Jim Mullins." His first wife was Nancy Mullins, born 1784, and they had the following children: William, Solomon, and Annie. His second wife was Polly Mullins, born 1811, daughter of Ambros Mullins, and they had the following children: Didema, Preston and John, born 1833.

     2-B  Solomon Mullins moved to the waters of Holly Creek, about two miles northeast of Clintwood, where he lived for several years. He owned several slaves, mostly women, who worked in the fields and hunted in the woods. He was known as "Moneymaking Sol," because he made counterfeit money for several years under a cliff near Holly Creek. The cliff is still pointed out by neighbors as "Sol's Cliff." The government began to investigate his activity and he fled to Harts Creek, Logan County, West Virginia, taking most of his family with him. The writer has not been able to ascertain the name of his wife, nor the names of his children, except Peter, Eli and Spencer. 

     3-B  John Mullins, born 1784, died at Clintwood, Virginia, September 19, 1859. He and his wife lie buried on a slope about three hundred yards west of the Courthouse. He was a farmer and stock raiser. His first home was on Toe River in Yancy County, North Carolina. Learning of the cheap land and good hunting conditions on the waters of Pound River, he came to investigate. He became dissatisfied, and returned to his old home. He could not, however, get his mind off the great possibilities of this new country, so in the spring of 1829 (?) He brought a drove of hogs, cattle and horses to Holly Creek, and accompanying him were his two sons David and Isaac, and his daughter Mary, aged 14 years. They moved into a log cabin previously erected by an old hunter, William Broadwater, and which stood near the present (1932) residence of Dr. E. L. Phipps in the town of Clintwood. Here they grazed their stock on the pea vine and other luxuriant vegetation which they grew in the valleys and on the hills. They also put out and cultivated a crop. In the fall, Mr. Mullins and his two sons returned to their old home on the Toe River to bring back the remainder of the family and their worldly goods. Little Mary Mullins heroically stayed alone in the cabin for fourteen days until her relatives returned. She cared for the livestock and the crop. Her nearest neighbor was at least twelve miles away through a trackless forest, which was filled with fierce bears, wolves, panthers, and other varmints. These wild beasts often came to the cabin door at night and fought the dogs in the yard. Mr. Mullins became the owner of several thousand acres of the best land in Dickenson County, on which he settled his children as they married. After a few years he built a new house near the present Cumberland Chevrolet Garage (1932), near which may still be seen an old dead topped cedar which Mr. Mullins planted in his yard. He married Ollie Cox (1792-January 22, 1877), and had the following children: David, Kizzie, Nancy, Mary J., Isaac, Solomon, Hannah Minerva, James, Jane (Jennie), John, Sarah, Harmon, Ollie and Hazy Anne (b. 1835).

Children of Revolutionary John Mullins
Children of Dr. Jim Mullins (1-B)

     1-C  William Mullins born at Pound, Virginia, in 1810. He was a farmer and moved about considerably - as one of his descendants says, "Allus a-movin." In Pike County, Kentucky, on March 12, 1832, he married Elizabeth Justice, born 1811, a daughter of John Justice. Their children were:
1-D  Dock Mullins, born 1834, m. (1) Paralee Moore (2) Sallie Reed
2-D  Solomon Mullins, born 1838, died November 24, 1914, m. Annie Reed
3-D  Ephraim Mullins, born 1840 m. Eliza Puckett
4-D  Annie Mullins, born 1842, married Levi Bartley
5-D  Thomas Mullins, born October 15, 1849 married Nancy Bartley
6-D  William Mullins married Eliza Hill
7-D  Nancy Mullins married Isaac Cochran

     2-C  Solomon Mullins was a farmer and lived most of his life near the mouth of Pound River. He was called "Pound Sol." His wife was Piety Justice, daughter of John Justice, and their children were:
8-D  Richard Mullins
9-D  Jacob Mullins
10-D John Mullins
11-D Nancy Mullins
12-D Didema Mullins married _______ Deel
13-D Preston Mullins, b. 1856 - December 28, 1896
14-D Minerva Mullins, b. 1857, married Isaac Mullins (94-D)
15-D Jack Mullins, b. January 7, 1868, married Mary Bartley

     3-C  Annie Mullins, no data

     4-C  Didema Mullins was born 1828, and died in March 1902. She married Joshua Colley, son of Richard and Crissy (Counts) Colley. Joshua Colley served in Company E, 21st Virginia Cavalry during most of the Civil War. He was a farmer and lived on Grassy Creek, near the home of his father-in-law. Their children were:
16-D Solomon Colley, born June 11, 1846, married Ellen Anderson
17-D John Colley, 1848-1860
18-D Mary Colley, b. 1849, m. (1) Lewis Clevenger (2) _________________
19-D James M. Colley, b. 1851, m. (1) Julia A. Lee (2) Eliza J. Pressley
20-D David Colley, 1853-1925, married Dulcena Moore
21-D Thomas K. Colley, April 9, 1855 - February 26, 1931 married Eunice Colley
22-D Joseph Colley, 1857-1919, m. (1) Melissa Powers (2) Mary Ramey
23-D Emily F. Colley, 1859, m. (1) J. M. Thornbury (2) Joseph E. Glenn
24-D Julia Colley, 1863, married I. B. Elswick
25-D Bartley B. Colley, February 4, 1866, m. (1) Emily Powers (2) Nannie E. Deel
26-D Nancy Colley, 1869, married Jesse Lee

     5-C  Preston Mullins, 1830-1913. Most of his life was spent as a farmer in Dickenson County. He married (1) Sarah Colley, 1825-1881, a daughter of Richard and Crissy (Counts) Colley. Their children were:
27-D Mary Mullins, 1850 married William Wallace
28-D James P. Mullins, March 4, 1855, married Elizabeth Branham 
29-D Richard Mullins, 1854, married Pernetta Stone
30-D John A. Mullins, November 25, 1859, married Sarah J. Poers
31-D Sylvia Mullins married Elijah Wallis

Preston Mullins married (2) Thursy Wallis, 1836 - April 25, 1881, a daughter of William Wallis.
Their children were:
32-D King Solomon Mullins, b. October 26, 1866 married Mary Lyall
33-D S. Burbridge Mullins, May 7, 1869 - 1952, married Causby Powers
34-D Dr. Ira Mullins

     6-C  John Mullins lived on his father's farm on Grassy Creek. He married Mariah Reed, daughter of George Reed, and their children were:
35-D Washington Mullins married Marinda Fuller
36-D Noah Mullins married Belle Owens
37-D Madison Mullins, b. April 4, 1866, m. Martha Deel
38-D Enoch Mullins, 1869, m. Mary J. Clevinger 
39-D Didema Mullins married James Epling
40-D Nancy Jane Mullins, m. _____ Elswick

           Children of Moneymaking Sol Mullins (2-B)

     7-C  Peter Mullins lived awhile on the head of Brush Creek, near Clintwood, and then moved to Logan County, West Virginia. He was living there on November 23, 1860, when he and his wife,Jane Mullins, executed a deed to John P. Chase for Jane Mullin's one-twelfth part of the real estate of her father, John Mullins (3-B), deceased, on Holly Creek. Both were dead on September 16, 1889, when their heirs executed another deed for the same interest to Mr. Chase, the first deed proving defective. He married his cousin, Jane (Jennie) Mullins (19-C), daughter of John and Ollie (Cox) Mullins. Their children were:
41-D Van B. Mullins
42-D John Mullins
43-D Pricey Mullins married Matthias Elkins
44-D Ollie Mullins married William Jonas
45-D James B. Mullins
46-D Andrew J. Mullins
47-D Weddington Mullins
48-D Almedia Mullins
49-D Solomon Mullins
50-D _______ Mullins m. _______ Maggard
51-D Barnett C. Mullins

     8-C  Eli Mullins lived and died near the Breaks of Sandy. He married and had the following children:
52-D Wesley Mullins, died November 9, 1864
53-D James Mullins married ______ Potter
54-D Simpson Mullins married Mahala Reed
55-D Sallie Mullins married Moses Workman
56-D Cynthia Mullins married Henry Potter
57-D Spencer "Maje" Mullins married Sara Artrip

     Eli Mullins married (2) Betty (M. Bryant) Rose. No children.

     9-C  Spencer Mullins moved with his father to West Virginia. No further record.

Children of John Mullins of Holly Creek

     10-C David Mullins was born in 1810 and died June 29, 1888. He first settled on a farm at the Dow Dunbar place below Clintwood. On October 15, 1859, he sold the land to L. D. Dunbar, and moved to Meadow Branch of Cane Creek, where he lived on a farm until his death. He married Ruth Buchanan, born 1816, and had the following children:
58-D William L. Mullins, b. May 20, 1835, d. May 3, 1910, m. Matilda Smith
59-D Jane (Jennie) Mullins, b. 1834, m. Elder James Smith
60-D John Mullins, b. 1838, m. (1) ________ (2) Emiline Hopson
61-D James Mullins, b. 1839, m. Mary Ratliff
62-D David Mullins, b. 1840, m. Nancy Reed
63-D Ruth Mullins, b. 1845, m. _____ Ratliff 
64-D-A Hannah Mullins, b. 1846
64-D-B Elizabeth Mullins, b. 1849
65-D Emily Mullins married William Peeks
66-D Lilburn Mullins, b. September 13, 1856, m. Jane Fuller

     11-C Kizzie Mullins married Lewis Cook in North Carolina. No further data.

     12-C Nancy Mullins died young in North Carolina

     13-C Mary J. Mullins was born March 15, 1815, and died October 6, 1893. She came with her father and two brothers to Holly Creek (See ante: 3-B John Mullins). She married John Jackson Fleming, born June 9, 1812 - February 1, 1881, in Pike County, Kentucky, on January 31, 1833.
     They lived in Kentucky a few years, then moved to Flemingtown, about 2 miles Northeast of Clintwood, where they lived on a farm the remainder of their days. Their children were:
66-D John Fleming, born August 29, 1834
67-D Lavina Fleming, b. March 24, 1836, m. (1) Marshall Neel (2) John B. Counts
68-D Isaac Fleming, died unmarried
69-D Manuel Fleming, b. May 12, 1840, m. Betty Mullins (1-Z)
70-D Martha Fleming, m. Wesley Y. Vanover
71-D Sarah Fleming m. Frank Taylor
72-D William J. Fleming, b. December 9, 1846, d. June 30, 1921, m. Patsy Branham
73-D David Fleming
74-D Robert Fleming, b. March 5, 1851, m. Polly McFall
75-D George W. Fleming, b. April 21, 1853, m. Lucy Ratliff
76-D Mary J. Fleming, b. May 6, 1857, m. Frank M. Beverly
77-D Andrew J. Fleming, b. May 6, 1859, died October 5, 1904, m. Florina Senter.

     14-C Isaac Mullins was born April 12, 1817 and died October 18, 1886. He lived on a farm about two miles northeast of Clintwood. He served in the Confederate Army. He married Elizabeth Mullins, April 12, 1818 - November 4, 1895), a daughter of Ambrose and Nancy Mullins of Bold Camp Creek in Wise County, Virginia. Their children were:
78-D Nancy Mullins, b. Aug 29, 1840, died February 19, 1926, unmarried
79-D Harman Mullins, b. October 6, 1844, d. February 23, 1917, m. (1) Elizabeth Venters, (2) Mary Grizzle, b. July 8, 1854, d. February 24, 1938.
80-D Mahulda Mullins, d. 1929, m. Phillip Fleming
81-D Edom Mullins, b. February 16, 1847, m. (1) _____ Taylor (2) Martha Younce
82-D Isaac Mullins, b. January 1, 1849, m. Ella Vanover
83-D John Mullins, b. December 12, 1850, d. February 28, 1927, m. (1) Rena Aldridge (2) Ona Newberry
84-D Jennie Mullins, b. September 5, 1853, m. Weddington Vanover (131-D)
85-D Ollie Mullins m. Noah E. Yates
86-D Sarah Mullins m. Solomon Fleming
87-D Matilda Mullins m. (1) Isaac Price (2) E. F. Hughes, died January 18, 1935
88-D Oma Mullins m. William Deel
89-D Martha J. Mullins m. (1) William Shores (2) Pleasant Bartley
90-D James S. Mullins, 1867 - August 8, 1926 m. Cordelia Culbertson

     15-C Solomon Mullins was born April 6, 1818 and died November 8, 1886. He lived on a farm near Clintwood. He married Elizabeth Hall, born June 20, 1820, a daughter of Alexander and Polly(Shepard) Hall. Their children were:
91-D John A. Mullins, b. April 1838, died December 29, 1883, m. Eleanor Mullins (124-D)
92-D Virginia Mullins, b. 1840, died in infancy
93-D Solomon Mullins, b. April 19, 1842, m. Amanda Reedy, died July 12, 1937
94-D Isaac Mullins, born March 6, 1844, m. (1) Martha Gibson (2) Minerva Mullins (14-D)
95-D Mary Mullins, b. 1846, m. Waits Stanley
96-D Ibbie Mullins, b. 1848, m. Meredith Willis
97-D Wallie Mullins, b. 1850, m. Riley H. Hall
98-D Elizabeth Mullins, b. 1852, m. William Rasnick
99-D Zachary Mullins, b. March 14, 1854, m. Martha Turner
100-D Margaret Mullins, b. 1856, died unmarried.
101-D Martha Mullins, b. 1858, m. Henderson Rose
102-D Nancy Mullins, b. 1861, m. Marion Ramsey
103-D Oma Mullins, b. 1864, m. Floyd Hale
104-D Nadison Mullins, b. 1867, m. Martha Boggs
105-D Edmund Mullins, b. 1869, m. Florence Rife

     16-C James Mullins was born 1821 and died December 24, 1878. He lived on a farm near the Widow Bets Gap in Clintwood. His wife was Elizabeth Wright born April 26, 1826 and died March 30, 1920, daughter of Jonathan and Mary Jane (Bailey) Wright. They had no children.

     17-C Hannah Minerva Mullins married in Pike County, Kentucky, July 5, 1838, Phillip Fleming, born February 15, 1815 and died April 28, 1885, son of Robert and Elizabeth (Stumbo) Fleming. They lived on a farm at the mouth of Holly Creek, and had the following children:
106-D Ollie Fleming died young
107-D Margaret Fleming m. Lewis Keezee
108-D Betty Fleming m. Sank Wright
109-D Jefferson Fleming, b. April 17, 1849, d. 1928, m. Hazy McFall
110-D John W. Fleming, b. April 13, 1851, m. Mary J. Wright
111-D Huren Fleming, died young
112-D Floyd Fleming, died young
113-D Almeda Fleming, died young
114-D Preston Fleming, b. July 23, 1857, m. Nannie Talbert
115-D Mary Jane Fleming m. John Baker

     18-C John H. Mullins was born November 22, 1825 and died December 17, 1902. Soon after his marriage he settled on Georges Fork, where his son Harmon H. Mullins now lives (1932) and with the exception of about three years spent at his father's old home at Clintwood, he lived there until his death. He married Mary (Polly) Anne Bentley, born March 12, 1830 and died January 27, 1902, and had the following children:
116-D Margareen Mullins, b. May 1, 1848, d. 1931, m. William Jessee
117-D Jennie Mullins, b. November 5, 1849, m. Allen Smith
118-D Malinda Mullins, b. October 1, 1851, m. Cornelius Hibbitts
119-D Esau Mullins, b. November 22, 1853, d. June 21, 1920, m. Louisa Phipps
120-D Sarah E. Mullins, b. July 7, 1856, d. September 8, 1930, m. Solomon S. Hibbits
121-D John B. Mullins, b. April 6, 1858, d. November 9, 1928, m. Salina Dale
122-D Harmon H. Mullins, b. March 2, 1860, m. Emeline Turner
123-D Logan S. Mullins, b. February 16, 1862, m. Laura Browning

     19-C Jane (Jennie) Mullins married her cousin Peter Mullins (7-C). (See same for further data)

     20-C Sarah (Sallie) Mullins was born September 6, 1827 and died July 15, 1849. She married Francis B. Greear, born June 22, 1819, died February 2, 1908, married in Letcher Co., KY, February 9,1847. Lived one mile west of Clintwood until her death. They had no children. Mr. Greear removed to Coeburn, VA, remarried and became the father of Dr. James N. Greear and grandfather of Hon. Fred B. Greear, present (1932) Commonwealth Attorney of Wise Co., VA.

     21-C Harmon Mullins born in 1826 (?) and died April 3, 1860, being killed by a limb falling from a burning tree on his farm. He lived at the mouth of Cooks Fork of Georges Fork. His wife was Dicy Keel, and they married in Letcher Co., KY, November 14, 1846. She was daughter of Hardin and Susan (Tootle) Keel. They had children:
124-D Eleanor Mullins married John A. Mullins (91-D)
125-D James Mullins married Mary Craft
126-D Emanuel Mullins, b. October 31, 1849, died September 1918, m. Katy Rose
127-D Ollie Mullins, died April 1860
128-D Wilburn Mullins, died April 1860
129-D Jane Mullins, b. 1857, m. William Anderson
130-D Andrew J. Mullins, b. May 13, 1859, m. Kizzie Vanover

     22-C Ollie Mullins was born February 5, 1832 and died February 10, 1910. She married Eli Vanover, born July 1829, died January 1, 1913, a son of Cornelius Vanover. They were married in Letcher Co., KY, March 2, 1842. Their children were:
131-D Weddington Vanover, b. May 5, 1851, d. April 11, 1886, m. Jennie Mullins (84-D)
132-D James Vanover, b. 1853, m. Jane Baker
133-D Jane Vanover, b. August 27, 1855, d. February 9, 1930, m. John Calvin Swindall
134-D Hazy Vanover, b. November 25, 1857, d. April 21, 1926, m. R. Gaston Baker
135-D Kizzy Vanover, b. March 11, 1860, m. Andrew J. Mullins (130-D)
136-D W. Sherman Vanover, b. October 7, 1867, m. Frances Baker
137-D Marinda Vanover, b. May 12, 1871, d. April 28, 1918, m. David D. Hughes
138-D Maranda Vanover, b. May 12, 1871, d. 1919, m. Chorelus Hughes
139-D Dora Vanover, m. Samuel Meade
140-D George W. Vanover, b. May 22, 1877, m. Arra Hughes

     23-C Hazy Mullins was born May 16, 1834, died December 12, 1902. She married Jacob Yates, born January 31, 1829, died September 20, 1907, a son of John and Margaret (Blair) Yates. They lived on a farm at Yates Gap, about one mile west of Clintwood. Their children were:
141-D John A. Yates, b. September 18, 1853, d. December 31, 1913, m. Anne R. Howell
142-D Ollie Yates, b. March 22, 1860, m. James Buckley
143-D James Yates, b. July 19, 1862, d. January 2, 1929, m. Sarah Meade, 1877-1949
144-D Ira L. Yates, b. September 20, 1864, d. March 28, 1892, unmarried
145-D Peggy Yates, b. 1866, never married
146-D Minerva Yates, b. 1868, m. Richard Branham
147-D Drewery Yates, b. January 19, 1871, m. Sarah Lane
148-D Belle Yates m. Marsh Hughes
149-D N. Bishop Yates, b. January 1, 1881, m. Lillie Hughes

Marshall Mullins of Brush Creek

     Another branch of the Dickenson County Mullins family has descended from Marshall Mullins, who (according to family tradition) was a nephew of Revolutionary John Mullins (1-A). His first home in Dickenson County was near Horseshoe Bend of Cranesnest River. After a little while he moved to the
mouth of Brush Creek of Pound River where he lived the rest of his life. His wife was Sallie Potter of Kentucky, and they had the following children: Isham (Isom), Marshall and Mary (Polly).

Children of Marshall Mullins

     1-Y  Isham (Isom) Mullins was born in 1820 and died July 3, 1893. He lived most of his life where George Farmer now resides, near the mouth of Brush Creek. His name was originally spelled "Isham", but by use it later became "Isom," and many of his namesakes spell it that way. The community post office named for him is spelled "Isom". He married (1) Polly Sanders, b. 1825, and had the following children:
1-Z  Betty Mullins, b. 1843, m. Manuel Fleming (70-D)
2-Z  Mahulda Mullins, b. 1848, m. Stephen H. Senter
3-Z  Sarah Mullins, b. 1845, m. William Stanley
4-Z  Spencer Mullins, b. January 1, 1852, d. August 22, 1921, m. Elizabeth Buchanan
5-Z  Nancy Mullins, b. 1849, m. John Dutton
6-Z  Preston Mullins, b. February 19, 1857, d. July 1929, m. Martha A. Phipps
7-Z  John Mullins (Flat John), b. February 18, 1858, m. (1) Betty Stanley (2) Rebecca Ramey(3) Margaret (Whitt) Honaker.
8-Z  Rilda Mullins m. William Mullins
9-Z  Polly A. Mullins m. Madison Moore
10-Z Minerva Mullins, b. March 14, 1866, m. (1) Floyd Keel (2) Henry Castle
11-Z Noah F. Mullins, b. August 26, 1867, m. (1) Polly A. Vanover (2) Mary Blevins
12-Z Isom Mullins (Wildcat), b. October 13, 1870, d September 16, 1919, m. (1) Cynthia Phipps (2) Mincy Vanover
13-Z Wilson Mullins died young

Isom Mullins married (2) Mary Phipps, born September 5, 1851, died September 4, 1905, a daughter of David and Charlotte (Long) Phipps. Their children were:
14-Z Mandy J. Mullins, b. January 16, 1879, m. (1) Willie Stanley (2) J. Henry Baker
15-Z Louisa Mullins, b. August 17, 1881, m. Patton Taylor
16-Z Creed Mullins, 1883-1886
17-Z Lowry Mullins, b. June 30, 1885, d. August 10, 1921, unmarried
18-Z Medeia E. Mullins, b. July 13, 1887, m. Enoch Moore
19-Z Ida Mullins, b. February 4, 1890, died May 28, 1912, m. George Farmer

     2-Y  Marshall Mullins was born August 25, 1822, and died April 25, 1907. He lived on a farm, on Brush Creek, where Mack Mullins now (1932) resides. He married Eliza Mullins, who died August 9, 1903, and had the following children:
20-Z Sarah Mullins, 1849 - August 9, 1903, m. Harvey Kelly
21-Z Nancy Mullins m. Mack Deel
22-Z Marshall Mullins m. Parthena Moore
23-Z Polly Mullins m. Daniel Riley
24-Z Martha Mullins m. Thomas Johnson
25-Z Isom Mullins, b. April 10, 1859, never married
26-Z Lydia Mullins m. James Stewart
27-Z Lilbourn Mullins, b. May 23, 1862, m. Lurena Moore
28-Z Harmon Mullins (Shippoo), b. October 3, 1865, m. Mary Sowards
29-Z Wilburn Mullins, b. October 6, 1869, m. Victoria Taylor
30-Z Melissa Mullins, b. 1872, m. Morgan Anderson

     3-Y  Mary "Polly" Mullins, b. 1821, married James Osborne. They lived awhile on the head of Bear Pen Creek of Pound River, but, prior to 1866 they moved to near Shelby Gap, Pike County, Kentucky, where they lived until their deaths. On August 24, 1866, they deeded a tract of land on Georges Fork to James F. McElhaney and W. B. Aston. Their children were:
31-Z Preston Osborne
32-Z Marshall Osborne
33-Z Sally Osborne, m. Tom Anderson
34-Z Darkie (Darcus) Osborne, m. John W. Belcher
35-Z Nancy Osborne m. John Vance
36-Z Dicey Osborne m. Will Vanover
37-Z Eliza Osborne unmarried
38-Z Betty Osborne m. Ben Potter
39-Z Polly Osborne m. Jack Moore

     There are Mullinses in Dickenson County who belong to other branches of this numerous family. Their genealogies have not been traced by the writer.

     Historical Sketches of Southwest Virginia, published by the Historical Society of Southwest Virginia, publication 8, June 1974, pages
36 to 46

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