Hensley Family Cemetery

Scott County Virginia

Upper Possum Creek Road


The cemetery is located on the south side of the road on top of a knoll approximately 2 miles west of Chealybeate Springs United Method Church on Upper Possum Creek Road .


It is exclusively a family cemetery for the Hensley family.  There are 5 graves in a row, running south to north, and another unmarked one to the west of these.  The unmarked grave belongs to Parilee Hensley.


                                                                        Parilee Hensley

                                                                        no stone found                ----> North



Mary A. Hensley          Thomas Kelly                 Kelly T.                      Orban                         Sarah S. Palmer

July 31 1849                      Hensley                     Hensley                      Hensley                          June 20 1877

Oct 1 1916                   Dec 31 1852                     Born                           Born                             May 20 1915

                                      Jan 6 1929                  Aug 1 1888               Sept 12 1881

                                                                            Died                            Died

                                                                        Oct 30 1901              July 17 1903

                                                                      Asleep in Jesus


Mary A. Hensley is wife of Thomas K.

Kelly T. (Thomas) is son of Thomas and Mary A.

Orban Hensley is a son of Thomas and Mary A.

Sarah S. Palmer is a daughter of Thomas Kelly

Parilee Hensley is a sister of Thomas Kelly


Thomas Kelly was married twice.  His first wife was named Matilda, Sarah S. and Ida were daughters of this marriage.

Sarah S. b. 1878;

Ida b. 1880.

Thomas married 2nd, Mary A.  Children of this marriage were:

J. Orban     born Sep 1881

M.L.          born Jan 1883

G. A.         born Nov 1886

T. K.         born Aug 1888


Thomas is the son of  William H. and Frances A. Hensley.  Children of this marriage are:

William H. Hensley       father    b. 1825

Frances A.                   mother  b. 1829

Parilee                          dau       b. 1845

John                             son       b. 1846

Melinda                        dau       b. 1849

Thomas                        son       b. 1852

Pleasant                        son       b. 1854

Mary                            dau       b. 1856

Adeline                         dau       b. 1858

Lucinda                        dau       b. 1859

William A.                    son       b. 1861


Information on Parilee Hensley was from family members.  Genealogy taken from 1860 - 1900 census records. This cemetery was found in poor condition and was cleaned by United Methodist Men in Sept. 2007.


Cemetery read Sept. 2007 by Jim Small jimsmall@hughes.net

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