Shoemaker College

March 1, 1894 The General Assembly of Virginia granted a charter to Shoemaker College.  Money from James L Shoemaker estate was used to build east of Gate City and opened on October 22, 1897.

The first Board of Trustees consisted of

Supt. W D Smith, chairman
I P Kane, secretary
John M Johnson
M T Hash
W M Jennings
The first facility:
A L G Stephenson, president Mathematics and Natural Science
R M Addington, English and History
L R Warren, Languages
Miss Effie Bean, music
Miss Virginia Matheson, Art
Miss Kate Starnes, Primary Department
A L G Stephenson was succeeded by Prof. F B Fitzpatrick as president
Miss Cornelia Poindexter, teacher of Latin, German, French, and Pedagogy
R M Dougherty, History and  Mathematics
Dr. W H Saunders, Physiology
Miss Flora Kate Carter, Primary Department
Miss Mollie Starnes, assistant Primary Department
Miss Mamie E Porter, Vocal and Instrumental Music

The college became a high school in 1906.

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