Stony Creek Regular Baptist Church


Organized in 1801 with the first legible entry as August 26, 1815.  Founding members William Brickey Sr and David L Cocke.  Records indicate that William Brickey was born in Botetourt County, Va  on December 29, 1779, He was the first clerk and one of the first deacons. He married Elizabeth cox, daughter of David Cox. David L Cocke was born at Castles Woods in Russell County ,Va on June 12, 1785.

Church members prior to 1819:
David Cox
John Buster
Elizabeth Carter
Shade Estep
Samuel Estep
Mary Estep
Elizabeth Wallace
Williams Wells
Thomas Owins
Jeams, a black man
Hannah Riggs
Salley Mullets
Sarah Buster
David Buster
William Buster
Bates Buster
Margaret Hammon
John Buster
Samuel Buster
James Cocks
Caty McConnell
Black Sarah
Black Sook
Charley Buster
Simon Stacey
Nansey Cox
Nathan Swinney
Wynoah Carter
Sherod kid
James Brickey
William Brickey
John McKinsey
David Cox Sr
Thomas Lander
Pattie Tailer
Chloe France
William Steward
James Albert
Charles Buster
John Fraisure
Nimrod Tailer
Pattie Kinsey
John Sturgin
Sam Pitman
James Gibson
Ruth Gibson


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