Sulphur Spring Baptist Church also called Darthula


The first legible church order reads as follows “ Appointed committee to examine and correct church book list of members. Left unchanged by committee. The list is as follows:

Elizabeth Hobbs
Mary Darter
Martha Hilton
Matilda Ryan
Mary Agee
Catherine Hilton
Margaret Vineyard
Nancy Hart
Francis A Claman
Kesire Hobbs
Mary A Coley
Jane Denison
R M Denison
W H Bevins
Martha Cleek
Rachel B Bevins
Margaret Cleek
Sophia Ann Cleek
Mary Wadkins
Martha E Cleek
Sarah A Cleek
Mary J Barker
Sara E Price
John H Hilton
James Ramey
Josiah McClellan
Rebecca Ramey
Robert McNutt
Wm H Agee
E H Quillin
David M Jayne
James M Hilton
W L Hilton
Samuel Hilton
Austin Brown
E B Hilton
Sarah J Vineyard
Rebecca Murphy
Catherine Collins
Anna McClellan
Harriett Hilton
A J Hobbs
Elizabeth Q Hilton
John Wallace
Fanna Browder
Michiel Darter
W L Coley
Mary J Ramey
Elinor Ramey
Wm Ramey
Polly Ramey
David Taylor
Malinda Taylor
Elizabeth Johnson
Watson Whitaker
Elizabeth Bounds
Mary E Darter
James K P Darter
Mary Parmer
Aga Ramey
G B Quillin
Nansy S Quillin
James A Hilton
Rebecca Peters
Mary E Taylor
Nancy S Ramey
George Coley
Jeremiah Marion
Abel McNutt
Robert Blalock
Almira Darter
Mary C Hilton
Eliza Strong
Eliza Hart
Vaughan Hilton
Wm Blalock
Elizabeth L Hilton
Rebecca Darter
Noah Hobbs
Nansy S Hilton
David Hobbs
Polly Ann Coley
Melvina Quillin
William Coley
Lucinda Carrow
Martha Johnson
Annas Pratt
Margaret Blalock
Susan Martin
Sarah Ann Smith
Susan McNutt
Rachiel Cleek
Florence Cleek
Elizabeth Lawson
Anna Blalock
M L Ingram
Emaline Ingram
Peter Johnson
Eliza Cleek
Thomas Cleek
Philip McNutt
David Epperson
Mary Wallace
Felix Syms
Washington Ramey
William H Ramey
Henry Syms
Henderson Hobbs
Mary V Walker
John Taylor
Nancy smith
Polly Quillin
Mary Ramey
James H Denison
William H Ellis
Mary Cleek
Martha Kilgore
Henry Darter
Judith A Graham
David Hilton
Margaret Claman
John Hilton
Polly Denison
Anny Fields
Jeremiah Fields
Emly Payne
E J Blessing
Nancy Seaver


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