Hunters Branch M E Church South

Believed to have formed about 1800 by the families of William Agee who married a Miss Childress and David Freeman.

Early members were:

Isaac Cookenour
Hesikiah Crumly
David Freeman
Lavina Cookenour
Isaac Agee
J B Agee
Malikiah Crumley
Charity Crumley
J S Agee
Rachel Agee
Mary Ann Cookenour
L C Freeman
D T Freeman
R Y Reynolds
James I Agee
Mary J Agee
Elizabeth Agee
Sarah Freeman
Elen Reynolds
Mary K Hickam
Nancy S Agee
Susan M Agee
Mary Freeman
G H Nottingham
Martha Nottingham
Jemima Davidson
Nancy E Agee
Amelia Nottingham
Eva Freeman
M L Agee
Kate Agee
Rachel Agee
Nelie Reynolds
Kate Freeman
Susie Horn
Lilla Freeman
Bertha Horn
Flora Horn
List of ministers who names appear on the minute book:

Samuel Patton
George Eakin
T K Catlett
Samuel D Gaines
J T Smith
H L Wood
F A Farley
J T Frazier
D R Smith
G W Renfro
John S Bowine?
J A Mahoney
S S Weatherly
R M Hickey
J C Runyon
J W Hillman
F H Farley
J L Weber
J E Fogleman
S W McConnell
W C Carden
J W Smith
C H Fogleman
S T McPherson
J F Jones
J I Cash
E L McConnell
J S Hensley
A B Moore
W T Evans
F Snavely
J T Houts
Barney Thompson
K W Cox
G F Fox
J W Stewart
J B Simpson
K G Munsey
T H Francisco
Reubin Steele
John B Corns
J H Torbit
John Craig
L C Delashment
F D Crumley
W L Richardson
J W Belt
Eli K Hutsell
John Baringer
J E Neff
E H Casady
E A Shugart
E E Gillenwaters
W M Bellamy
James Edwards
Washington Bolling
John M Crismond
John H Kenady
I P Martin
G S Wood

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