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Posted 11/13/2005


Need help... L. Barnett is: Lavenia Barnett (mother of John H.) How can I find out what Lavenia's maiden name was? BARNETT, John H. s/o John & L. Barnett age 25 S laborer POB POR Stafford & WILLIAMS, Ann; d/o Josh & E. Williams age 19 S POB POR Stafford; POM Stafford 14 Feb 1889 minister William Robinson STMR

Taken from 1870 Census
192 - Barnett, John 40m mulatto " "
Lavenia 30f black keep house
Lucy Ann 10f black
John Henry 9m black
Bettie 3f black
Celey 4/12f black (should be Celia)

Taken from 1910 Census
87 - Barnett, Luscina black
88 - Boxley, Maatthew black

Maiden name may have been: Shepard

Thanks, Sandra Hawkins

Posted 11/13/2005


Looking for information on Embreys in Stafford County, VA 1700's ... (William, Joseph, Thomas, any others) Any help will be appreciated. Raye Ann Embrey

Posted 11/03/2005


I am researching the Stone family in the late 1600's and early 1700's. In particular one Thomas Stone who is listed as a resident of Stafford county in 1722. In Sept. 1724 he received a Fairfax grant in what is now Fauquier County.  However, There were a number of transactions which occurred in Stafford.

1. Edward Maddox left a will dated in 1694 in this will he had left land indirectly to a Thomas Stone from Charles Maryland. Maddox wife was Margery Stone (relic of Matthew).
2. Thomas sold that land 200 acres to William Thornton in March of 1722.
3. Thomas Stone 1724 of Stafford Grant. of 611 acres on Licking Run now in Fauquier.
There are several books written which claim that the Thomas in item 2 and Thomas of Item 3 were father and son: "Stones of Poynton Manor" and the "Stones of Surry". However, They offer no clear reference to the relationship.
I was hoping that there might be an index for the Deeds book or a Abstract of Deeds  which could be checked to see if what existed in Stone transactions between 1694 Maddox to Stone by will and Stone land transactions through 1724 especially a Stone to Stone gift of deed. I would appreciate the help with this research. Thanks,

Posted 9/9/2005


Request  any information about James Garner b. ca. 1726 or 1727 in Stafford County, Virginia or his family.  Wondering if this is the James Garner who received a 1780 survey of property in Pittsylvania County, Virginia, reared children Margaret, William and Lewis, and 
sold 686 acres in 1809 in Pittsylvania County before moving to Lauderdale County, Alabama, prior to the 1820 census. Thank you for your research assistance regarding his early years in Stafford County.  Warmest regards, Jacquelyn Marshall

Posted 9/9/2005


I am trying to track down information on my Walker ancestors who lived in Falmouth before the War Between the States.  Robert Johnson Walker was the father of my great grandmother Fanny Walker.  They refugeed twice and abandoned their home for good after the second Battle of Fredericksburg.  Earlier Walkers of mine and hers - Alexander, Susanna, and children are buried in the Fredericksburg Masonic Cemetery. Any help will be appreciated. Bob Miller,      

Posted 9/2/2005


I am trying to find information on a Baker Edwards.  He is listed in the 1810 census for Stafford County. He is possibly the father of Jesse and Nathan Edwards. Also I am looking for information on any of the following possible children of Baker:

Jesse Edwards
William Edwards
Nace (Ignatious?) Edwards
Elizabeth "Betsy" Edwards born about 1765
Nathan, who may be William Nathaniel Edwards

Any help appreciated, Jannifer Gresham

Posted 9/1/2005

DOW / HOSKINS (updated from 8/10)

Henry Dow is my great grandfather who moved from New Jersey with his first wife Ada, who died in Falmouth 1907, and his father Oscar about 1906. I did get some obits and the wedding announcement but am trying to find where they are buried. The wedding announcement states that her father was Capt. G. W. Hoskins who had a home at Stafford Heights opposite the upper wharves. I found Oscar in the 1910 census but not in the 1920's, and Eva and Ruth are living in Fredericksburg 1930 census. I still need to find out where Oscar and Eva( I found everyone Except Oscar) are buried and the dates of death. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanking you in advance, Bruce Dow

Posted 8/29/2005


William Hill married Katherine Stacy 1745 Overwharton Parish Register. Family moved up to Faquier and Shenandoah Co VA. Son Simon (Revolutionary War Vet) moved family to Licking and Muskingum Co OH line in 1812.  Families of Holmes, Henslee, Redman, Hume and Shaw moved with them. Thanks, Robert Hill,

Posted 8/15/2005


I am searching for information about a James Kinney, who lived in Stafford County Virginia during the early 1700s, (1700-1740s).  He is believed to have been married in Stafford county to someone whose first name was Ann, last name unknown.  Children born to that marriage included John, born 2/14/1740, Richard, born during April, 1742 and died April 25, 1838 in Scott County, IN; William, born 12/23/1743; Thomas, born 10/15/1745; Sarah, born 4/15/1749; and Reuben, born 10/12/1751. 
Also some unconfirmed sources indicate that a Timothy Kinney may have come to this country in 1660 and settled in the Richmond, VA area.  I am attempting to learn whether this person existed and whether he is related to the above James Kinney.  The information I have about Timothy Kinney is quite minimal.  He may have come to this country from Ireland with a brother named Joel.  Joel and Timothy may have served in Cromwell's army. Any thoughts about checking sources and/or any leads would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you, Linda Kinney

Posted 8/14/2005


I am at a total stand still. There was a Benjamin Robinson that died in Stafford County in 1785 and was married to a Sarah Stacy. They had one child by the name of Elijah. In 1787 there is a mention of Elijah on the Personal Property Tax List for a Sarah Robinson next door in Fauquier County. Could these two be connected? My GGG Grandfather was Elijah Robinson from Virginia and the only census that I am sure is him was from Culpeper County in 1850. He came to Tennessee after the census and died in 1853. All of his children were born in Virginia and came with him when he left Tennessee, some were married and had children of their on. There is information on the internet concerning Benjamin Robinson, son of Stephen and two different sites have the Elijah going in different directions and not much information because he was not their direct descendent. My Elijah stayed in that general region and was a Millwright. Is there any information in the local libraries or elsewhere that would help me find out if this is my Elijah ? I have a lot of information concerning his death because of his personal property being divided. I have all his children's names but can not find anything to connect him to anyone that could be his parents. According to the court records, he was married to a Nancy Preston, daughter of Joel Preston but I have found no marriage record from Virginia. I would appreciate any help I could get. Shirley Carter

Posted 8/10/2005


I recently found out that my g grandfather, Henry Dow, died July 21, 1910 and was buried July 23, 1910 at City Cemetery. He married Eva Hoskins, daughter of Capt. George Hoskins, 1908. I know he lived in Falmouth and was wondering if this cemetery still exists and is it searchable? I live in New York but would travel to research if possible. I also believe his father Oscar may be buried there also.  Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanking you in advance, Bruce Dow

Posted 8/2/2005


I am looking for any information on Yelverton Mason, (1775-1854) who is almost invisible (except for a couple of tax record lists) in Stafford Co! I do have a pretty fair sketch of his life after he reached Spencer/Nelson Co., KY but almost nothing during his stay in Stafford Co. If you have any hint of information about him it will be most welcome, Thanks, Sue Dufour

Posted 7/5/2005

Dear Norman / Stewart Families,

I wanted to share some info. re: the Norman / Stewart cemetery that is on our property in Stafford, VA in case anyone from those families is trying to find where their ancestor is buried.  The following is a
list of the head stones:

George Norman 6/1743 - 6/1807
Margaret Norman  - 3/1840
(wife of George) can't read dates
Nancy A. Hore  - 2/12/1848
(wife of John and daughter of George and Elizabeth Norman)
Barnett Stewart 11/8/1814 - 8/5/1871
Mary E. Stewart 1/7/1824 - 2/1/1876
James H. Stewart 8/28/1846 - 7/27/1871
Flora I. Stewart 2/24/1897 - 4/9/1897 "Angel"
Robert A. Stewart 5/2/1852 - 3/21/1925
George L. Stewart 5/9/1850 - 6/13/1921 "At rest"
Mildred V. Stewart 6/23/1866 - 1/14/1936 "Faithful onto Death"
A. Elizabeth Stewart 2/2/1898 - 2/12/1944 "Beloved"
James P. Stewart 12/18/1903 - 5/30/1943 "In God's Care"

If anyone can provide information regarding any of the persons listed, I'd appreciate it.  I'm just curious
about the people who are buried on our property. Thank you, Ray & Robyn Errington

Posted 6/26/2005

I am trying to research my great grandmothers line.  Her name was Ida V. Armstrong (1874-1922) and she married August Wiggington.  They are buried in Ramouth Cemetery and I can't find anything more about her.  I heard somewhere that she may have been part Cherokee but I can't confirm that.  I am doing this research in connection w/ Scottish history.  I have also checked w/ the Armstrong Society but w/out luck. I have since found some add'l info.  Her parents were George Henry Armstrong and Elzira Fant (Fritter) Armstrong.  Her grandparents appear to be James Armstrong (1800-1876) and Kate Armstrong (1795-1867).  I am hoping to positively id where they immigrated from and when.  I am assuming they were from Scotland a victim of the Clearances or possibly from Ireland. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Again, thanks much. Joseph C. Wiggington

Posted 5/21/2005

I'm looking for Sophia ? who married George Colvin, probably in Stafford Co.  Sophia was born Oct 20, 1807 in VA or MD.  I'm fairly sure that George was the son of John and Mary Colvin and brother of Rouse, Eliza, and Alfred Colvin.  George and Sophia went to Fayette Co., PA and then on to Monroe Co. OH where George died before 1850.  Sophia died in 1893 and is buried in Monroe Co.  I would love to know what Sophia's maiden name was. Thanks! Susan Runyan

Posted 5/7/2005

Looking for Aaron Grigsby born 1752,or 1760, Stafford Co.Va.m Phebe (Harrison?)
           Their children were:
     George A L Grigsby born 1781 Stafford co. Va.m Rebecca James
     Amos R. Grigsby,born 1783 Va.
     Nancy Jane Grigsby born 1792 m John Brownlow
     Samuel Harrison Grigsby born 1794 Rockridge co.m Mary (Polly) Lindsey of Anson Co. No. Carolina, born 1794 
     The Grigsbys later moved to Lynville,Giles Co.Tenn.,and some to Ca. Family records state Samuel Harrison Grigsby was a nephew of,and served under, his uncle, Gen W.H. Harrison in the War of 1812. Who were Phebe's, and Aaron's, parents and Siblings? Thank you for any information, or lead.  C. Rees.

Posted 4/12/2005

My Brick Wall concerns my great-great grandfather Charles C. Franklin who is listed in the 1850 U.S. Census as being born about 1790 and living in Stafford County, VA.  He apparently had six children: Susan (1820), Mildred (1818), Thomas H. (1819-21), William H. (1822), Ada (1827), Frances (1829)Thomas H. was my great -grandfather. This the only information I have on any of these ancestors. I would appreciate any resulting info. Thank You, Ira W. Franklin

Posted 4/6/2005

My brickwall is Thomas Charles MONROE b-Feb 19 1814 in Stafford Co VA; died 2 June 1865 in (?,Possibly in Autauga Co ALA),  m-1836 (probably in Stafford Co), to Mary Jane GRAVES b-Mar 17 1816 also in Stafford Co VA. Died in ( ? Thompsonville, Gonzales Co, TX). where she moved to be with one of her sons after Thomas died.
    I need DOCUMENTATION to show who the parents of Thomas Charles MONROE are. There are some on  the NET that show who they are and may very well be correct, but I haven't seen any DOCUMENTATION  as to who they really are. Thomas  and Mary Jane Later moved to warren Co,Ga, them Dallas Co, Ala, then to Autauga Co Ala. Any info will be appreciated. Thanks, Joe NELSON J_NELSON764@CABLEAZ.COM

Posted 4/1/2005

I am researching my wife's Cooper line from Stafford County. I am particularly interested in identifying the parents of Joseph Cooper (b. ca 1717 Stafford/Prince William Co.), who married Elizabeth Jones, daughter of Cornelius Jones. They married about 1733/4 in Stafford County. I believe the father of Joseph Cooper was Henry Cooper, but this is conjecture. Also, there was a William Bailey Cooper born in 1783 Stafford County who later moved to Kentucky, where he died in 1884 (101 years old!). I am very interested in identifying his parents and/or siblings. I will appreciate any guidance; thanks. Bill Fenimore

Posted 4/1/2005

Benjamin Prichard, who settled near Norene in Wilson County, Tennessee around early 1800, was born on April 16, 1792, according to his grave marker. The census records all show that he was born in the State of Virginia. (Exact location unknown.) He did a short tour of duty during the War of 1812. Benjamin was married in Wilson County, TN, on July 15, 1816, to Mary Ann (Polly) Campbell, daughter of James Campbell, who was born in 1766. Again, according to the Census Records, Mary was born in the State of Kentucky. They were married by Abner W. Bone, the Justice of the Peace. Benjamin Prichard died August 3, 1872 and is buried in Wilson County, TN. The grave marker for Mary Ann (Polly) Campbell Prichard states that she was born 10 Mar 1796 and died December 5, 1869. This is not a complete listing of all of their children, and they may not be necessarily in the right order.
1. James Brantley Prichard, b. 18 Jan 1819 in Wilson Co., TN. D. there, 25 Dec 1892. (My gr-grandfather)
2. Mary Ann (Polly) Prichard
3. Lucinda Prichard
4. Wesley Prichard, b. 1822
5. Moses Prichard, b. 1826
6. Lucretia Prichard, b. 1833
7. Sterling Brown Prichard
Because family names were repeated in each generation, I am hoping some of these names will be familiar to someone. Any help appreciated. Virginia L Taylor

Posted 3/16/2005

I'm looking for my ancestors "Hankins" family.  The earliest I can go back is Capt. Daniel Hankins, born about 1715-1716 in Stafford County virginia.  He was married to Hannah Hankins and they had a daughter named Diannah.  I have just started my genealogy reseach and it's very, very exciting, but a little frustrating if you don't know how to go about getting all this precious information. Anyone with any knowledge of my ancestors, please email me at .  Maybe we can help one another. Thanks, DiAnna Scruggs.

Posted 3/16/2005

Looking for Abell or Able.  The Abell's did live in Stafford County Area (later became Prince William County), in Quantico Area.  James Abell (Able) my earliest relative, born maybe 1732, married a Susan Cornwell (Suzy, Suky). Had a will proved in Prince Wiliam County in 1812 (by that time the line apparently had become PWC).  Looking more parents of James, have found parents of Susan (Charles).  They apparently lived in whereabouts of Hoadley Rd.  Have visited some gravesites on Quantico MCB and on property held by MCB of Abell members.. Thanks, Gail (Abell) Reel

Posted 3/16/2005

I am trying to find when and where my g-g grandfather, William W. Cooper died and is buried.  I believe it to be in Stafford County.  I believe his parent's, Thornton Cooper and Fanny Watson Cooper lived and died in Stafford County.  I would appreciate any help in locating info. on Thornton Cooper and his family in Stafford County.  Thanks for the terrific web site you guys have established. Any help will be appreciated,Bob Cooper

Posted 3/3/2005

Trying to find ancestry of: Francis Pullem/Pulliam who married Sarah Trusslow/Trussler Dec 4, 1844.  A
newspaper account says they were married in Charles County by Rev. J.E. Weems. They appear in the 1850 -1870 census in Stafford County.  (By 1870 Francis is no longer living). After that all members of the family left Stafford County. Isaac to Carroll County, Maryland, and William, John, and Mary
Virginia to Westmoreland County, PA.
There are several families of Truslow and Pulliam but I can't connect them.  I thought perhaps Benjamin Jon Truslow might have had a daughter, Sarah.  (1840 census does show this) Any help appreciated.
Virginia Crilley


Posted 3/3/2005

Looking for information on Henry Harrison Poole (HH Poole Middle School) I am attempting to complete our family tree or our family reunion. I can not find his date of birth or date of death anywhere.  He was the supervisor of the black schools in Stafford County, Virginia.  Can you please assist? Thank you, Jemal & Teisha Davis

Posted 3/3/2005

I am searching for information on a Margaret Lunsford who was born in Stafford County about 1757 and lived until 1850.  Her husband was a William Lunsford.  I have no dates for him.  Can someone help? Thanks, Lunsford James

Posted 2/23/2005

I'm researching my ancestors from Stafford Co., VA.  They lived in and around Hartwood and Falmouth areas of the county.  Their names were Young,Latham, Welch, Dye, English and Littrel.  Will share Info. Thank You, Rick

Posted 2/20/2005

I was looking at the Stafford County web site to see if a town, Monteithville, was listed.  It was listed as the home of my gg-grandmother Mary Helen Jones Hudson on her pension application for the civil war service of her husband, Seymour Hudson. I've posted on the Stafford rootsweb message board to see if anyone else knows the former location of Monteithville.  It was listed as a post office in Stafford, VA in a Google search. Thanks,
Mike Thomas

Posted 2/20/2005

I'm searching for information on Phoebe Harrison Born 1756 in Stafford VA, Married between 1777-1781,  Aaron Grigsby, Born 1752 in Stafford VA.. Aaron & Phoebe children: George A.L. Grigsby Born 1781 Stafford VA; Amos R. Grigsby Born 1783 VA; Nancy Jane Grigsby (Brownlow) 1792 Rockridge VA; Samuel Harrison Grigsby Born 1794 Rockridge VA.
Looking for Phoebe's  Father and Mother. Thanks, R Anderson,

Posted 2/9/2005

Looking for information on James Hawkins and Alexander Hawes. If anyone is researching these men please contact me. Thanks, Olyve Abbott

Posted 2/9/2005

Researching William Alsup/Alsop, and his descendents. I think I am a direct descendant but can not find recorded proof. Any help will be gratefully appreciated. David Alsup

 King George County Will Book A-1:91 Will of Margaret Boyle of Hanover Parish, KG County dated 12/23/1732. Names son as William Jennings, daughter as Penelope Jennings and daughter as Margaret Boyle. Friends Robert Benson and William Alsup named as Executors.
Witnessed by Wm. Mumford, John Wise and Joseph Berry.

Margaret Boyle was the widow of Thomas Boyle who left a Will in WB A-1:82-83. Will dated 3/17/1727/28. Proven in Court on 11/7/1729. Will witnessed by Wm. Alsup and Samuel Hoyle. Margaret's Will was entered into Court Order Book 1:627 and presented into Court by Wlliam Alsup. On 2/2/1732/33 William Alsup gave his bond as Executor with ABRAHAM BUSH as security.

Posted 2/9/2005

I am most interested in linking the family of Jacob Stiars (appears in 1860 Census) who moved to Baltimore (1870 his widow and children are in  ; 1880 they are in Baltimore), with the Stiars family of Stafford-Fredericksburg-Spotsylvania.  The son of this Jacob, Henry Stiars had a son, Earl, who moved to Dorchester County, MD, and had descendants there. I am helping a friend of mine with her genealogy who descends from a Stiars family that moved from Fredericksburg, VA, to Baltimore, MD. I would appreciate any information you might provide. Thank you, Richard C. Hansen

Posted 2/5/2005

I am trying to find information of the Battle of Marlboro Neck in the Revolutionary War.  My ancestor, William Mauzy, fought there in 1779 as a member of the Virginia militia. Any information would be appreciated. Thanks, Harriet Mauzy

Posted 2/1/2005

Looking up the Spilman's, or Spelman's in Virginia.  Specifically trying to find a connection to  Sir Clement Spelman and a purported land grant to him in the Virginia Colonies.  Plenty on Henry and Thomas Spilman with John Smith, but looking to connect Sir Clement.  Any help appreciated. Jeff Spilman

Posted 1/28/2005

I am looking for information on Perry Patterson and his wife, Winifred Shackelford Patterson. Their daughter Winifred married my ancestor George Armstrong.  Any information will be appreciated.  I am also researching the Rose family of Stafford.  Eliza Gordon Rose married my grandfather, James Edward Armstrong. Any help will be appreciated. Virginia Whiting

Posted 1/20/2005

My brick wall is my g-g-g grandfather: William Orr/Ore/Oar etc. I know he was born in Virginia. I recently found an entry on Ancestry that says he was born St Paul, Stafford, VA and so was my g-g-g grandmother Mary. He was born 1765. William died in 1819 in Stokes Co NC. Mary was alive then, don't know when and where she died. I would love any documentation on William and Mary's birth and existence in St. Paul. Known children: Isaac, James, Sarah, Jacob, Robert Nancy. James, Sarah and Isaac were supposedly b in VA. Jacob, my ancestor was born in Stokes Co, NC. Thanks for any help, Joyce C. Wicks

Posted 1/10/2005

Researching OVERALL/OVERHALL of Stafford County. Marriages to BALDRIDGE?  JONES   ELLIOTT/ELLIS Thank you, Laura Jones

Posted 1/10/2005

I am researching the BURNAUGH family with alternate spellings, BRUNAUGH, BRUNEAU, BRONOUGH. Thank you, Joyce Reid Cravens

Posted 1/10/2005

I'm looking for the parents of this James Whaley. Some records show the spelling of his last name as "Whealey". Even earlier records may be "Wale".

Name: James WHALEY Rev. War Patriot
Birth: ca 1720 Stafford Co, VA?
Death: bef 12 Oct 1785 Loudoun Co., VA
Occupation: Planter On Broad Run, VA, tenant of Robert Carter, Esq.
Father: Possibly another (!) James WHALEY (ca 1700-d ?)
Mother: Unknown
2nd Marriage: Penelope KING
Marriage: 8 Jul 1739 Overwharton Parish, Stafford Co, VA
First Spouse: Hannah HIGGERSON
Birth: bef 1720 Prob. Stafford Co, VA
Death: bef 1757 Loudoun Co, VA
Father: John HIGGERSON Sr. (d.1743) of Stafford County
Mother: Elizabeth
Any help would be appreciated. Thanks,Carolyn Whaley Vosburg

Posted 1/7/2005

I am looking for more local Stafford information on James Haggard and sons Edmund and Granville
(abt 1730's). James lived near James French and William Rice.  I'm also interested in these families because it appears that the Haggard sons married into these families. Thanks for your help, Minette Cranford

Posted 12/24/2004

Looking for any info on the REID families in Stafford County. Any help appreciated. Thanks, Mark Doyle

Posted 12/22/2004

My brick wall is trying to prove the father of Archibald Ramey. He was born March 17, 1759 in Stafford County. Some researchers say his father was John, others say it was Jeremiah. I'd sure appreciate any help with this and will be glad to share what Ramey info I have with anyone who needs it. Thanks for any help, Gloria Ramey Lucius

Posted 7/10/2004

Here is my Stafford County brick wall. George Allen, died 1712, married to Mary Withers, had a son named John Allen, who died in 1725. In turn, this John Allen had a son named Joseph Allen, married to Mary (Unknown). I am looking for the sons of this Joseph Allen. That's it. Many thanks!! Chris & Lynda Allen

Posted 7/2/2004

My brick wall (20 yrs in the making!!) is Daniel Pilcher whom I am trying to prove is the father of Thomas Pilcher.  The only information I have on either is found in the early 1800 tax records for Stafford County where the following statement appears "Thomas Pilcher son of Daniel".  I know my Great Grandfather William Lewis Pilcher, son of Thomas Pilcher, was born 1814 in Stafford Co VA and moved with his parents to Belmont County, OH in 1828.  His mother's name was Francis;  but I do not know her surname.  Family tradition says that Francis (d. 1860, Ohio) was a sister to Stonewall Jackson's Mother.  My studies of the Genealogy of Jackson have not been fruitful.  Any information about Pilchers in Stafford County in the early 1800's would be most welcome.  Helen Pilcher Hall

Posted 5/14/2004

Looking for Jean/John Callahan who was married to Nancy Bolleen. Their son
Jean Callahan was born about 1786 in Virginia. I have all the family from young Jean to my family and the brick wall is Jean and Nancy..... Thank you, Travis Callahan
(email address change 10/2/04)

Posted 5/8/2004

Seeking information about Thomas PILCHER who married Francis (maiden name unknown).  Child, William Lewis PILCHER was born 1814; another son, Thomas Jr. was born 1806 - both in Stafford County VA.  Family emigrated to Belmont County OHIO about 1827. Any help appreciated! Thanks, Helen Hall

Posted 4/10/2004

Searching for info on the Nathaniel Russel who held a :Land Grant in Stafford County , Va in 1724.  Need some info on his family and if possible his origins.  Shirley –

Posted 4/10/2004

I am searching for information on the BOLLING family, variations in spelling are - BOLING, BOLIN, BOWLINE, BOWLING, BOWLIN, BOLINE, etc. I am especially interested in Edmund/Edmond/Edward who married Mary Jane SUDDUTH in Overwharton Parish 4 May 1744.  The only children I know of for sure are John BOLLING b. 1746; Nancy BOLLING b. 1749; William BOLLING b. 1752; Elizabeth BOLLING b. 1757.  There is an Elizabeth
Bolling that marries to Robert Clift in 1777 that could possibly be my Elizabeth since she would have been around 20 - no proof.  I would love to know what happened to this family.  Mary SUDDUTH BOLLING is the sister of my gggggrandfather, James SUDDUTH, II.  Willing to share info, if interested. Thank you.  Kathy

Posted 3/21/2004

I am running into a brick wall with my genealogy of my gggrandfather-Henry W. Edwards. I know his Mother was Nancy A. Edwards, but cannot find her parents-Lindsey & Lucy Wines of Fauquier or her husband-Lindsey Edwards. I would appreciate any help you can offer. Also, how do I purchase the original copy of Nancy's death,Henry's death-1899,Price G. Edwards' marriage? Or any other documents you might have access to. Thanks, Gretchen L. Meadows

Posted 3/18/2004

Our brick wall is the Anderson/Curtis family of Hartwood township back in the 1850s, with father John Anderson, mother Delphia (sp?) Curtis and a whole bunch of kids on the family farm.  The area was overrun during the Civil War and the family scattered to California and other places, but we would like to find out where John originally came from, as we have heard he may have been from Fauquier County.  I also think that Delphina's father was Tom Curtis of nearby Culpeper County and would love to find out where he came from as well! Thanks, Tom Anderson

Posted 2/27/2004

My ancestors came from Stafford County, Virginia, and lived in Stafford County until approximately 1792.   Any records listing: William Griffin Turner and/or his brother ABSOLUM(ABSOLOM) Turner, would be greatly appreciated.   I am particularly interested in learning the parents' names of these 2 Turners. Thanks, James

Posted 12/22/2003

Looking for parents of James H. TAYLOR b. May 1819.  He married 1849 in Rappahannock Co. to Sarah S. MILLER d/o Jesse MILLER & 1st wife, Frances CORBIN.  I find James & Sarah TAYLOR in 1860, 1870 and 1880 Brookland, Henrico Co. census. In the 1880 Henrico census living with James H. TAYLOR & Sarah his wife and Crewdson their son is Sally H. CORBIN age 48 and listed as sister. MILLER Researchers say that Jesse & 1st wife, Frances (CORBIN) MILLER had a son, William Henry MILLER who married Ann Elizabeth TAYLOR d/o John C. TAYLOR of Stafford Co. In 1860 Rappahannock Co census I find William H. MILLER & Ann E. and living with them is a Sallie H. CORBIN age 27 yrs.  Then in 1870 Rappahannock Co census I find Ann E. MILLER & family and Sallie H. CORBIN age 37 yrs is living with her & family.  Wm. Henry MILLER must have died either during or after the Civil War.  From this info. I conclude that James H. TAYLOR b. 1819, Ann Elizabeth (TAYLOR) MILLER b. 1821 and Sally H. (TAYLOR) CORBIN b. abt. 1832/33 are all siblings.  My brick wall is trying to find the parents of these TAYLOR siblings.

Posted 12/22/2003

There is a story in my family about Samuel Guy that died prior to August 1792  Loudoun Co VA. The story goes, Samuel and six other children came to New York from Germany in the mid 1700s and one of the boys got lost in New York, never to be seen again.  The other children moved to VA.  Has anyone heard this story and can add anything to it.  C.A. Guy

Posted 10/20/2003

I am looking for any info on the Cropp family, Stafford and Fauquier counties Thanks, Micki

Posted 10/16/2003

Looking for Mr. Charles H. Price. Believe Mr. Price to be a Stafford County researcher. I would like to thank him for his recent genealogy help. Please contact Jim Tiller if you have information on Mr. Price. Thank you.

Posted 9/29/2003

I am researching the West and Wine and Rine family of Stafford. I am looking for an obit on any of the following and pictures if any are available: William Henry Rine; Alice Wine Rine; Sarah West Wine------would like to know if anyone knows her parents names. She was married to Thomas Wine of Stafford. Thomas was the son of Theodosius Wine. Thanks so much, Linda  website:


Posted 9/6/2003

I am looking for information on my ancestor William Finch Bolling.  I found his name on the wedding application for his son Lewis Bolling/Bowling on May 04, 1871.  In the document he said he was from Stafford County, VA.  Lewis married Dorothy Perry. I would be glad to exchange information. Jean

Posted 8/27/2003

I am seeking information on:  PRESTONS


    Husband:  Edward "Ned" Preston - Birth: 1867(?)/Died: Mar 5, 1944

             Parents Were:  Edward & J. Preston

    Wife:    Celia Barnett-Preston - Birth: 1869(?)/Died: Aug 8, 1922

             Parents Were:  John and L. Barnett

     Edward & Celia were married:  14 Feb 1889 (Stafford County, VA)


              Their Children:

                 John Edward Preston - Birth: Jul 22, 1889 - Died: Aug 11, 1969 (set of living triplets)

                 Nicy Preston - Birth: 1894(?) - Died: (?) (Mother of: Helen M. Preston)

                 Nellie F. Preston - Birth: 1896(?) - Died: Nov. 27, 1959

                 Julia A. Preston - Birth: 1898(?) - Died: (?) (Daughter named: Priscilla)

                 Laura Preston - Birth: Feb 22, 1900(?) - Died: Oct 1977

                 Henry C. Preston - Birth: 1903(?) - Died: Feb 20, 1941

                 Steward C. Preston - Birth: Jul 6, 1904 - Died: Jan 27, 1973  (TWIN)

                 Purcell C. Preston - Birth: Jul 6, 1904 - Died: Aug 21, 1955   (TWIN)

                 Lacy L. Preston - Birth: Dec 14, 1907 - Died: Sep 15, 1975  

     Celia Preston (Williams) - Birth: 1912 - Died: 20 Jan 1938

                 Sadie Preston (White) - Birth: Jun 22, 1914 - Died: Mar 1985


If you have additional information, please contact: Sandra Hawkins Thank you!


Posted 8/27/2003

Looking for Richard Blackburn of Rippon Lodge, has a will dated July 12, 1757, he died July 15, 1757. In the will he leaves all his land, in Stafford & Prince William County to his oldest son John. It further states if John dies without issues it returns to Thomas. Does anyone have any information in Stafford records at all on John? I find this so strange. Richard Blackburn had a son named Richard Jr. who drowned. It just seems like John disappears. Edward Blackburn, brother of Richard Blackburn, had a son Edward Jr, who married Margaret Harrison, as shown in Overwharton Parish. Can anyone think of anything they may have read or heard about this John? Thanks, Helen Flail


Posted 8/27/2003

I am interested in finding more information on Thomas Norman, 1625 and his descendants.  I found the Norman Cemeteries on this web site.  I am visiting the Norman Cemetery #1 this fall and will take pictures and send them to you to post on this site.  Thanks, Linda Norman Hooks

Posted 8/9/2003

I am looking for a James Marshall (born abt 1851), who was a farmhand on the Robert H Russel farm.  Robert was born in England (born abt 1824) and he and his wife Molessie had a daughter Elizabeth Russel (1857) whom James courted.  James and Elizabeth had seven children:  Loulie May, Ida, Charles, James, Maude, Ella and Bessie Lee.  Both Loulie May and Bessie Lee migrated to Baltimore, MD to marry two Pitzinger brothers.  I have only found James, Elizabeth and Robert in the 1880 census.  I have checked birth records for the county and census records in Baltimore and VA looking for them and their luck at all! Thanks, Raquel Thiebes


Posted 7/26/2003

I have really hit a "brick wall" with my Leonard Family.  This is all the informatin that I have on them.  Surely someone out there is connected.  I am sure Delilah was not an only child.  Any help would be appreciated. Mary H. Williams (To view Mary's Leonard line, click here)

Posted 7/262003

I am descended from William Dixon Hardy, born somewhere in VA in 1810. I
believe that his father was named Vincent. Would like to find out if the
John Hardy who lived in Stafford Co in 1790 had a son named Vincent. Any
info would be greatly appreciated. Mary Hardy Melton

Posted 7/12/2003

Looking for info on the Barnett Cemetery.  Have descendants buried there. When was the Barnett Cemetery established -- Year? Who owns the property now?  Can I contact this person? Doing a family tree, may have additional info to add when completed. Thanks! Sandra Hawkins,

Posted 6/28/2003

I'm looking for info on Clarence H. Bullock and Bessie Irene Ball. Rev. Atkins at Register Chapel, Sept. 30th 1925 Stafford Co. Va. Also birth of William B. Bullock 1-19-1858  /  Ella Hammett 3-11-1861 Littlefalls, Stafford Co. Thank you for any help. Linda Bullock 

Posted 6/28/2003

I am searching the family of Eli Davis born Stafford County Virginia 1779. Thanks, Tammy Tolbert Hudson

Posted 6/6/2003

Need information on Edward Mountjoy~~Sarah Chapman (Mountjoy) ,William Mountjoy~~Phillis Reilly (Mountjoy) John Chapman~~Rebecca (unknown) (Chapman) Edward Mountjoy~~Mary Crosby (Mountjoy, Mauzy,or Waugh) Thomas Reilly~~Elizabeth (unknown) (Reilly) Thank You, 

Posted 5/15/2003

I am researching the following families who lived in Stafford County, VA: 
Jesse Stone and A.A. Stone; John and Jane F. Clark; William and Sarah Lee

Any help on these lines would be appreciated. Virginia Murphy,

Posted 5/15/2003

I am looking for the will of Rev. John William Waugh to try and determined his children and wives. Any help will be appreciated... Thanks, Mike Crothers

Posted 5/15/2003

I am researching Taliaferro.  I am descended from James Monroe Taliaferro, 1809-1893, and Marion Landon Grymes, 1815-1859, of Stafford County, Virginia. Anyone else researching this line? Troyce Sosebee

Posted 5/9/2003

Am looking for parents of brothers Thompson and Kenard KENDALL of Stafford County, VA, who were born in Stafford County and moved to Conecuh County, AL, by 1830.  Thompson was born 7/19/1799, and his younger brother Kenard (my great-great-grandfather) was born 1/19/1805. Both of these gentlemen married and died in south Alabama. Will be happy to exchange information on descendants. Janet Walters Eubanks

Posted 4/28/2003

Looking for information on Letishia /Letita Brooks. She had issue with a Dickerson. No First name on death certificates of children. She was the daughter of Lawson and Sallie Snead Brooks. her siblings were Ann b. May 1846, John Lawson Brooks, b. May 9, 1858, Barnett Brooks b. about 1853 & Morgan Brooks,b. about 1855. Can anyone tell me where and who was Lawson's Father. Thanks for any help. Cathy Brooks Honan

Posted 3/30/2003

Looking for the graves of my ancestors, Sanford Carter and Hannah Read Carter.  When my grandmother visited the old plantation near Ruby, Virginia (Locust Hills, Tackett's Mills)  a black man, the caretaker, Mr. Henry Vines, took her to the graves (unmarked) on the property and said that "Ole Man Cap'n Knight" owned the property and some of his family were buried there, too.  He said that Sanford's daughter Elizabeth Carter (never married) inherited the property when Sanford died in 1873 and she left it to her niece Frances Rowena Stewart.  She and her husband sold it for taxes to Cap'n Knight. I would love to mark Sanford and Hannah's graves and give Sanford the recognition he deserves from the War of 1812. Sincerely, Kathy Dench

Posted 3/30/2003

My ancestor was John Minton, born in 1761 in Stafford Co., VA; I am searching for his parents, possibly in the 1750's, 1760-70, in later years he moved to another Virginia county, possibly Culpepper, served in the Revolution; in fact I went into DAR on his service!!! He spent his last years in Henry Co. Ky. where he died in 1838, married Jane Gilmore in 1804. I descend through his daughter Fanny Minton Bell; he had a son Jackson G. Minton. Possibly someone has tax lists or cemetery records, deeds, anything that might give a clue to who John's parents were. Any help will be appreciated. Marjorie Devore

Posted 3/30/2003

John and Milly Angell were early Stafford Co. residents. They had 13 children that moved across the south and I am a direct descendant of them. There has also been some question as to a link with William Angell of Lancaster Co. I'm also searching that site as well Do you have any info as to links with early VA maps that may show parish lines and early VA cities. This could be some help in where to start searching next. Thanks, Dean Angell

Posted 3/17/2003

I am searching for information on any of the following GALLAHAN family: Thomas GALLAHAN (wife's name unknown) Son:  Benjamin Franklin GALLAHAN, wife: Mary/Mollie HORTON: 
             Their children:
             Pearl Douglas GALLAHAN, b. 1883
             Nellie Elizabeth GALLAHAN, b. 1885
             French GALLAHAN, b. 1887
             Raymon(d?) GALLAHAN, b. 1889
             Madin GALLAHAN, b. 1893
             Effie GALLAHAN, b. 1896
             Virginia GALLAHAN, b. 1899

I have some subsequent information on some of their marriages, but that will do for now.  And later, I believe they moved to Prince William County, at least some of them.  Thank you, Gentsia Keys Zimmerman

Posted 3/14/2003

Searching for info on the parents of John W Guy,  s/o John  and Sallie
?  b 1841 in Stafford Co. d after 1910 in Fauquier m 19 Dec 1867 to Mary
E Evans of Fauquier Co.,  d/o Matthew Evans and Leah Groves. Any info
additional info on anyone would be appreciated. Thanks, Dave Embrey.

Posted 3/9/2003

Searching for parents of John S Humphries,b 1787, King Geo. Co., d 1839, Alexandria, m (2) Lucinda Grant. He may be the son of Samuel. An affidavit attesting to the Rev. War service of Samuel was filed by William Humphries, Falmouth, Joseph, and John Humphries of Alexandria in 1835.  Information on any of the above will be greatly appreciated.  Thanks John C. Humphries, Jr.

Posted 3/9/2003

Looking for information on Charles Withers, born no date, died Aug 24, 1818, 57 Yrs
Parents: James and Susan Withers. Also Mary Withers,born no date, died Feb 3, 1814, 37 Yrs. Consort: Edward Withers, Parents: Joseph De Jarnette and Mary Hampton. Please contact Dale Glasgow with any information. Thanks. See Withers Cemetery for additional info.

Posted 2/27/2003

  I am searching for the link that will definitively link my ancestor Sanford Carter to James and Melinder (Mildred, Millie) Carter whom I believe to be his parents.
       Sanford was born in Stafford County abt 1785 and was married to Hannah Read about 1811-1815.  They owned property at Tacketts Mills where they are buried in unmarked graves.  I need info on Hannah's parentage also. I have info from Chappawamsic Baptist Church that she was "dismist" about the time they may have married and I feel that it was to attend a church closer to home.  One of their 4 children was named William Fristoe (Frister) I believe after a Baptist minister in the area.  I have written to the church nearer their home for possible records but have had no reply.  I have Sanford's military records. Any help you can give would be so greatly appreciated.  My grandmother researched this family from the time she was 30 until she died at age 102.  She will jump for joy in heaven if I can prove his parents!!! Thank you! Kathy Dench

Posted 2/8/2003

Researching BELL family - period 1600s thru 1850s in Stafford County. Bell daughters married BENSON, DICKINSON and WHITING in the 1820-1850 time frame. Would like to connect with anyone else researching this family. Thanks, John Bell

Posted 2/2/2003

Samuel Guy died in Loudoun Co before Aug 1792, that is when his estate was appraised by the court appointed appraiser. He had at least one son Hezekiah b1743.  I was informed that Samuel might have came from Stafford Co.  Haven't been able to locate his parents. Any help at all about him would be greatly appreciated. C.A. Guy

Posted 1/27/2003

I've come against a brick wall here. 
I found out that a Great Great Grand Aunt Married a Boze/Bose/Boaze. I can not find the right spelling. In through the Widewater area, on Widewater Road, there are railroad tracks to the right and homes on the left. There is one road that crosses the railroad tracks and it is where you get to Brooks Landing. Right on the corner where you turn, the land that is on the corner right is owned by people named Bose's. There is a very old graveyard there. This section used to be called Myrtle Grove. Can any one help me find out who and how you spell Bose and if one of them married a Margaret Brooks. Thanks for any help, Cathy

Posted 1/21/2003

I have been doing extensive research on my Wright Family. Richard Wright (who died Oct. 1700 at Capt. Richard Fossaker's Home, leaving 2 orphaned sons; Richard Wright and William Wright). This Richard Wright was the nephew of Richard Whittington Wright who married Anne Mottrom. Is anyone else researching this line? Carla Orcutt

Posted 1/10/2003

I am looking for the husband of Susie Gallahan, born 1884/6 in Stafford or Spotsylvania Co., VA.  Her parents were Joseph and Lucy Shelton Gallahan from Stafford County.  In an obituary notice  in 1968,  she was identified as Susie J. Grucey.  That's all I know and, with a couple of exceptions, I can't  find anyone with that name. Can anyone help?  Thanks, Clare

Posted 1/9/2003

Looking for information regarding the land/home/family of Christopher Blackburn (last seen in 1810 census) in Hartwood Township. Christopher was the father of George K. Blackburn. Geo. and Elizabeth Blackburn and they are buried on this property. The property was sold a year or so ago. Any information would be helpful. Helen Blackburn Flail

Posted 1/1/2003

Looking for information on Huguenot ancestors:

Information I have obtained states that my ancestor Lewis Tacquett
was on ship with "Louis and Benjamin, who arrived in Stafford County,
Virginia by early October 1688. This is documented by records in the Stafford
County, VA Record Book, pages 94-95, containing sworn statements from
Nicholas Hayward, Notary Public, dated October 2nd and 3rd, 1688, certifying
that he had seen "Letters Pattents of Denigracon" from King James II for two
of Louis Reynaud's sons: Lewis Reynaud and his family, and Benjamin Reynaud
and his family. On the same page of Stafford County records Lewis and
Benjamin record the brands that they will use for their livestock. A bounty
award to Nicolas Hayward two years earlier, in September 1686 when they were
still in London, mentions both Lewis and Benjamin Reynaud and their families,
further suggesting that the two brothers came together to Virginia in 1688.
The greatest influx of Huguenots to Virginia occurred later, in 1700, when
four ships brought French Huguenots to Manakin Town in Virginia. Among the
names arriving at that colony was Lewis and Benjamin's other brother, Pierre:
"Pierre Reynaud, landed at the James River on September 20, 1700, from the
ship 'Peter & Anthony', Danial Pearrey, Capt.". This was the second of three
ships carrying Huguenots to Manakin Town in 1700. The Peter & Anthony carried
170 passengers and took 13 weeks to cross the Atlantic." This information was obtained through the Tackett Family Assn. of which I am a member.  Specifically, I would like to be directed to any websites that would assist me in my research.  What ship did they travel on as it had to be sometime between 1686 and 1688?  Is there a ship passenger roster?  Are there any court records there in Stafford County, VA, stating the name Lewis
Tacquett?  What about land records in 1686 in Stafford County?  What city did
they depart from in England?  Questions, questions, questions..... Any
assistance you could provide to me would be so greatly appreciated! Kathleen Tackett

Posted 10/31/2002

I am desperate to find out anything I can about JULIA SULLEY -- who was the FIRST WIFE of my great-grandfather, Daniel McCarty Chichester (b. August 20, 1834, d. April 25, 1897).  Julia married Great Grandfather on April 17, 1860, in Alexandria, Virginia.Julia gave birth twice, but neither child survived. Julia, herself, died on December 20, 1862 -- shortly after the birth of the second child. She is buried in Springhill Cemetary, 300 Fort Avenue, Lynchburg, VA, and her tombstone reads "Mrs. D. McCarty Chichester". Julia was the niece of the famous Virginia artist, RICHARD SULLEY. Any information will be greatly appreciated. Mary Chichester Smith

Posted 10/9/2002

I would like to know where Muddy Creek Church is located and if the foundation is still there. Thanks, CCB1988@AOL.COM

Posted 8/27/2002

These people are not ancestors of mine, but I would be interested in learning more -- for example, Joseph's parents and Miranda's maiden name -- if anyone out there is researching them.   Laura

Joseph C. W. Embrey
On 17 April 1901, J. C. W. Embrey applied for a pension as a disabled veteran. Unfortunately, several answers are unreadable (at least in the online images at the Library of Virginia site). He stated that he was living in Toluca, Stafford County, Virginia. He was suffering from rheumatism and the "infirmities of age." The County Pensions Board approved his application, which was for a partial pension of $15 a year. 
In a form filled out in 1902, Joseph C. W. Embrey stated that he was 67 years old and disabled by "age and lumbago." He signed with his mark -- X -- and John C. Cox notarized his statement. Robert E. Gill and Hugh Adie signed as men who personally knew Embrey and believed his statements to be true. Wesley Knight, Commissioner of the Revenue, stated that Embrey had taxable real and personal property valued at $109. Dr. R. J. Payne stated that Embrey was not totally disabled "but nearly so" and was deprived of his ability to make a livelihood. C. A. Bryan, Clerk of the Court, signed to indicate approval of Embrey's application for a pension of $15 a year. 
On 10 September 1906, Embrey applied for re-rating as a fully disabled veteran. The application is signed -- "J. C. W. Embrey" -- and E. S. Moore, Deputy Clerk of the Circuit Court, signed to show that Embrey had appeared in person and sworn to the statements in the application. Dr. R. J. Payne stated that Embrey was totally disabled by age and the infirmities of age. A. E. Bloxton signed his approval as head of the Stafford County Pensions Board. Judge of the Circuit Court J. E. Mason signed approval of the application. 
After Embrey died in 1909, his widow applied for a pension. Papers in that file show that J. C. W. Embrey enlisted in Company A, 9th Virginia Cavalry, in 1861. He served under Captain E. M. Henry. 
Miranda A. Embrey, widow of J. C. W. Embrey
In March 1914, Miranda A. Embrey applied for a pension as the widow of a Confederate veteran. She stated that she was 72 years old. She was born in Stafford County and had lived there all her life. She was then living in her own house, near Garrisonville. She and her husband, J. C. W. Embrey, had been married on 20 December 1857 at Ebenezer Church. Her husband had died on 7 January 1914 of erysiplas. He had served in A Company, 9th Virginia Cavalry, under Colonel Thomas Waller and Captain E. M. King. 
R. D. Fritter and W. S. Towson signed as resident witnesses. They stated that they had known the applicant for 30 years and knew her to be a resident of Stafford County and "a woman of good reputation for truth and honesty." F. Moncure witnessed their signatures. Hugh Adie and Thomas B. Gallahan signed as "comrades" of Embrey's, saying that they had served with him in Company A and knew him to have been "faithful in the discharge of his duty" as a soldier. They knew Miranda to have been his wife and knew that he had died on or about 7 January 1914. V. E. Chewning witnessed Gallahan's signing with an X. R. W. Hill, M.D., stated that attacks of erysiplas had caused Embrey to die of "general exhaustion, and Cardiac exhaustion." Hugh Adie and J. A. [?] Evans signed as Confederate veterans who supported Miranda's application. H. M. Tolson, Commissioner of Revenue for Stafford County, stated that Miranda had real and personal property worth $308. A. E. Bloxton, Chairman of the Cou!
nty Pensions Board, signified his approval. Finally, there is the signature of a judge whose name appears to be R. H. L. Chichester. 
In a display of bureaucratic tact at its finest, a Pension Office Clerk wrote to the 77-year-old widow that her pension application had been approved, and that $30 would be sent to her on September 1st "if you are living." The pension was for $30 a year. I am not sure how long Miranda received her pension; she does not appear to be listed in the 1920 census. Laura Keyes Perry This email address has been removed by request of Laura Perry. If you wish to contact Ms. Perry, email Suzanne Shephard, County Coordinator for Stafford Co.

Posted 8/27/2002

I am research the roots of Sara Elizabeth Chilton.  Born in VA as were her parents.  She first shows up (to me that is) in Zanesville, OH marrying my gg grandfather Hiram J. Adams in 1843.  I am trying to trace her back to VA. Thanks,

Posted 7/25/2002

I found this while searching thru the census on this website...
until I ran across this info I had no clue that Stafford had an Alms house.....after I found the one in 1900, I got excited...who knew??? So I checked the other census years, 1910 was the only other year I could find anything listed. 

Joyce Page 64, sh. 6a - S.D. 8, E. D. 89 - Hartwood - 9 June 1900 entry #93
Patton, Beverly B. H 45mm 20 Aug 1854 Supt Alms House
Mary E. wf 43 fm 20 Oct 1856 13-12
James D. son 18ms Oct 1881 farm laborer
Morgan N. son 17ms Nov 1882 farm laborer
Cary B. dtr 16fs May 1884
Florence E. dtr 14fs Sep 1885
Sarah R. dtr 13 fs Feb 1887
Alice M. dtr 12 fs Mar 1888
Noah B. son 10ms Oct 1889
Fannie P. dtr 9fs Jan 1891
Willie W. son 7ms Jan 1893
John W. son 5ms Jun 1894
Dora N. dtr 3fs Apr 1897
Henry L. son 1ms May 1899
Foot, Thomas en mate 56mm Mar 1844
Catlet, Belle en mate 40fs May 1860
Howard, Thomas en mate 80mwd Jan 1820 black

Page 186, sh 10a - S.D. 8, E. D. 106 Hartwood - 2-4 May 1910
entry # 183

Estace, James W. H 57m m1 34 mgr alms house
Annie wf 55f m1 34 3-3
Robert H. son 30ms saw mill
T. F. Jackson son 27ms farming
Sullivan, Hansford asistant 9ms none
Catlet, Belle inmate 55f s none
Kiser, Alexander inmate 10f s PaGerGer none

either the alms house made a mistake with Belle Catlet's age, she did not report it correctly or the census taker is in error. Any addition information about the Poor House in Stafford Co. would be appreciated.


Posted 7/16/2002

I am researching the surnames ( Bolling, Edwards, Nash)  Looking for info for Maria Bolling who married John Walker Edwards around 1874.  Cannot find records of her parents.  Also any marriage record of John Walker Edwards parents. John W. was born in 1853.  Also any info on Family name Nash who lived in Hartwood, close to Richland Baptist Church.
Many Thanks Dennis R. Hall

Posted 7/04/2002

I am trying to find the ancestors of Rouse and Willie Ann Decatur Colvin and
John Samuel and Lillie Mae Colvin Bell . Nancy King REVISED 9/6/2003

Posted 6/26/2002

Looking for more information about a site in Stafford called witches pond? Stafford - Witches Pond - A trail off Telegraph Road will lead to a place called Witches Pond. There is a sacrifice table there that was used in the 1700's. There have been numerous sightings of a mysterious woman on the lake near the table. The sacrifice table has letters written on it in Latin.

Posted 6/23/2002

Dead-end at Selden Benjamin Raines, b 1810 in Stafford CO.  Might be brother of Rowzee Raines, also of Stafford. Any help appreciated. Thanks, Tim Raines

Posted 6/16/2002

Researching the Daniel W. Jett and Eliza J. Dillon family.
I'm trying to locate death dates for the above parents of my grandmother.
They lived in Falmouth and died within one year of each other around 1903 -
1904. Any clues or help appreciated. Rose C

Posted 5/1/2002

Researching the Patterson Family, starting with Perry Patterson (b. 1776) and his wife Winifred and their line: Jesse and Margarett, Elias S. and Lucy, Thomas Franklin and Mathilda Sudholt. The later were my husbands great grandparents. We need Perry's parents and the ladies' last names.  Lucy may have been Indian or French according to family lore. Also looking for Birth, Death or Tax records on Thomas Stanton (b. 1689 Stafford,VA) m. Sarah Robinson (b. 1693 Stafford, VA). They had Thomas Stanton (b.1717 Stafford,VA) who married a lady named Lettice (b. 1721 Stafford, VA).  They had Setha Stanton. Any help will be appreciated. Cheryl Patterson

Posted 4/27/2002

I am looking for the parents of Francis Bolling and his wife, Maria.  They were the parents of my Great Grandmother, Maria Bolling Edwards who was born around 1855
and according to marriage records she was born in Stafford County , Virginia.

Posted 4/27/2002

Looking for James Withers who married Elizabeth Keene and had a daughter called Ursula Withers born in Stafford, Virginia, Overwharton Parish on 29 Sept 1709 and died in Fauquier County in 1793 so if you have any info on them, please let me know. Thank you, Lizzie Allen

Posted 4/27/2002

Nathaniel Atchison b. 1 Feb 1756 Overwharton Parish, Stafford, VA. Who was
his wife? Did they have children, other than Willis b. ??, Nathan b. 1777,
and William b. 1780?
Betty -

Posted 2/21/2002

Am looking for info on Benjamin Snellings, died in the 1840s. Also his wife
Catherine. Children were Catherine. Zachariah & William J. Snellings. Cannot
find where they are buried. Any info is welcome. Bettie Billingsley

Posted 2/21/2002

Looking for a family cemetery,William W.Snellings 1862-Dec 1925,Addison L.Snellings 1859-March 1931,William A.Snellings 1819-1909 and Mary A.Snellings 1825-1898.All in a family cemetery,they are listed in the 1870 census as living in township of Falmouth. Thank you, Paula Delosh

Posted 2/17/2002

Patrick Shearer b. 1746 Stafford CO. VA. , married Anne Unk would like any information on Patrick, will share what I know. Ron Sherrow.

Posted 2/17/2002

I am trying to locate records from Overwharton Parrish for John Mease and wife Mary Drury. I understand they have a will recorded there leaving estate to son Robert Mays and wife Elizabeth Bolling, b. 1731, I believe. I have been unable to locate info. on John and Mary but especially Elizabeth Bolling. I desperately am trying to find out who her parents are...then I can doc. if she is dec. of Powhatan. She was my 3rd g grandmother. I understand Major John Bolling who was married to Elizabeth Bland Blair had some children that are not listed with their family.Would appreciate any help Cheryl Mays Howard,Yorktown, Va

Posted 2/16/2002

I am looking for information and relatives of the following surnames: Gallahan's,   Allison's,   Quann's  and  Thompson. 
The Thompson's came from the Floyd Co area before coming to the Stafford area. Thank you, Teresa m Bell-Figueroa

Posted 2/13/2002

I'm looking for anything on a Thomas E. Ennis born February 24 1837 in Stafford Co. Died November 5 1927 in Manassas . I've only found parents named Catherine and George. Any help is very much appreciated. Thanks, Patrick Ennis

Posted 2/2/2002

I am looking for information on the parents of James Yelton, born Overwharton Parish, Stafford Co., in abt. 1720. Married Isabell Hinson d/o of Edmund Hinson. Any help appreciated. Suzanne Yelton Shephard