Stafford County Cemeteries

Headstone Photos

Submitted By: Julie L. DeShazo and Samantha A. Smith

Cemetery is located on Leeland Road (Route #626) opposite Bell-Air Farm (Walnut Tree farm.) The Stafford County WPA report lists the location as two separate cemeteries; Primmer Family Cemetery and the Sthreshley Family Cemetery. They are listed as two separate cemeteries.


- Sthreshley & Primmer Family Cemeteries -

AbrahamPrimmer.JPG (684364 bytes) Abraham Primmer
AlidaPWheeler.JPG (659729 bytes) Alida P. Wheeler
charleslewis.jpg (696688 bytes) Charles Lewis Smither, Marius Sthresley Smither

& Charles Gary Smither

CornelliaPrimmer.JPG (682771 bytes) Cornellia Primmer
EmmaPrimmer.JPG (626246 bytes) Emma Primmer
GASthresley.JPG (631148 bytes) G. A. Sthresley
JamesMSthresley.JPG (554001 bytes) James M. Sthresley
MariusSthreshleyFrancesClift.JPG (620725 bytes) Marius Sthresley & Frances Clift Sthresley
WmWCliftJamesBClift.JPG (614933 bytes) William W. Clift & James B. Clift