Stafford County History


Chopawamsic School

Photos taken and contributed by David E. Cann

This school is only referred to as Chopawamsic because of it's proximity to the Church. It's actual name has been lost to history.

The stone object in the upper right corner is the foundation near what is left of the front entrance to the one-room schoolhouse. Left side of the foundation, with the front entrance in the upper left of the picture. What is left of the front foundation after a tree fell on it, with the left foundation running down the left and rear portion in the distance. 

In a much early time, there was a small village in this area, although not much of it stands today.  This school has nothing to do with the church, except for the fact it is nearby (a quarter to a half mile or so down the current paved road and across the street).  There is nothing left except for some vague remnants of the foundation in the massive overgrowth.