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Historic Homes - Clearview Mansion

Clearview mansion was built by Andrew Buchanan some time in the last quarter of the 18th century. Buchanan bought 353 acres adjoining the town of Falmouth in 1786. The mansion actually stands inside the original town. The house is two-stories with a hipped roof and modillionet cornice, a l t e r e d in the nineteenth century. It is privately owned (and lived in by the Sale family) and is not open to the public. Clearview is on the National Registry of Historic homes.

The town of Falmouth is gone now and is just an unofficial area of the county that has kept the traditional name out of continuous use more than anything else.  Even the Post Office zip code for Falmouth is actually that of the City of Fredericksburg, which is on the other side of the river and outside of Stafford County.

An interesting Blog about "Mary Scott and Clearview" during the Civil War

Photos taken and contributed by David E. Cann

Entrance to Clearview on Forbes Street