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Deeds: Morias Hansbrough | Gray/Barbee | Trammell/Young | Gray to Greaves | Garrott Gray, Sr. | Bradshaw vs, Bradshaw | Cockshutt & Bland/Swetnam, MacIntosh, Reveley, Briggs | Fox-Sterne | Sterne, Sterne-Purvis | 1802 Appraisal Marshal Wesley Heflin | Public Meeting Notice for Bridge, Treasure on Shacklette Place, | Stafford Delegates: 1837, 1881, 1899 | Wills: John Grigsby, John Foley, Sr, Thomas Folio (Foley), Benjamin Sullivan, John Combs, John Cooke  Clarrissa Million Harding Embrey Index to Deeds & Wills 1727-1920  | Taylor Chapman Will | William Chapman Guardian Bond |  Instructions For Ordering Photocopies of Vital Records from Fredericksburg | Fredricksburg Court Records Online | Court Records: Historic Court Records, 1805 Court Records, Thomas Folio (Foley), Surname: Embrey | Probate Records: William Withers  |



This page will hold links to records such as Tax-Land records, Deeds, Wills, Government, legal documents and court cases. If you have these type of records in reference to your ancestors in Stafford County, let me know and I'll post them on the site. 


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