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Description of Material:

Record number        000039218

    Title                Stafford County (Va.) Court Records, Order Book.
    Creator              Stafford County (Va.) Circuit Court
    Description.ABS      This volume is a transcription that summarizes all
                         matters brought before the court from 1749-1755. A wide
                         variety of recordings are found in this book including:
                         deeds, chancery causes, judgments, records of legal
                         disputes heard before the county court, and road
                         orders. Transcribed from the original record in 1791 by
                         John Fox, a Stafford County deputy court clerk, this
                         order book contains a comprehensive index in the front
                         of the volume.
    Description.ABS      Following the Order Book entries (pp. 1-374), there is
                         an "Index for Land Order Book, March 1780-December
                         1789." It is believed that the referenced Land Order
                         Book is not extant.
    Description.ABS      The volume was removed from the Stafford Courthouse on
                         March 30, 1863 by Union Army Capt. William A.
                         Treadwell, of the 4th New York Regiment. Treadwell, a
                         Massachusetts native, shipped the volume home to family
                         in Boston. The volume passed through several hands
                         before becoming part of the collections of the Jersey
                         City Free Public Library. It was returned to the
                         commonwealth, through the Library of Virginia, in
                         October 2011. The volume is of special importance due

                         to Stafford County's status as a lost record locality,
                         one of many counties or incorporated cities in Virginia
                         that suffered significant record loss due to a variety
                         of reasons.
    Date.Created         2012
    Date.Issued          1791
    Source               Digitized from original Order Book, accession 50214.
    Coverage.Spatial     Stafford County
    Coverage.Temporal    1749-1755
    Rights               There are no restrictions.

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