"Virginia,  Overwharton Parish Register"

1720 to 1760.  Old Stafford County

By:  Wm. F. Boogher.

This Parish was co‑extensive with Stafford County, covering a part 
of what was once Washington Parish, extending about eighty miles 
along the Potomac, in breadth about four and twenty miles, embracing 
within its territory what is now Prince William, Loudoun, Fairfax, 
Alexandria Counties and a part of Fauquier until 1730, when Prince 
William County was taken from Stafford, and Hamilton Parish was 
erected, succeeding Overwharton as the frontier parish. Of the early 
history of Overwharton Parish and its rectors, but little is known.

Overwharton parish originally embraced what are now the counties of 
Stafford, Prince William, Fairfax, Loudoun, Arlington and the eastern 
watershed of Fauquier, or perhaps a more accurate statement would be 
that this vast territory was yet to be subdivided into the parishes 
which it afterwards comprised. As a matter of fact parochial 
jurisdiction in Overwharton shortly after its formation was confined 
to a comparatively small strip of land along the Potomac about eighty 
miles in length and from three to twenty miles in width The Rev. Alex- 
ander Scott, 21 minister of Overwharton from 1711 until his death in 
1738 states, in a report to the Bishop of London in 1724, that there 
were 650 families in his parish, 80 to 100 communicants, one church 
and several chapels. 22 (Fauquier During the Proprietorship/ Meads 
Old Churches) book including index was written in 1899  and covers 
parish records from 1720-1760.

Abbot,  Abbott, Abram, Adams,  Adie,  Aldrige, Alexander,  Allen,   
Allenthrop,  Allentrop, Alridge, Amely,  Anderson,  Andrew, Angel,  
Angell,  Anglis, Anthony, Appleton, Asbee,  Asberry, Asbrook, Asbury, 
ASHBY, Ashton, Atchison,  Aubury, Aukerum, Bailey, Bailis,  Bailly,  
Bails, Baker, Baliwoel, Ball,  Balls,    Bannester, Bannister,  
Barbee,  Barber, Barby,   Bark, Barret,  Barry,  Basnet, Basnett, 
Basriet, Bassiet, Batto, Battoo, Baxter,  Bayles, Baylis,  Bazell, 
Beach, Begoley,  BELL, Belsher,  Bennet, Ben, Berry,   Bethany,  
Bethel, Bettson,   Betty, Birckhead, Black, BLACKBURN,  Blackman,  
Bland,  Blueford,  Boalin,  Boan,  Boiling,   Boling,  Boning,  
BOOGHER,  Botts,  Bouchard,  Bowman,  Box, BOZZELL, Bradley,  Bradly, 
Bragg,  Brent,  Briand,  Bridwell,  Broderick,  Bromley, Brooke, 
Brooks, Brown,  Bruing,  Bryan,   Buchan, Burch, Burchel, Burchell,  
Burges,  Burn,  Burns,  Burton,  Bush,  Bussel,  Bussell,  Butcher, 
Butler,  Byram, Byrom, Byron, Cabbage, Cabbige, Cain, Cammel,  Camon, 
Camp, Campbell, Canaday, Cannaday,  Cannon, Carberry, Carney, 
Carpenter,  Carr,  Carrow, Cartee, Carter, Carty, Cash,  Cassity, 
Castello, Cave,  Cavenaugh, Chambers,  Champ,  Champe, Chapman, 
Charity, Chatham, Chichester, Chimp,  Chin, Chinn,  Christopher, 
Cinberford, Clark, Clarke,  Clarnes,  Clement, Clutterbuck, Cocklen,  
Cockley, Coffee,  Coffey,  Coffy, Colburn, Cole,  Coleman,  Collie, 
Colson,  Combs,  Condring, Congers,  Connally, Conwell, Conyers, 
COOK,  Cooke, Cooper, Corbin,  Cornell, Corney, Cornish,  Cornwall, 
Cosby, Cossity, Cotney,  Cotton, Courtney, Cowper, Crap,  Craven, 
Cravens, Criswell,  Crosby,  Croscuel,  Crump, Cubbage, Cubbige,  
Cuiberford, Cummings,  Cunningham, Dabney,  Daffin, Dalton,  Daniel,  
Darlow,  Davids, Davis,  Davison,    Dawist, Dawson,   Day,  Dayton, 
Deckon,  Dent, Devane,  Dial,  Dick, Dickinson, Dillon,  Dinwiddie,  
Diskin,  Dobie, Doial,  Donald,  DONIPHAN,  Doniphon,  Donophon, 
Dooling,  Douglass,  Dowling,  Dows, Doyson,, Driscal, Driscol, 
Duffy, Duke,   Dunaway,  Dunawoy, Duncomb,  Dunest, Dunnaway, 
Duwest,   Earle,   Eaton,  Eaves, Edgar, Edghill, Edrington,  
Edwards,  Edzar,  Elkin, Elkins, Elliot, Ellis, Elmore, English,  
Enoch, Evans, Fant,  Farlow,  Farrow,  Fernsby, Fernsley, Fernsly, 
Filcher, Fitzhugh,  Fitzpatrick, Fletcher,  Fling,  Flitter,   
Flood,  Floyd, Foley,  Ford, Foregast, Fortick,  Foster,  Fowke,  
Foxworthy,  Francis, Frazer,  French, Fristoe,  Fritter,  Frogg,  
Fuell,   Funsten, Furguson,  Gain,  Gaines,  Gallahan,  Garner,  
Garret, Garrison,  Gashings, George,  Gerrard,   Gibbons, Gill,  
Glass,  Glendering, Godfrey,  Going, Goldsmith, Goleman, Goodwin,  
Goolding, Gorman, Gough, Gowing,  Grace,  Grady, Graham,  Grant,  
Graves,  Green,  Greenless, Gregg, Grey, Grianan, Griffin,  Griffith, 
Grigsby,  Grimes, Grinstead, Grisby, Grogg,  Groves,  Gunn,  Gwinn, 
Hacker,  Haffermon, Hainsbrough, Hainsford, Haley, Hall, Halley,  
Hamilton, Hammet, Hammond, Hampton, Hankins,  Hansbrough,  Hansford, 
Han,  Harding,  Hardwick,  Harod, Harper,  Harrel,  Harrison,  Hart,  
Harvey, Harvie,  Hawes,  Hawkins, Hay, Hayes,  Haynie, Hays,  Hayter, 
Hazel, Head,   Heaflon, Hearne,  Heath, Heckeney, HEDGMAN,  
Heffermon,  Heffermot, Heffernon,  Heffernut, Hefferton, Helms,   
Herrod,  Hester, Hewis, Hewitt, Hickerson, Higerson, Higgerson,  
Higgins, Higgison, Hill,  Hinson,  Hinston, Hogg,  Holdbrook,   
Holiday,  Holland,  Holliday, Homes, Honey,   Hope, Hord, HORE,  
Hornbuckel, Hornbuckle, Horten, Horton,  Hose,  Howard,   Huges,  
Hughes,  Hughs,  Humphreys,  Humphrieys, Hunt, Hunter,   Hurst,  
Husk, Hutt,  Hyden,  Hyter, Innis, Isaac, Jack,  Jack,  James,  
Jefferies, Jeffies, Jeffreys, Jeffries, Jenkins, Jennings,  Jett, 
Johns, John,  Johnston,  Jones,  Jordan,  Jordon,  Judd,   Kees, 
Kelly,  Kemp, Kendal,  Kendall,  Kendon,  Kendrick,  Kennedy,  
Kenney, Kenny,  Kenton, King,  Kinny, Kinz, Kirk,  Kirke,  Kitchen,   
Kite, Knight,  Lacy,  Lamb, Lane,  Latham, Latimore, Lawless, 
Laytham, Lea, LEE, Leftridge, Leftwich, Lemaster, Lemmon, Lewis,  
Limbrich, Limbrick, Limon, Lincey, Linee,  Linton, Littimore, Lowry,  
Lungate, Luns, Lunsford,  Lymm,  Lynah, Lynaugh, Lynne, Lynns, Lyon,  
Macaboy,  Macanteer, Maccaboy,  MacCartee,  MacCarthy,  MacCarty,   
MacCollough,  Macconchie, Maccothough, MacCoy,  Maccullough, 
Macculough, MacDaniel,   Macdonal, MacFarlane, Macinteer, 
Mackenheimer, MacMachon, MacMurry, Macon, Macquatty,  Makanes,  
Mallaken, Malphus, Mananteer, Manatear,  Manuel,   Manzey, Manzy,  
Markham,  Marony,  Marten, Martin,  Martyor, Ma,   Massey,  Masters, 
Matheney,  Matheny, Mathews, Matthews, Matthis,  Mayow, Mays, 
McCaboy, McCarty, McColin, McConchie,   McCoy,  McDaniel,  McDonald,  
McDonold, McDuell, McGuirk,  McInteer,  McMurry, Meade,  Mees, 
Mercer, Meredith, Merriman, Merringham, Miller, Millian,  Milliner, 
Million, Mills, Mings,  Minor, Mitchel, Mitchell, Mobley, Molton,  
Moncure, Monk,  Monroe, Monslow,   Montgomery, Montjoy,  Moore,  
More, Morgan, Moring, Morris,  Morton, Moses,  Moss,  MOUNTJOY, 
Mousley, Moussby, Moyon, Muffet,  Mundy, Murdock,  Murphy,  Murray, 
Neal, Nelson, Newbold, Nichol, Nickolas, Nick, Nicolas, Noble, 
Noland, Normand, Northcut,  Northcutt,  Norton,  Nowland,   Noxal,  
Nubal,   Nunn, Obanion, O'Banion, O'Cane,  O'Daneal,  Ogiboy, Ogiloy, 
Oliver, Oneal, Onsby,  Oram, Osbon, Owendownney, Owens, Paddeth, 
Page,   Pannel, Parinder,  Parker, Par, Pars, Paterson, Patten,  
PATTER, Pattin, Patti, Patton, Payne,  Payton, Pear, Peddicoat,  
Pepper,  Perender, Perry, Petter,  Pettigrew, PEYTON, Philips, 
Phillips, Phipps, Phips,  Pike, Pilcher, Pilford, Pliford, Plummer,  
Poole,  Porch, Porter, Powel, Powell, Pownall, Powton, Powtone, 
Powwell, Prestman, Price,  Prichet, Prim, Pritchet, Pritchett, 
Proctor,  Pruden, Pully,  Pumphrey,  Punnell, Punton, Pyke,  Quidley, 
Rabbing, Radcliffe,  Raleigh, Ramsdell, Randal, Rankins, Ransdell,  
Raper, Rassan,  Rayle, Read, Reaves,  Reddish, Redman,  Reeds,  
Regnold, Reiley, Reiliegh, Renny,  Reynolds,  Rhodes, Rice,  
Richards, Richetts,  Riddle,  Riding, Rigg, Riggins,  Riley, Risen,  
Roach, Roath, Robe,  Robert,  Robin, Robison, Roderich, Rogers, 
Rosamond, Rose, Ross, Rosser,  Rounde, Rout, Routt,  Rowels, Rowley, 
Runnils, Rush, Ryan,  Ryley,  Sander, Savage,  Sayas, Sayer, 
Scogging, Scott,  Scoulcraft,  Scrogging, Sebastian, Selden, Selman, 
Shadborn, Shadrick, Shamlin, Shaw, Shoemake, Short, Shorter, Shumate, 
Simmonds, Simmons,   Simms,  Simpson,  Sims,  Simson,  Sinclair, 
Skaines,  Slaughter,  Smith, Somacks, Southland, Spilman,  Spinks, 
Spoldin, Spoore, Sprayburry,  Stacey,  Stacy, Stanard,  Stanley, 
Stanly, Stark, Stephens, Stone,  Stringfellow, Strong, STROTHER,  
Stuart, Stungfellow, Sturdy, Suddeth,  Suddith, Suitor, Sullivan,  
Sullivant,  Sumate, Summers, Summon, Suthard,  Sutherland, Sutor, 
Suttle, Syloy, Sylva,  Sylvy, Tankerly, Taylor, Templeman, Thomas, 
Thompson, Thom, Thornberry,  Thornton, Threlkeld, Ticer, Tifer, Toby, 
Todd, Tollgate, Tolson, Tomison, Tomlin, Towngate, Travers, Traverse, 
Trewick, Tunnel, Turner, Turnham, Tyler, Vant, Voucheart, Wade,  
Walker, Wall, Waller, Wans, Want,  Warden, Warner Washington, Water, 
Waters, Watson,  Waugh,  Wawal,  Weathers, Webster, Weddall, Weddell, 
Weeks,  Welch, Welit, Wells, West, Weyton, Whalebone, Wharton, 
Whealy, Wheeler, Whitcomb, Whitcomnb, White,  Whitecotton, Whit, 
Wigger, Wigginton, Wiggonton,  Wilkerson, Wilkin,  Willamson, 
Williams, William, Wine, Wingfield,  Winlock, Wiot,  Wise,  Withers, 
Wood,   Woodward, Wren,  Wright,   Yates, Yelton, Young,

The Virginia Parish System

Colonial parish records consist of registers and vestry books. The registers contain vital statistics. Genealogical information that can be obtained from the vestry books which were kept by the vestry - Parish vestries (the governing body), usually consisting of twelve laymen, oversaw the administration of church affairs. The duties of the vestry included collecting annual tithes from parishioners, enforcing laws governing church attendance and moral behavior, administering parish workhouses, overseeing repairs and improvements to church buildings, confirming the land boundaries in the parish every four years, and selecting and dismissing the parish rector. Individuals often appear in parish records when they do not in other county records of the period. To learn more information about the Parish system in Virginia, click here.

A List of the Parishes in Virginia. June the 30th, 1680.

(A list of Parishes in 1755)

State Papers Colonial. Volume 60, Number 410 (June 30, 1680).



  Counties     Parishes     Ministers  
  Henrico County     Varina     John Ball  

  Charles City County      Bristol     Readers only  
  Weyonoak     Mr. Paul Williams  
  Martin Brandon  

  Surry County     Southwork     Mr. John Clough  
  Lawns Creek     Mr. John Woyre  

  James City County     Martins Hundred     Mr. Rowland Jones  
  James City  
  Wilmington     Mr. Thomas Hampton  

  Isle of Wight     Isle of Wight Parish     Mr. Robert Park  
  Lower Parish     Mr. William Housden  

  Nanzemund     Upper Parish     Mr. John Gregory  
  Lower Parish     Mr. John Wood  
  Chicokatuck Parish     Mr. William Housden,who  
    serves in Isle of Wight  

  Warwick County     Denby     Mr. John Larwence for  
  Mulberry Island  

  Elizabeth City County     Inone     Mr. John Page  

  Lower Norfolk County     Elizabeth River Parish     Mr. William Nern  
  Lynhaven Parish     Mr. James Porter  

  Yorke County      Brewton     Mr. Rowland Jones  
  Hampton Parish  
  York Parish     Mr. Edward Foliott  
  New Towson Parish     Mr. John Wright  

  New Kent County  
  St. Peter's Parish     Mr. William Sellick  
  Blissland Parish     Mr. Thomas Taylor  

  New Kent County  
  St. Steven's Parish     Mr. William Williams  
  Stratton Major     Mr. Robert Carr  

  Gloster County     Kingston     Mr. Michaell Zyperius  
  Ware Parish     Mr. Clark  
  Petsoe Parish     Mr. Thomas Vicars  
  Abingdon     Mr. John Gwynn  

  Middlesex County     Christ Church Parish     Mr. John Sheppard  

  Rappahannock County     Farnam     Mr. Charles Davies  
  Sydenburn     Mr. Dudley  

  Stafford County     Stafford Parish     Mr. John Wough  
  Westmerland County     Copeland Parish     Mr. Scrimmington  
  Washington     Mr. William Butler  

  Northumberland County     Fairfield     Mr. John Farnefold  
  Wacacommico     Mr. Davies, who serves  
    also at Farnam.  

  Accomack County     Accomack Parish     Mr. Henry Parkes  
  Northampton County     Northampton Parish     Mr. Thomas Teagle  
  Hungers Parish  

  Lancaster County     Christ's Church     Mr. Benjamin Doggett  
  White Chaple  


A List of all the Counties, Parishes, and present Ministers of Virginia, June 10, 1755

William Stevens Perry, ed. Historical Collections Relating to the American Colonial Church, Volume I, Virginia (Hartford, 1870).



  Counties   Parishes   Ministers

  Accomack     Accomack     Arthur Emersson  

  Albemarle     St. Anne's     John Ramsay  

  Amelia     Raleigh     John Brunskill, Junr.  

  Augusta     Augusta     John Jones  

  Brunswick     St. Andrew's     George Purdie  
  Meherrin     John Navison  

  Bedford     Russel     [Vacant]  

  Caroline     Drysdale     Robert Innes  
  St. Mary's     Musgrave Dawson  
  St. Margaret's     John Brunskill, Senr.  

  Charles City     Westover     Peter Fontaine  

  Chesterfield     Dale     George Fraser  

  Culpepper     St. Thomas's     Mungo Marshall  
  Bromfield     Adam Menzies  

  Cumberland     Southam     Robert Mac Laurin  

  Dinwiddie     Bath     James Pasteur  

  Elizabeth City     Hampton     William Fife  

  Essex     South Farnham     Alexander Cruden  
  St. Anne's     John Smelt  

  Fairfax     Cameron     John Andrews  
  Truro     Charles Green  

  Frederick     Frederick     John Gordon  

  Gloucester     Petsworth     Robert Yates  
  Abington     William Yates  
  Ware     John Fox  
  Kingston     John Dixon  

  Goochland     St. James Northam     William Douglas  

  Halifax     Antrim     James Foulis  

  Hampshire     Hampshire     [Vacant]  

  Hanover     St. Paul's     Patrick Henry  
  St. Martin's     Robert Barret  

  Henrico     Henrico     Miles Selden  

  James City     James City     William Preston  

  Isle of Wight     Newport     John Reid  

  King George     Brunswick     Daniel Macdonald  
  Hanover     William Davis  

  King and Queen     St. Stephen's     Hancock Dunbar  
  Stratton Major     William Robinson  

  King William     St. John's     John Robertson  
  St. David's     Alexander White  

  Lancaster     Christ Church     David Currie  
  St. Mary, Whitechapel  

  Louisa     Fredericksville     James Maury  

  Lunenburg     Cumberland     William Kay  

  Middlesex     Christ Church     Bartholomew Yates  

  Nansemond     Chuckatuck     William Webb  
  Suffolk     John Agnes  

  New Kent     Blissland     Chichley Thacker  
  St. Peter's     David Mossom  

  Norfolk     Elizabeth River     Charles Smith  

  Northampton     Hungar's     Henry Barlow  

  Northumberland     Wicocomoco     John Leland  
  St. Stephen's     Thomas Smith  

  Orange     St. Mark's     John Thompson  

  Princess Ann     Linhaven     Robert Dickson  

  Prince George     Bristol     Thomas Wilkinson  
  Martin's Brandon     Alexander Finnie  

  Prince Edward     Dettingen     James Scott  

  Prince William     Hamilton     John Brunskill  

  Richmond     Lunenburg     Joseph Simpson  
  North Farnham     William Mackay  

  Southampton     Nottoway     Thomas Burgess  

  Spotsylvania     St. George's     James Mayre  

  Surry     Southwark     Peter Davis  

  Sussex     Albemarle     William Willie  

  Stafford     Overwharton     John Moncure  
  St. Paul's     William Stuart  

  Warwick     Warwick     [Vacant]  

  Westmoreland     Washington     Archibald Campbell  
  Cople     Charles Rose  

  York     Charles     Thomas Warrington  
  York-Hampton     John Camm  
  Bruton     Thomas Dawson  

  William and Mary College     President     William Stith  
  Masters or Professors     Thomas Dawson  
  Thomas Robinson  
  William Preston  
  Richard Graham  
  John Camm