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Virginia Surname Register

PLEASE Read the instructions on how to submit

 Surnames, researcher's names, and webpage addresses ONLY are posted here. Details of who, where, when you're research can be posted to: The Virginia "Unknown County" QueryPage at http://www.vagenweb.com/unknown/vaquery.htm

These pages provide a place to find email addresses and/or webpage addresses for researchers of Virginia Surnames, for the purpose of exchanging information on families. When emailing one of these researchers, it would be wise to tell them that you saw their address in the VA Surname Register. They may have forgotten they posted here, and misunderstand a message arriving "out of the blue" <grin>.

Send an email to fspradlinearthlink.net   telling me
what SURNAME, you're registering and:

  1. what Personal Name you want used in the register.
  2. the email address to be registered, if any
  3. the URL of your WebPage, if any
Please use VA Surname Register as the SUBJ: line or state clearly in your message that you're registering your Surname on the Virginia Surname Register. I'm working a lot of counties as well, and get easily confused. <grin> -----------------------------------------------------------

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Aaron to Acree
Adam to Adueston
Agee to Akers
Albert to Aliff
Allard to Alls
Almon to Alvis
Ambrose to Appling
Arbaugh to Ary
Asberry to Atwood
Aubrey to Aytes

Babb to Baker
Balden to Balser
Bandy to Banton
Barb to Barlow
Barnard to Barts
Basfield to Bazzill
Beach to Becvar
Bedford to Bejamin
Belchee to Belvin
Bender to Bentz
Berkley to Bezer
Biard to Bizzant
Black to Blazier
Bleeker to Blythe
Board to Bolton
Bomar to Boswell
Botelar to Bozell
Brabant to Brazeal
Breazeale to Brizendine
Broach to Broomfield
Brough to Broyles
Brubaker to Bryson
Buch to Bunting
Burbridge to Burlock
Burner to Burwell
Busbin to Buzan
Byas to Bywaters

Cabaniss to Camper
Canada to Capps
Caracofe to Carper
Carr to Cary
Casaday to Cazier
Cecil to Cells
Chadick to Chaudoin
Cheadle to Chewning
Chick to Chiveral
Chocklett to Churchill
Citty to Citty
Clabaugh to Clayville
Cleak to Clyce
Coates to Coker
Colbert to Colvin
Combie to Compton
Condley to Conyers
Coody to Coots
Copeland to Copsey
Coram to Corvin
Cosby to Coutts
Covey to Cozzens
Crabb to Crawley
Creach to Crews
Crichfield to Crizer
Crocker to Croy
Cruey to Ctibor
Cuffee to Cypress

D'Carneala to Damron
Dance to Daux
Davenport to Davisson
Dawes to Daynes
De Bell to Dedrick
Deeds to Dempsey
DeNeal to Derting
Desmoine to Deyerle
Di Diego to Dikes
Dildine to Dizmang
Dobbin to Dolman
Dominici to Dotson
Doudge to Dozier
Dragoo to Dryden
Du Guesclin to Dumas
Dunagan to Dunway
Dupree to Durvin
Dwyer to Dyson

Eades to Eckhardt
Eddens to Ekert
Elam to Ely
Emberson to Estill
Etchison to Ezzell

Faber to Fant
Faris to Fary
Fastnaught to Fay
Feagan to Fewson
Fichardson to Fizer
Flack to Flynn
Fogg to Foote
Foraker to Fortune
Foscue to Foyle
Fraim to Frazier
Freame to Frye
Fudge to Futrell

Gabbard to Gant
Garbee to Gary
Gash to Gayther
Gearheart to Gholson
Giannini to Giggetts
Gilbert to Gilvin
Ginger to Givens
Gladman to Glynn
Goacher to Golloday
Gooch to Goolsby
Gorden to Gowens
Grabill to Grayson
Green to Greybill
Gribble to Grizzle
Groah to Gryder
Guard to Gwynn

Haas to Haisty
Halbert to Halterman
Ham to Haps
Haralson to Harkrider
Harlan to Harper
Harral to Harrup
Harshbarger to Harwood
Hash to Hatton
Hauck to Hazlewood
Heacox to Heflin
Heider to Helvey
Hembrick to Henzel
Heper to Heywood
Hiatt to Hiett
Higdon to Hightower
Hildebrand to Hilton
Himelwright to Hires
Hise to Hizer
Hoback to Hoke
Holbert to Holtzclaw
Homes to Horton
Hose to Hoyle
Hubbard to Hudspith
Huff to Hulvey
Humbles to Huntington
Hurd to Huybert
Hyatt to Hyre

Ice to Ivy

Jack to Jarvis
Jean to Jinkins
Job to Johnston
Joice to Jones
Joplin to Justus

Kable to Kays
Kea to Keeton
Kefauver to Kemper
Kendall to Kephart
Kercheval to Keyser
Kidd to Kimm
Kincaid to Kinzer
Kiplinger to Kitts
Klayman to Kytchen

La Force to Lake
Lam to Lampton
Lancaster to Lansford
Laprade to Latture
Laubinger to Lawson
Lax to Lazenby
Le Doyen to Ledyard
Lee to Leeper
Lefever to Leitch
Lemaster to Lentz
Leonard to Leviston
Lewes to Lewllyn
Lichliter to Limbrick
Lincos to Linus
Lion to Livisay
Lloyd to Lloyd
Loan to Looney
Losey to Loyd
Lucado to Lytton

Mabe to Majors
Makely to Maples
Marable to Marrs
Marsden to Marvell
Mason to Matz
Mauck to Mazingo
Mc Kea to McBroom
McCabe to McClure
McCollum to McCutchen
Mcdanal to McIntyre
McKay to Mcloen
McMachen to McWilliams
Meacham to Meyers
Michael to Miers
Milam to Milum
Mims to Minton
Mitchell to Mizell
Moats to Montgomery
Moody to Moorman
Moran to Morton
Mosby to Mozingo
Muddiman to Mutchler
Myer to Myrick

Nace to Naylor
Neace to Neville
New to Newton
Nibblett to Nixon
Noaks to Nozler
Nuckels to Nye

O'Bannon to Oglesby
Oiler to Osnorn
Otey to Ozmon

Pace to Panky
Pare to Parvin
Pass to Payton
Pea to Pelter
Pemberton to Pepper
Percefull to Pestrimaux
Pete to Pfister
Phares to Phlippo
Picco to Plummer
Poage to Polson
Pomeroy to Popham
Porch to Potts
Povall to Poythress
Pratcher to Prewitte
Pribble to Privette
Proby to Pryor
Puckett to Pyrtle

Quaid to Quivious

Rabb to Ralston
Rambo to Rasnick
Ratcliff to Raynor
Rea to Rector
Redcross to Redwood
Reece to Register
Reid to Renshaw
Revas to Reynolds
Rhae to Rhys
Ribble to Ricks
Riddell to Riherd
Riley to Riviere
Roach to Roby
Rochelle to Ronald
Roof to Roston
Rotchel to Royster
Ruberts to Rutter
Ry to Ryon

Sabowrin to Samuels
Sandefur to Sanner
Sargeant to Sayers
Scaggs to Scyphers
Seabolt to Seitz
Selby to Seymour
Shackelford to Shay
Shearer to Sherwood
Shields to Showers
Shrader to Shutters
Siddens to Sizer
Skaggs to Skrivseth
Sladden to Slye
Smailes to Smythers
Snader to Sozio
Spade to Srsha
St. Clair to Stamps
Stancel to Stanulis
Stap to Staysha
Steadman to Stewart
Stickler to Stjohn
Stockdell to Stowe
Strachey to Stuthard
Sublet to Sutton
Swaim to Syria

Tabb to Tailor
Talbert to Tanquary
Tapley to Tavenner
Tayler to Taylor.williams
Teague to Tevebaugh
Thacker to Thayer
Thogmartin to Thomson
Thonton to Thorton
Thrasher to Thweatt
Tibbs to Tittle
Tobler to Townsend
Trabue to Trusler
Tubb to Tutwiler
Tweedell to Tyson

Udy to Utzler

Vaden to Vauter
Veale to Vowell

Wable to Wakeman
Walck to Walton
Wampler to Warwick
Washington to Wayman
Weakley to Webster
Weddle to Welton
Wendel to Weygandt
Whalen to Whetzel
Whicker to Whisman
Whitacre to Whitworth
Whooley to Whyte
Wiant to Wigley
Wilbourn to Wilkinson
Willard to Willson
Wilmoth to Wiltshire
Wimberley to Wizalis
Wohlford to Wonnacott
Wood to Wootton
Word to Worthy
Wray to Wythe

Yancey to Zumwalt

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