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 If you have transcribed files pertaining to Wise County that you would like to donate to this site contact  Vickie Sturgill.  Please do not submit material that you do not own the copy rights to.  No files on this site are for sale, they are free for your personal genealogical use only and may not be used for any other purpose.

Use transcribed files as a reference and /or starting point as the interpretation is that of the transcriber and the handwriting is often times hard to read.

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Neighboring Counties
Scott Co   parent county
Lee Co  parent county
Russell Co   parent county
Dickenson Co
Harlan Co
Letcher Co

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Wise County Clerk
P.O. Box 570
Wise, VA 24293

Wise County was formed in 1856 from land taken from Lee, Scott, and Russell Counties.
 It was named after Henry A. Wise,
who was the Governor of Virginia at the time.
Files are listed alphabeticly and
 some with variation on the spelling
are listed together
i.e., Smith & Smyth

Index of surnames

Surnames "A ,B, C
Chancery Book 3
Circuit Book 2

Online Chancery Records
Library of Virginia

1856 Wise Co Births
1857 Wise Co Births
1858 Wise Co Births
1859 Wise Co Births
1860 Wise Co Births
1861 Wise Co Births
Slave Births 1856-1861
Sorted by surname
1856-1871 Births "A & B"
1856-1871 Births "C & D"
1856-1871 Births  "E, F, G"
1856-1871 Births  "H, I, J, K"
1856-1871 Births  "L,M,N"
1856-1871 Births  "O, P, R"
1856-1871 Births  "S & T"
1856-1871 Births  "V,W,Y"

1856-1859 Deaths
1860-1869 Deaths
1870-1874 Deaths
1876-1879 Deaths
1880-1883 Deaths
1884-1886 Deaths
1884 Deaths pt 2
1887-1888 Deaths
1889-1890 Deaths
1891-1892 Deaths
1893-1894 Deaths
1860 Mortality Sch.
1870 Mortality Sch.


American Legion AT Find A Grave
Austin Cemetery
Bates Cemetery
Beverly (3) Cemetery
Black Creek Cem. 
Blankenbecler Cemetery
Branham-Whitt Cem
Bush Cemetery
Laban Carico Cemetery
Carter Cemetery
Clark Cemetery
Culbertson Cem
Davis Cemetery at Find A Grave
Day Cemetery
Dingus Cemetery at Find A Grave
Edens Cemetery
Marshall Edwards Cemetery
Gilliam Cemetery at Find A Grave
Glamorgan Cemetery
Gray Cemetery
Jonathan Hayes Burial site
Huff Cemetery
Hunsucker Cemetery
Kelly View Cemetery
Kilbourne Cemetery

Kilburn Cemetery
Lawson/Bond Cemetery

Lipps Cemetery
W R Mullins Cemetery
Levi Perry Cem
Perry Cemetery at Find A Grave
Ira Phillips Cemetery
Ringley Cemetery
grid for Ringley
Robbins Cemetery
Galen Roberts Cemetery
J H Skeen Cemetery
Skeen Cemetery
Lilburn H. Skeen Cemetery
Skeens Cemetery
Stallard Cemetery
Tannery Cemetery
Unknown Cemetery (Johnson/Shook) 
Unknown Cem 2
Harve Vanover Ridge Cem 
Cicero Wampler Cem
George Wampler
Wampler Cemetery
Wells Cemetery

Wise Co Deaths 1912-1918
I have copies of all the certificates listed thanks to  Wise Co Historical Society.  
"Letters" not scanned are indexed

Scanned Certificates :
A  B  E      N  O  Q   X,Y,Z
C   D     G       L   M   P   R   S   T   U,V   W
Contact Vickie if you see a listing on the index you need more information on.

Headstone Pictorial
Here you will find photos of headstones of persons born before 1900
over 50 cemeteries transcribed
and photographed

Misc Burial, Death, Wills 
Will Index (partial listing of wills on file)
Surnames "A-B"
Surnames "C-D"
Surnames "E-F" 
Surnames "G-H"
Surnames "I-J"
Surnames "K-L"
Surnames "M-N"
Surnames "O-P"
Surnames "R-S"
Surnames "T-U"
Surnames "V-W"
Surnames "Y"

Articles on People and Places
Indian Creek  by Nancy Clark Brown
Photos, articles and cemeteries on the people living in the Indian Creek area of Wise County.
The  Life and Times of a Mountaineer Game Warden by Dave O'Neill
Historical Sketches of Southwest Virginia
The Legends of Swift's Silver Mines
Early Settlements of Wise Co.
by Emory Hamilton,
Biography of  Emory L. Hamilton 
4/10/13 - 11/8/91

Photos of Wise County Places and People
Granny's Recipes from the Hurricane Rebekah Lodge Cook Book
Granny's Garden Wildflowers, herbs, shrubs, and trees found in Wise County
Granny's Songs Stories Grannys songs, folklore and stories of old

1860 Wise County Census Images
1860 Census Index listed by film page 
1860 Slave Schedule
1860 Transcribed Census
1870 Transcribed Census
1880 Census Images
1890 Special Veterans Schedule
1900 Wise County Census Images
1920 Wise County Census Images

1930 Search, off site link
1940 Census link

Misc Census Files
Who's Who in Wise, 1860
Prisoners from the 1880 Census
Sturgill's in the 1900 Census
Maggards in the 1910 Va Census
Prisoners from the 1900  Census
Prisoners from the 1920 Census
Wise Parent Counties
1820 Scott Co Census
1830 Scott Co Census
1840 Scott Co Census
1850 Scott Co Census
1850 Lee Co Census
1850 Russell Co Census
1860 Russell Co Census

African American Links

African American Cemteries Online, Va

 Crimes, Criminals, & Characters

Jeremiah vs. Amos (Bolling)
Killings on the Pound
Letter From George
Jim Baker of Baker's Rock
Killing of John Sturgill
1883 Pension Roll
Civil War Bios

Joseph Kelly Jan 17, 1823-Nov 23, 1890
Thompson Martin Smith Oct 29, 1838-Nov 6,?
Reuben Steele Sept 29, 1802-
August 20, 1876

Samuel Bise Feb 11, 1842-Dec, 27, 1923
Joseph Mullins June 19, 1834-July 29, 1929
All above data compiled by Rhonda Robertson and Lillian Gobble Submitted by Rhonda Robertson
Jacob Rumley  off site link
Sam Caldwell

Va. Confederate Soldiers
Surnames "A-B"        Surnames "C-D"
Surnames "E-F"        Surnames "G-I"
Surnames "J-K"         Surnames 'L-M"
Surnames "N-Q"       Surnames "R-S"
Surnames "T-Z"

Other Files & Links
Wise Co Confederate Soldiers
Company B 7th Battalion
Company H
50th Reg. VA Inf Floyd’s Brigade
64th Mounted Inf
The Bushwackers
Vietnam Deaths of Wise Countians
Korean War Deaths of Wise Countians
Mothers Pilgrimage, 1930
John Phillip Sturgill & the USS Scorpion 
Veterans Memorial Wall Photo
Salyer-Lee, UDC

Sons of the Confederate Veterans Dedicate the Stones of CSA Soldiers in the Tacoma Cemetery
Article and Photos
Dedication for Tandy Branham
Dedication for James Bryant
Dedication for Benjamin Wright
Dedication for Lockard Hamilton
Dedication for James W Sykes

Misc Links, Files & Surname Specific

1st Court Order Book for Wise 1856
Funeral Book of Inez Brickey
The Poor Farm
What was a Fell Monger?
What was Dropsey?
Tithables On Clinch River 1772
John Ritchie Bio
General Jackson Lane Bio
Reuben Powers Bio
William Robertson Bio
Jacob Ramey Letters
The Powers  Family Bio
Wise Co Towns and Communities
A story from WM. HENRY JENKINS
Notes on Antiques & Ancestry of Wise People
Wise Court House Dedication Speech
by Nancy Clark Brown 1980

The Colorful Language of the Mountain People
an article by Nancy Clark Brown
The Jeremiah T Chase Manison House
an article by Nancy Clark Brown
Churches of Wise County
Old Wise County Newspapers
1844 Petition to form Wise County
Five Generations in a One Room School
an article by Nancy Clark Brown
Indian Creek Regular Baptist Church of Jesus Christ Minutes Minutes, 1867-1885
National Register of Historical Places  Wise Co
Wise County Historical Society
The Purkey's, Dotsons, Owens, Starnes
Wright and Hales of Wise & Russsll
Danner & Stewart Genealogy
The Stidham Family
My Little Cabin in the Mountains Hibbit Family

Wheatley Family Genealogy
Families are Forever surnames Adkins and Stanley
Historical Maps Website
Railroad Maps 1828-1900
Potomack & James rivers in North America
Big Stone Gap Home Page
Wise Coal Camp Information
Virginia Coal Towns
Appalachain News Express
Lonesome Pine Library
Coalfield Progress
Clerk of the Court
SW Virginia Heritage Guide
NS, Virginia Mine Operators
Pound High School
Signs of History, Wise Co
D C Powers Family Bible
Wise Centennial Celebration , 1956

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