Daniel Dotson Cemetery
 Located in the town of Pound

 Bennie Taylor (1874-1966)

 Brownlow (2/6/1878-7/27/1956) and 
Sarah (3/13/1886-2/15/1964) Mullins

 C D Dotson (11/30/1875-11/28/1902)

 Celesty C Swindall (2/17/1878-7/3/1917)

 Charlie Mullins (5/17/1889-3/2/1962)

 Eliza Jane (1880-1950) and Silas Henson (1870-1940) Hall

 Emily T Hamilton (9/13/1871-2/3/1903)

 Henry M (5/2/1898-7/3/1971) and 
Oma K (10/17/1905-10/28/1984) Dotson

 J E M Hill (9/24/1846-5/27/1915) and 
Martha Dotson J Hill (10/23/1844-12/13/1917)

 Johnny J Mullins (10/25/1888-5/27/1962)

 Lethea A Dotson (7/15/1843-9/15/1890)

 M D L Dotson (1850-1923)

 Nathan (8/7/1818-11/15/1884) and 
Sophronia (11/25/1851-10/28/1890) Hamilton

 Rosa Noles (9/14/1887-4/?/1958)

 Rouisa Taylor (1880-1932)

 Rufus A Dotson (2/25/1897-2/15/1965)

 Sanford (1888-1966) and Sarah (1897-1977) Keaton

 Sissil (1888-1968) and Sugar Man (1886-  ) Mullins

 Walter Cantrell (10/20/1895-5/13/1907)

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