William Dotson Cemetery 
Located on the
middle fork of Bold Camp near Pound

 Charles Chapman (1/17/1878-11/1/1940)

 Daniel A Dotson (4/10/1862-10/20/1937)

 Etta D Chapman (1/31/1890-4/9/1972)

 Edward S Dotson (10/11/1892-10/1/1965)

 F A Carico (10/6/1856-4/19/1915)

 Geneva Taytor Stidham (4/17/1897-3/13/1962)

 Hugh W Powers (1881-1941)

 James A Dotson (died 1918)

 James G (1882-1956) and 
Allie S (1896-1976) Robinson

 Joseph M (1/15/1876-4/18/1965) and 
Cora (12/20/1886-8/6/19?9) Gentry

 Jas E Nickels (9/?/1851-?/1891)

 John Horton 

 Louisa D Nickels 

 Louisa Meade (3/8/1855-12/4/1908)

 Lanie Taylor (7/20/1878-9/22/1944)

 Mary A Dotson (3/30/1864-6/18/1899)

 Martha C Carico (3/27/1858-3/7/1949)

 Minnie Dotson (1884-1945)

 Martha (1881-1963) and Dick (1879-1966) Perry

 Mary Helen Nickles (6/3/1852-12/3/1916)

 Mathias Nickels (10/1/1820-7/29/1905)

 Melvin Taylor (6/5/1872-8/6/1937)

 N A Dotson (11/13/1854-2/27/1921)

 Pearl Beverly Dotson (9/26/1895-9/27/1931)

 Pheby Elizabeth Killen (6/30/1857-4/13/1920)

 Paralee Hamilton (6/27/1886-4/4/1900)

 Rufus P (1879-1939) and 
Julia A (1879-1955) Dotson

 Sis Dotson

 Solomon O Meade (11/23/1854-8/24/1940)

 Virginia E Meade (1883-1948)

 Will A Dotson (9/30/1883-6/27/1961)

William (8/6/1803-9/26/1893) and 
Celia (1/6/1821-3/19/1888) Dotson

William C Meade (6/21/1873-5/17/1935)

Wm Ed Dotson (1890-1954)

W W Nickels (5/24/184?-?)

Wilburn Killen 

William P Dotson (3/16/1850-3/24/1917)

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