Hale FamilyCemetery
Take the second exit to Big Stone Gap off U.S. 23 and turn right onto Rt. 610, Powell Valley Road.  Follow the road for about 2 miles.  Go past the Lonesome Pine Golf Course, and turn right on Egan Road.  It is behind a private home, 2727 Egan Rd., Big Stone Gap, VA 24219.

Hale Family

James Hale
[son of Samuel and Katherine; first name actually Jamerson]

Katherine Hale

[Samuel Hale’s wife; maiden name was Brewer]

Maggie Hale

[Samuel and Katherine’s daughter; middle name was Lener]

Melvina Hale

[Sister to Samuel Hale; daughter to Thomas Hale and Penna Lane]

Minnie H. Hale
Jan. 30, 1886 Aug. 18, 1959

[Samuel and Katherine’s daughter, also known as “Chick”]

Nancy Townsed Hale  

[“Townsend” is misspelled; wife of James Hale, also called “Nannie”]

Robert T. Hale

[Samuel and Katherine’s son]

Samuel Hale

[Katherine’s husband; middle name “Lane”]

W. J. Hale
May 18, 1909 Mar. 11, 1981

[Son of John E. and Cora Hale; W. J. stands for William Jennings, also called ‘Peanut’]

Stewart Family

Nancy J.
Wife of
W. A. Stewart
May 22, 1877 Oct. 5, 1914

The pains of death are past.
Labor and sorrow cease.
And life’s long warfare
Closed at last.
Her soul is found in peace.
[John B. and Eveline Willis’ daughter ]

Willis Family

Eveline E.
Wife of J. B. Willis, Sr.
Born Feb. 18, 1844
Died Feb. 24, 1908

John B. Willis
Born Feb. 21, 1841
Died Feb. 5, 1913

Nina Hale Willis

[Samuel and Katherine Hale’s daughter; wife of William Benton Willis –
Eveline and J. B. were her in-laws]

Lytle Family

Margaret Lytle
July 5, 1852 July 26, 1916
Wife of W. W. Lytle

W. W. Lytle
Born Aug. 15, 1849
Died Sept. 7, 1909

Other Families

Our Darling
Elizabeth Lee
June 25, 1911 July 28, 1911
Placed on earth To bloom in heaven.
[No surname given]

Our Grandfather
Col. H. P. Neal
Born July 17, 1802
Died Aug. 16, 1875
Age 73 yrs. 29 ds.

[A broken child’s headstone that reads…]
Jan. 13, 1891
[Remaining words illegible]

Recorded by Stephen A. Rhodes

November 2003

Note:  There are a number of other “fieldstone” type headstones, but with no writing or markings.  It is also evident that others have been buried in this cemetery, but that their graves are currently unmarked.  This list is of the readable headstones present as of November 2003.

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