Perry Cemetery 
Located near Wise

 Andrew Dow Vaughn (1883-1957)

 Alonzo G (1893-1965) and
Margaret E (1896-1955) Stallard

 Alford (1907-1996) and 
Nina Ann (1888-1977) Kilgore

 Bill (1887-1941) and
Artha (1891-1977) Thacker

 Bill Wilson Collins (4/6/1894-5/19/1957)

 C Ercell (1903-1978) and C Dewey (1898-1975) Bailey

 Cleveland Collins (4/12/1886-4/12/1945)

 Charles Dewey Bailey (6/15/1898-8/24/1975)

 Edna Sue Miller (2/14/1883-8/30/1966)

 Earney V Olinger (2/7/1894-3/14/1964)

 Emma L (5/2/1897-1/5/1965) and 
Wilburn (10/24/1895-9/26/1982) Baker

 Harrison (5/27/1889-5/12/1965) and 
Melissa (11/12/1903-7/21/1990) Collins

 Hobert M Gilliam (1/1/1896-2/2/1981)

 Ardelia F Hubbard (1/17/1882-11/15/1870)and 
J J Hubbard (5/12/1882-8/19/1973)

 Henry W Vaughn (12/18/1878-5/20/1978)

 J Howard Baker (5/10/1875-2/27/1967)

 John W Renfro (4/19/1862-10/9/1936)

Lamon A Gilliam (5/17/1894-10/11/1955)

 Loretta Arnold (1884-1947)

 Louvenia (5/16/1889-3/16/1965) and 
Zeno C (2/1/1888-12/12/1953) Collins

 Martha M Baker (2/13/1870-5/27/1953)

 Mertie Mullins (5/16/1891-12/2/1958)

 Mary (1889-1952) and Robert (1887-1958) Gilliam

 Maggie Mae Renfro Vaughn (1887-1939)

 Orbin P Perry (1/25/1888-8/20/1965)

 Rebecca (4/10/1891-_) and 
Isaac A (8/14/1882-11/8/1962) Gilliam

R N Arnold (1875-1937)

 Samantha (12/25/????-2/?) and 
Joseph D (7/9/1880-6/29/1965) Adkins

 Samantha B Collins (4/1/1891-1/8/1976)

 Stella Mae Fields (1890-1962)

 Shade W Gilliam (1854-1926)

 Thurman E Renfro (1893-1972)

 Thomas (1880-1961) and Kate E (1883-1946) Justice

 Wilbourne A Keith (1889-1973)

 William R (3/14/1890-3/13/1961) and 
Dora B (5/10/1890-6/2?/1961) Perry

 Wade H Powers (6/7/1894-4/22/1970)

 Wade H, Sr. Rev (1894-19?0) and 
Mary P (1907-1991) Powers


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