Riner Cemetery
Located in Indian Creek on Route 23 slightly north of the entrance to the Scott Roberson Hollow, high on a hill

 More views of the cemetery

Bertha Cox (1898-1973)

Cassie Freeman (8/17/1869-10/13/1940)

Dennis E Riner (1882-1936)

Diannor Stidham (12/19/1882-6/5/1920)

Edna Gibson (1885-1994)

Eliza A (1844-1936) and Daniel H (1830-1921) Riner

Elizabeth Hoffman Back/Bach (7/14/1746-12/12/1831)

Ernest Freeman (10/15/1892-5/7/1940)

G E Gibson (1875-1939)

Harrison Stidham (1/27/1933-12/?/1953)

Jane E Gibson (10/29/1849-6/18/1940)

Jim Stidham (9/18/1870-6/13/1953)

Joseph Critt Freeman (4/14/1866-1/14/1929)

Lille Fair (2/24/1883-1/11/1963) and Winfield Scott (6/5/1886-11/15/1968) Roberson

Manuel Stidham (4/11/1902-12/22/1951)

Maryetta S Austin (1/2/1934-6/20/1972)

Mary E Stidham (8/20/1899-12/17/1974)

William Fari (1892-1950)

Indian Creek, Riner Cemetery notes by Nancy Clark Brown


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