Skeen-Riggs Cemetery
This is the J H Skeens Cemetery
and a more detailed transcription is
available here

Located in Powell Valley

Allie Marie Skeen (9/7/1897-3/28/1952)

Ardelia Skeen (8/1/1863-2/22/1944)

Alice W Skeen (1887-1942)

Bryan B (10/22/1896-6/30/1966) and 
Bonnie E (2/18/1902-11/25/1992) Willis

Ernest F Skeen (10/7/1898-12/2/1932)

Eliza Ann (7/29/1893-9/25/1958) and 
Lafayette M (4/4/1875-6/4/1948) Riggs

Floyd G Skeen (1882-1956)

John D (1898-1973) and Anna M (1902-1994)  Gilley 

James Bell Hillman (1/5/1886-12/24/1964) and
Birdie D (4/12/1895-7/17/1993) Skeen

Lucille Bot Hillman (10/2/1898-7/27/1989)

Letcher H Skeen (11/11/1883-1/2/1947)

Laura J Skeen (1889-1933)

Lucinda W Riggs (4/19/1861-2/5/1947)

Robert Lee Willis (11/29/1884-2/27/1963)

Milford S (8/6/1889-11/7/1968) and 
Bessie S (7/2/1890-12/10/1975) Quesenberry


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