Wiley Gardner Cemetery
Located on Powell River, near Norton


Alice Roh[b]inette (4/4/1879-3/40/1942)

Alvin Blanton (3/19/1881-6/19/1903)

Archibald Hunsucker (12/22/1839-3/8/1916)

Avie Lee Robbins (5/31/1896-11/30/1939)

Charles W Wampler (1898-1942)

Charles H (1883-1962) and 
Mary H (1889-____) Minnix

Cora Robinette (1891-1943)

Creed Hunsucker (5/4/1889-7/18/1943 or 8)

Delphia Wells (1893-1930)

Dora Blanton (2/22/1899-1/17/1900)

Eddie H Louis (3/26/1871-10/14/1900)

Elizabeth Wheatley Gardner (1/10/1839-5/18/1891)

Elizabeth Hill (4/14/1827-9/23/1894)

E M Robinette (7/27/1872-9/11/1957)

Farris R Robbins (1867-1913)

F H Blair (4/14/1870-1/8/1890)

Flora Gardner (3/2/1896-6/5/1898)

Franklin P Gardner (4/15/1868-11/27/1939)

George W Gardner (1835-1863)

Grover (1890-1965) and 
Lola (1896-1978) Roberts

Henry C Jones 

James M Hill Sr. (6/9/1825-5/21/1908)

Jane Sargent (1866-1924)

Jane R Wampler (1879-1947)

John A (1/20/1883-3/5/1948) and 
Helen (3/3/1891-8/18/1940) Hunsucker

John Blanton (2/9/1861-3/14/1929)

John Hunsucker (9/7/1822-5/24/1894)

John Wiley Gardner (6/7/1828-4/14/1895)

Jonathan Hunsucker (1829-1864)

Landon Creed Ison (6/26/1845-3/2/1911)

Lovinia E Hill Dean (2/2/1854-1/29/1926)

Lucinda Gardner (3/13/1833-?)

M A Gardner (1868-?)

Maranda J Gardner (5/10/1833-9/15/1897)

Maranda E Gardner (4/16/1855-7/16/1899)

Margarette Hunsucker Ison (3/22/1851-2/1/1922)

Martha Ison (1/7/1887-3/18/1970)

Martha Jane Roberts (1868-1956)

Martha (5/?/1883-8/15/1884) and 
Sena M (6/20/1876-8/16/1884) Davidson

Martha Hunsucker (5/10/1828-9/20/1907)

Mary J Gardner (6/15/1867-?/1891)

Mary E Gardner (8/24/1874-11/17/1956)

Nancy Ann Gardner Brumett (10/18/1855-2/12/1925)

Nancy E Stidham (5/16/1884-1/28/1961)

Newton (1877-1957) and Alice (1884-____) Wells

Olda Rossi (2/10/1899-3/10/1899)

Raleigh J Roberts (1862-1947)

Sarah S Hill (11/25/1866-5/28/1891)

T W H 

Unreadable   [looks like P ? Hill]

William ? Jones (5/1/1866-9/15/1889)
[Has on stone "Was Killed by Mike OBrion"]

<>William H Robinette (1825-1898)



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